Wearing an Asymmetrical Dress with Style

Break away from the average hemline with an Asymmetrical dress this season.

This dress cut tends to be form-flattering and a great way to show off your legs.

What makes them different from other cuts is that tend to range from a daring angular slit to a more subtle curve-enhancing layered style.

Moreover, no matter what your personal aesthetic is, there is a sure way to find an asymmetrical dress that looks perfect on you.

The key characteristic of this dress is the slanted hemline or neckline.

The most common design features a one-shoulder bodice.

It is important to note that the degree to which the slant occurs in the section of the skirt of the dress can vary greatly.

Furthermore, it can range from a subtle slant in one direction to more slants that go both ways to create a peak in the center.

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History of Asymmetrical Dress

The Asymmetrical dresses first came to the forefront back in the 1970s, when top American designer Roy Halston released a series of dresses featuring this style.

The designer took the concept of elegant cocktail dresses and blended them with Grecian gowns to create this eye-catching design.

By the 1980s, this style of dress was at the height of fashion.

asymmetrical dress 1

It featured a range of couture designs offering this style.

However, by late 1990, the style was replaced by more traditional cocktail-style dresses.

This style reappeared on the catwalks. And today you can see celebrities like Kate Moss.

You can find her images leading asymmetrical dresses back into the fashion arena.

Today a lot of top international designers like Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, and Patrice Catanzaro are among those who breathe life back into the style.

Michelle Obama and Christina Applegate are prominent figures who love wearing this style of dress.

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What makes them Popular?

Asymmetrical dresses are popular among different age groups. What makes them popular are:

The asymmetrical dresses and tops tend to create an elongating and slimming effect.

Moreover, they tend to be an edge, adding a young element.

You can choose to wear tops and dresses over leggings and skinny jeans in such a way that easily hides the presence of your tummy.

They are great layering pieces that allow different layers to show at the same time.

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Tips on wearing Asymmetrical Dress

When wearing an asymmetrical dress or top, consider the following:

Make sure to consider asymmetrical dresses as they look good and a number of shapes exist to prefect complement your body type.

You can find asymmetric tunics or short dresses that look great with your pants.

Just make sure to think about your outfit with an asymmetric tunic over leggings and skinny jeans.

As coats with an asymmetric design are not common, they will make people look at you.

You can look for a poncho with an asymmetric design and you will be the talk of the evening.

Moreover, try to find an asymmetric skirt of the right length based on the type of body you have to create an edgy look, in comparison to regular skirts everyone wears otherwise.

styling tips

Never forget about the asymmetrical accessories you can wear with your dress.

You can choose to experiment with asymmetry when you do not feel that strongly about it.

Try to start with stunning asymmetrical jewelry pieces.

On the other hand, you can use scarves in a way that is asymmetric.

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Add Vibe and Edge to your Outfit

Asymmetrical dresses are a little different than your normal clothes.

This tends to make them keener on giving you a stunning and magical look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, these dresses will help add an edger look that will instantly add an arty vibe to your outfit.

It is always a good idea to add a ‘hip’ element to your look.

Asymmetrical hems tend to have the ability to make you look younger and chich.

They are always hip and are here to stay for good.

It is important to note that the trend may look fashionable during one season in comparison to others.

However, it is always current and timeless.

Women never get tired of these hemlines.

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Perfect for Layering and Adding a Slimming Effect

Today, when you layer up different pieces of clothes, it tends to be one of the popular trends.

When you are wearing asymmetrical dresses, then you can easily have fun and add layers to your dress.

Asymmetrical dresses and tops will make your look even more dramatic.

Thus, if you want to go bolder with styling your ensemble, asymmetrical dresses are the right choice for you.

Normal dresses tend to create horizontal lines in your look.

asymmetrical dress 2

On the other hand, asymmetrical dresses tend to create vertical lines and this makes them more flattering.

A lot of women tend to avoid wearing tops that end at the widest part of the hip as they make them look even bigger than they actually are.

Moreover, they also avoid breaking themselves in half by having their tops too long.

Thus one of the ways to achieve this is by wearing asymmetrical dresses and tops.

You can also tuck in half of your normal top or try a knot to turn it into an asymmetrical top.

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Great with Skinny Jeans and Leggings

You can easily choose to wear your asymmetrical top or dress along in skinny jeans and leggings.

This will help you to hide your widest parts, like your tummy.

Due to the asymmetrical cut of these dresses and tops, these are a perfect way to wear longer tops.

And at the same time, you can avoid breaking yourself in half.

Moreover, you will get the desired length.

However, as the top starts much higher on one side, you will not get that boxy effect of a top that is too long.

Styling an Asymmetrical Dress for Class

If you are looking for an eye-catching dress that you can wear to your class, you can opt for an asymmetrical dress.

For instance, with a preppy pink dress with and green floral pattern on it, its ruffle hemline, and a slight asymmetrical train, you can wear a gorgeous dress today.

Moreover, you can pair your dress with a brown leather satchel bag to hold your accessories.

flattering effect

A bright shade of lipstick will match the floral pattern of your dress and it will be all the makeup you need for the dress.

With brown strappy sandals, you can complete your dress.

These will be the perfect footwear choice that will make your outfit look stunning.

Styling an Asymmetrical dress for a Night Out

When going for a night out you can also choose to wear an asymmetrical dress.

These dresses are so elegant and versatile that they easily transition to a night dress.

Moreover, you will just need to swap your comfy sandals for a pair of dainty open-toe heels.

You can choose to pair your dresses with nude pairs of heels, for instance.

With a delicate neutral-toned shoulder bag, it will go great with your dress and create a bold statement with a patterned dress.

A pretty dress will deserve equally pretty accessories and you can opt for glimmering earrings that look gorgeous with your dress.

Wrap up this classy night-out dress with some rosy cheek tint and subtle lip color.

Summing it Up

You may find wearing an asymmetrical dress overwhelming and is easy to understand why.

When you just look at such clothes you may feel out of your comfort zone, especially when you buy regularly designed clothes.

However, it is something that you can easily wear and style. You will face something that is not common and can make you the talk of the town when you dress up the right way.

The key is to experiment with your looks. Just take inspiration from some famous celebrities with your body shape and you can opt for their looks.

There is a good possibility that you can find asymmetrical designs in the past. Try to copy that when new and you can then add elements that tend to show your personality.

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