Blazer Dress: Chic Ways to Style your Dress

Do you know that you can wear a blazer as a blazer dress?

Gone are the days when you would wear a blazer just at work and with a formal dress shirt.

Now, it is time to rock the blazer dress whenever and however you want.

Moreover, it has become a staple for every fashionable woman who is not scared of expressing her style in the wildest of ways.

Thanks to its growing popularity, you now have a wide variety of options.

Whatever budget, size, and, or level of comfort you have when showing your skin, you can find the perfect blazer dress for yourself and style it for any occasion.


Keep on reading.

Blazer Dress

A blazer dress is just like a suit jacket however, it is cut a little looser and often comes with metal buttons that make it look better for casual outfits.

On the other hand, sports coats tend to have patterns that coordinate with pants.

Blazer dresses tend to be solid-color jackets with contrasting buttons.

Moreover, these dresses are highly versatile and customizable, thus, making them easy to go with a number of styling options.

blazer dress 1

It is important to note that the blazer was once a fixture for men’s fashion, a classic, single-breasted navy blazer with gold metal buttons was a part of business casual menswear.

The navy color nodes to the roots of the blazer as the outerwear that is worn by boating club members.

However, today, blazers can be for a number of causal looks and all genders tend to wear them, inspiring many outfit ideas.

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Types of Blazer Dresses

It is important to note that blazer dress comes in a number of different materials and styles. These include:

Wool Blazers: These tend to have refined material and can look dressier.

Moreover, they tend to be great for colder months, and as they can look more formal, they are best for winter or fall.

You can pair them nicely with jeans or even corduroy.

Linen Blazers: These tend to be lighter and better for warmer months.

They tend to work well at beach events and come in a number of bright colors.

Moreover, they tend to be more informal.

Cotton Blazer: These are just like linen, however, are a tad bit heavier while still breathing nicely.

Cotton blazer dresses can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe if they are acceptable office wear and can pair well with different professional outfits.

Tweed Blazer: These professional blazer dresses are thicker, more formal, and tend to have a retro look.

They often come in muted colors from greys to olives.

Velvet Blazers: These tend to have a unique feel and dynamic look.

The fancier material of a velvet blazer dress lends itself to more formal outfits, thus making it stand out as a more fashion-forward look.

Single-Breasted Blazer: This one will have a single column of buttons and a thin overlap of left side over right when you clasp the buttons and close the dress.

This common blazer dress type is a casual one.

Double-Breasted Blazers: These tend to have two sets of buttons and a wider overlap of one side over another.

These types of blazer dresses are more old-fashioned and formal.

Things to Consider when buying a Blazer Dress

The following are a few things to consider when choosing a blazer dress to make sure it is suitable for almost all occasions:

Size/Fitting: A blazer dress tends to be more flattering when they hug your body well.

Though it does not have to be so tight when you want them to wear to work and other occasions like brunch.

Versatility: Blazer dresses are mostly designed to be worn without bottoms.

However, if you can across a piece that you can pair with a suit, then why not get it?

Thus, you can wear a blazer dress with pants, shorts, and shirts, to create a smart casual look.

Print and Design: You can have two styles of blazer dress.

One that is more flashy and colorful and one that is more minimalistic like grey, navy blue, etc.

What to Wear with a Blazer Dress?

Your blazer dress can be as long as a little under your knee to stop just around your thigh.

You can either choose to take an oversized blazer and style it like a dress.

Or you can get your hands on a dress made from the material and features of a blazer.

blazer dress 2

Moreover, they can be of any fabric, for instance, you can pair an oversized blazer with some bright ink heels or lace-up boots.

However, if you want to wear a mini blazer, you can pair it with translucent tights.

You can even choose to wear one with a plunging neckline.

Other than how you can wear a blazer dress, there is also a wide variety of styles like oversized, asymmetrical, flared bottom, cinched waist, and many more.

Styling Tips

Some styling tips for a blazer dress are:

Pink and Green Color Combination: This one is a fresh color combination that would look great for parties.

Style it with a Scarf: Fashion goes beyond your age and size.

The only thing that affects your overall look is your confidence.

However, if you are a bit conscious of your curves you can opt for a slightly oversized blazer that cinches around your waist.

Then pair it with extra high heels, while making sure you can walk in them.

This will help you give your stylish and elongated look.

Moreover, pairing your dress with silk scarves is a great way to add prints, patterns, and colors to such monochromatic dresses.

Asymmetrical Blazers: An asymmetrical blazer dress is something you should have in your wardrobe.

You will not need o put in much effort as the color and funky design of this blazer dress will do the job of making your look exquisite.

The asymmetrical hem will make your legs appear longer, which is why these types of dresses are great for shorter women.

Green Blazers with White Heels: Green is quite trendy this year, and you can see it everywhere nowadays.

So why not get a blazer dress in green?

The look and style of this blazer dress are perfect if you want to look stylish, however, do not want to get overwhelming attention.

Moreover, you can pair it with some heels, and gold chunky hoops thus, calling it a day.

pink midi dress

Nude Buttoned Blazer: This color is for everyone.

This trend is so versatile that there are limitless options for everyone at any age.

If you have a long jacket in your closet, you can choose to transform it into a dress.

Also, nude blazers also look great in corduroy mateirals

Take inspo from celebrities: You can see celebrities like Haley Bieber wearing chestnut and burgundy checkered jacket dresses with a pair of tan leather thigh-high boots.

You can copy her vibe and her look by getting your hands on a blazer belted dress.

Pair your look with extra-long-heeled boots and a trendy cloud bag with a chunky chain.

Black and White fit with Red Accessories: A midi blazer dress in black and white sounds pretty chic.

However, with contrasting red accessories, it will take your look to the next level.

Red tends to pop out with such muted tunes and you can throw on a french beret to add some flavor.

Sleeveless Blazer with Open-Toe Boots: You can opt for a sleeveless blazer dress in semi-chilly weather.

With big black shades, peep toe boots, and a midi-length dress, everything will portray a woman who means business.

Brown Blazer with White Strappy Heels: Oversized blazers that do not cinch at your waist go well with heels as they will prevent you from looking chunky.

Moreover, it is always a good idea to contrast your main outfit.

Other Styling Tips

Some other styling tips are:

Lavender Blazers with Sneakers: Contemporary blazers are not your usual fashion item, as you can see a variety of designs.

Moreover, a feeling of intentionality is important to accept the appearance in vogue and brazen concord.

You can pair a purple blazer with pearls, a barbie pink top, and colorful chunky shoes to have an unusual, yet iconic and eye-catching dress.

Plaid Blazer with Pointed Toe Heels: This look tends to be classic and fashionable, look and you can wear this without breaking your budget.

The plaid pattern tends to be powerful, feminine, modern, and chic which shows off confidence.

styling tips

Moreover, the outfit is versatile enough that you can wear it to a conference room and be taken seriously.

Wear Lace with Blazers: You can see Chelsea Healy in Manchester wearing a black plunging neckline blazer dress, black lacey lingerie, thigh-high lace stockings, a pink sparkly Givenchy purse, with Louboutin shoes.

Take inspiration from her and you can wear a blazer dress in this way to your next party.

Nude and Plaid Blazers: This look is a great option for work.

The color, design, and styling tend to be sober and you can hence wear it to a professional setting.

However, you will want to swap sneakers for a pair of pointed-toe heels.

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