V-Neck Dress: Why Should You Wear It?

There are tons of necklines to choose from while buying a dress. While some are specifically compatible with a certain kind of body type, the V-neck dress looks good on almost everyone.

It is a universal neckline and everyone looks good in it.

All you need to have is confidence for wearing the right V-neck dress.

This article discusses what a V-neck dress is and how you can wear it.

Keep reading below to know more!

black v-neck dress

What is a V-neck?

This neckline is in a V-shape due to two diagonal cuts.

You can easily dress up or down a V-neck making it a versatile and flattering neckline to wear.

What affects the wearability of the dress and where you will wear it is how low the V-neck goes.

You will find this neckline on a variety of clothes whether it be evening dresses, vests, camisoles, knits, shirts or pull-overs.

Therefore, in order to get the style you need for this neckline, you need to consider the fabric as well as the cut.

Due to its versatility and how low it can go, there are type of the neckline.

These include:

  • Standard
  • Moderate
  • Plunging

A standard neckline is business casual appropriate.

You can wear it to office and formal events as well as casual meetings.

This will give good coverage and will look like a normal neckline.

A moderate neckline on the other hand goes a little lower.

It is found on dresses and shirts for women to wear, however, it is not as business casual appropriate.

That is because it does show off some of your bust.

That said, it is still wearable enough because it will only go down to the top of the cleavage area but not beyond that.

Things are different with a plunging neckline.

This kind of neckline is bold and will only be for formal events and parties and not business appropriate.

The deep V shape of this neckline goes below the chest line.

In fact, it can extend to as low as the belly button and therefore, gets the name décolleté neckline.

It is an evening-appropriate style that you will find in evening formal gowns, usually on swimsuits and going-out tops becoming a bold choice for a dress.

blue v-neck dress

Why Should You Wear a V-neck Dress?.

The shape of the V-neck line mainly enhances your neck as well as the collarbones.

It also gives your neck an elongated look.

What’s more, it will give lengthen the torso and draw the eyes inward.

Thus, it gives a vertical impression to your look.

When you adorn a V-neck dress, it will make you look thinner, taller and the neck longer.

Moreover, it will suit women of any size and body shape.

Whether you have board shoulders, are plus size, have a thick torso, are petite or skinny and have a short neck, this will suit you making you taller, thinner and longer.

Like moderate V-neck, a plunging V-neckline also elongates your overall frame.

Though, it does also brings drama so make sure you have a tape especially if you are planing to move around a lot.

Besides, how deep the neckline goes, a V-neck can also be wider or slimmer.

Generally women with a larger bust should go for a wider V-neck.

This way, it will not be too revealing and the bust will not look too saggy.

Hence, besides how deep the neckline goes, also be mindful of how broad it is while wearing a V-neck dress.

So whether it is casual or formal event, you can wear a V-neck dress to flaunt your neck and show your collarbones.

This neckline will accentuate your delicate features bringing attention and elongating them.

Once you are done selecting the type of V-neckline, it is now time to accessorize it.

accessorizing a v-neck dress

How to Accessorize a V-neck Dress?

 A V neckline dress flaunts the neck the most. 

Some may prefer to leave it bare, others may want to draw more attention there. Necklaces and earrings can draw attention in the right direction. 

Let’s know about the accessories you can pair up with a V neck dress. 


While the neck is the focal point for a V-neckline, a necklace can enhance that or dull it down. 

Therefore, not all necklaces work and you need to specifically look into the ones that will. 

In order to find the best necklace, you need to match the angle of the neck. 

For instance go for one stone hanging pendant. 

Or you can go for a long beaded drop chain that will have a streamlined angular shape. 

Both of these will  enhance the focus on the neck and neckline while not taking away from it. 

On the other hand, if you wear a round choker, a short beaded statement pieces, they will draw the attention to the necklace rather than your neck and the dress. 

It will not resemble the V-neck shape of the dress and will take away from it rather than accentuating your neckline. 


The V-neck looks the best when all the attention is on the neckline. 

For that, it is best to pair it up with earrings instead. 

Any earrings will go with it but if you are not wearing any necklace, going for dangling and sparkly earrings is a better fit. 

This also depends on how loud or muted your dress is. 

Plus, the accessories also need to match each other. 

If your necklace is colorful and flashy, the earrings should be muted and vice versa. 

deep neckline

Styling a Deep Neckline Dress 

A deep V-neck dress is risky and bold. 

You need to carry it with confidence and style. 

However, before you set out to wear it for your event, you need to do some preparation beforehand. 

Choosing the right undergarment 

It is absolutely necessary to choose the right undergarment to wear under a plunging V neckline. 

The first thing to remember is your figure as well as the comfort level. 

Choose an undergarment that plunges in the front as deeply as the dress. 

You can use stick on silicone ones or beast petals to provide you enough coverage. 

However, wearing an undergarment beneath it may also be option for a very deep neckline. 

Use Dress Tape 

Even if you do not wear an undergarment or do wear one, you should certainly use a dress tape. 

This is especially important if you will be moving around a lot. 

deep neckline white frock

Exfoliate and Moisturize 

With a deep V-neck dress you will definitely be showing some skin and decolletage.  

For that, your skin needs to be healthy and even looking. 

Exfoliate your skin properly before wearing the dress. 

Use sugar scrubs, loofah and sponge for removing the dead skin cells and getting a cleaner, healthier looking skin. 

Remember to moisturize the skin after you are done exfoliating. 

Be confident in your posture 

If you are wearing a deep V-neck, you will naturally need some confidence alongwith it. 

If you do not carry it well and confidently 

Stand up straight with your shoulders back and your head up. 

Even if you accessorize well, exfoliate your skin and use a dress tape, the V-neck dress will gap in the wrong places if your posture isn’t correct. 

Thus, carry the dress confidently and with the right posture. 

v-neck dress at alesayi

V-Neck Dress at Alesayi 

Looking for some sophisticated V-neck evening dresses to wear? 

Head over to our shop to explore the different kinds of V-neck dresses. 

Here we have a range of : 

Plunging V-neck dresses 

  • Princess Evening Dress: A beautiful green dress with a plunging V-neck. The green is a dull mehndi green with dull gold beads and embellishments on a full-sleeved dress. 
  • Mermaid Evening Dress: This cream colored mermaid dress is all you need for a formal event. The plunging V-neck is covered with some mesh to provide you coverage while also enhancing your neck. 
  • Satin Slip Dress: Black is a safe choice for all events. However, if you want something bold, the plunging neckline of this dress laced with silver embellishments on the neckline and shoulders add the extra oomph and personality to the dress as well as its wearer. Moreover, the slip dresses’ silky fabric add the much needed sheen to sparkle in an event. 
  • Black Mermaid Plunging Simple Evening Dress: Simplicity is the selling point of this dress. While it does not have any fancy embellishments, its exquisite cuts and design, give you the sophisticated look for the evening. The plunging neckline is also covered with skin colored mesh to give extra coverage. 

Moderate V-neck Dresses: 

  • Column V-neck Simple Evening Dress: This evening dress comes with a moderate V-neckline with a trendy multilayer design. You can wear it to casual parties and outings with friends. It is available in green, red and black. 
  • Tree Leaves and Flower Dress: This exquisite beige dress has a beautiful pattern of gold and silver tree leaves and flower embellishments plus beads. The wide moderate V-neckline and the princess sleeves make it wearable for any formal event where you want to enter with class. It also comes in the blue color.  
  •  Red Catfish Detailed Dress: This trumpet gown is best for making a statement in any event. It will surely be eye-catching thanks to the colors and pattern. It has  a moderate V-neck so that all eyes are on the dress and its wearer. 
  • V-Neck Slip Dress: This dress is available in peach and blue with a sleek cut that is fitted to your body and accentuates your curves. It features a moderate V-neckline that does not take away from the dress, especially its back full of pattern. 


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