Sweetheart Neckline: Types and Advantages

A dress with a sweetheart neckline is one where the silhouette of the neck has a curvature on a a wide V shape. 

This almost looks like a heart. 

The focus of this neckline is on the décolletage

It leaves enough space to drive the eye to that point. 

This neckline is glamorous but brings it at low stakes. 

Hence, you are not showing a lot of skin but still managing to remain trendy. 

This article discusses the sweetheart neckline and how you should be wearing it. 

Keep reading below to know more. 

types of sweetheart neckline

Types of Sweetheart Neckline

This neckline combines the scope and width of a square neck with the dip of the V neck

However, the dip is not as steep and is carefully sewn as a curvature in order to accentuate the curves. 

It is a classic neckline that is still trendy and modern. 

Moreover, it suits any body type as it is flattering on most people. 

Hence, it is a popular choice for a wedding dress as it will suit many people, will be trendy while also classic and show just the right amount of skin. 


A simple sweetheart neckline is a moderate dip in the curvature on the neckline. 

This may have wider straps or sleeves as well. 


A strapless sweetheart neckline is probably the most common type. 

It is a popular choice to wear in weddings when the bride chooses to go for a strapless gown. 

It further accentuates the curves and brings attention to them. 


An illusion neckline is a solution when you want the curvature of a sweetheart neckline but do not wish to expose much skin. 

While a sweetheart neckline is flattering, it does bother the wearer if it is entirely strapless. 

Hence, you will eventually find yourself pulling it up. 

That worry can be reduced when there is an illusion neckline on the top of the strapless dress. 

Hence, it is combination of both the illusion and sweetheart neckline. 

Moreover, it can present as an option for people who want more coverage than what an sweetheart neckline gives but also need the femininity it provides. 

The cut of this neckline is unique, it looks feminine and romantic so if you wish to have it but also with coverage, going for a strapless sweetheart neckline with an illusion neckline is the option. 

woman in white dress

Other Types

With spaghetti straps

If supporting a strapless sweetheart gown is an issue, you may also choose to wear it with spaghetti straps. 

That will provide support to the dress and keep it in place without you have to worrying about the neckline plunging so low. 

With a Wider Neck 

This neckline with a wider strap usually comes with sleeves. 

The curvature here is not as pronounced. 

However, it still retains the shape of the neckline.

Therefore, it gives more coverage. 

Lace Collar 

As you know, the sweetheart neckline does not have to be strapless. 

You can keep the curvature on the bust while still covering the top with a lace collar. 

Unlike an illusion neckline, this one will not be made from skin like mesh or fabric. 

Rather, it is made from lace itself in order to cover the neck and also make a collar which can be like a halter neck style. 

Wide straps 

When you can wear spaghetti straps with this neckline, you may also choose to wear wider straps instead. 

These are more appropriate for wedding attire as the spaghetti straps do not look as formal or regal as the wider ones. 

Hence, you can style your sweetheart neckline in several ways. 

It can either be strapless or with straps. 

It may as well also come in wider shape with sleeves. 

Adding to that, it may come with coverage with an illusion neckline or a lace collar. 

advantages of neck style

Advantages of a Sweetheart Neckline

Y2K fashion is back in trend, so the sweetheart neckline is not only worn for weddings but also in casual wear and parties. It is also now common in shirts, tops and sweaters. 

However, it is still an extremely popular choice for weddings. 

So if you are picking your wedding dress, let’s find out if this is the right choice for you. 

It emphasizes the bodice 

All the emphasis is on the bodice and the jewelry, stones or lace it has. 

Therefore, if you have a bodice that you want to make sure stands out, through this neckline you will be able to ensure it does. 

Supports the breasts

If you have ample breasts then this is the neckline to go for. 

It will help in supporting the neckline. 

Thus the bride will feel comfortable in the neckline. 

Good option for women with tanned skin

While it is a flattering option for all, the sweetheart neckline is an especially good option for women with tanned skin. 

It suits women with tanned skin and gives them a flattering fit. 

Accentuates curves and proportions 

One big advantage of this neckline is how it accentuates the bust. 

If you have fuller breasts and want to emphasize its shape and size, this is the neckline to go for. 

It demonstrates your bosom, accentuating your curves even further. 

Therefore, it is also a good option for someone who has an average sized breasts. 

It is a better alternative to a straight strapless neckline as that simply allow you to show more skin but this one will also provide support and enhance your features. 

disadvantages of neck style


Harder to hold in place if strapless 

While you can put an illusion neckline over the sweetheart one to keep it in place, a strapless sweetheart neckline is like any other strapless neckline. 

It is hard to keep it in place and from plunging even further. 

However, it does provide more support than a plain strapless dress. 

Not ideal for women with a smaller bust 

This neckline style suits women with a more prominent bust. 

It will end up drawing attention to them even more. 

Not ideal for women with blue veins 

If you have prominent blue veins on the chest, this is not the best option for a neckline. 

It will bring more attention to the veins as there will be more skin showing. 

Hence, it is best to go for a neckline, a style of cut and choice of dress that hides the veins better. 

Not the best for women with paler skin

As this neckline suits women with tanned skin better, it will make women with a whiter skin tone paler. 

However, that is a case for case basis. 

Women may go for a dress choice that is not as white. 

Hence, they will not end up looking as pale in the white dress. 

Like every other dress, this one also has its set of pros and cons to look after. 

Therefore, choose your dress for the wedding wisely. 

Moreover, also remember to choose accessories that complement it. 

More on that below. 

accessorize the dress


When accessorizing with a sweetheart neckline, you would want to keep things simple. 

The cut of the dress is unique enough for the highlight to be on it. 

Therefore you would want to drive the focus on this style’s romantic curves. 

Thus, it is better to go simple. 

Choose a short necklace like a classic pendant that is simple yet elegant. 

It is also important to keep the jewelry hanging a few inches above the neckline. 

It should not overcrowd the sweetheart shape. 

You can also entirely skip wearing a necklace so that it does not take away from the neckline. 

In that case, you can simply choose classic earrings, preferably dangling ones. 

These will be enough to accessorize for your big day while also not taking away from you dress. 

Keep it simple yet elegant with the right amount of jewelry in the form of bracelets, earrings and necklaces. 

Do not go for extravagant jewelry. 

Choose medium length pendants or drop necklaces of the same length. 

These help to accent the dip in the sweetheart neckline. 

white sweetheart neckline

Sweetheart Neckline at Alesayi

This sweetheart slip dress in purple is the right choice for evening wear.

This glamorous dress comes with dramatic sleeves that elevate its look to another level.

Moreover, the purple embellishments on the neckline make the sweetheart neckline even more prominent.

The dress comes equipped with a robe and a secured zipper to keep it in place.

Plus, it is made up of crepe fabric.

Another sweetheart slip dress in black exudes the same aura.

This dress in black has a sweetheart neckline and a spidery design that runs over the neck area.

Covered in beads and embellishments, it especially draws attention to your neck.

You can wear it to semi-formal and formal events.

A sweetheart neckline can also be covered by a sheer piece of fabric forming the illusion neckline.

You can find several sweetheart neckline dresses that eventually become illusion for more coverage at our shop.


A sweetheart neckline is a feminine, romantic but also classy neckline.

While choosing it for your big day, evaluate the accessories to wear with it as well as the advantages and disadvantages of selecting this neckline.

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