Wrap Dress: How to Look Slim

Do you know that a wrap dress is the best for all body shapes? Each dress must work hard to accomplish what the wrap dress has. Created by famed fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg during the 70s, this classic wrap dress features a tie waist, an A-line skirt, and V-neckline. So why are these dresses so famous and known to be the most figure-flattering option?

Even you would agree that the wrap dress is one of the best fashion items ever. As you know, the style has taken root in China. According to sources, these wrapped dresses were primarily worn by the rulers and queens of the Shang dynasty. 

The dress is also popular among neighboring countries, including Korea, after reaching almost all of China. This wrap dress is considered the most basic style in some countries like central Asia and East Asia. We discuss this in detail more about this dress.

Why Wrap Dress is Flattering For Everyone

The key characteristic of the wrap dress is that a closure is formed when you wrap one side of the fabric across the other. Finally, you need to tie a knot or bow either on one side of the waist or around the back of the dress. 

This style of wrapping the dress creates a v-shaped neck and gives a well-defined shape. There are also wrap dresses that feature these characteristics but often have a faux wrap instead of a natural one.

1 They define everyone’s waist

With a tie waist that cinches on the slimmest portion of the torso, the wrap dress gives an ultra-slimming effect. If you pair it with a v-neckline, the dress enhances your bust and slims the hips area.

An excellent option for those with a pear shape or who want curves. If you have a shorter torso, you can opt for a plunging neckline for a more lengthening effect.

2 They are Perfect for Any Age

The wrap dress knows no numbers! You can find endless options when choosing this dress makes the style timeless and appropriate for any age. Try a long sleeve with a knee-length hemline if you prefer more coverage. For the adventurous, a sleeveless style with a deep V-neck – could be perfect for feeling sassy on date night. 

3 You Can Wear it Anywhere, Anytime

You can opt for this style for a bright office look or wedding chic. Fabrics like cotton and silk blends should be your go-to when dressing up. You can wear them with classic heels and feminine jewelry. Then you are sure to be the best dressed. Try a jersey or knit fabric wrap dress with a denim jacket and sandals when heading out for the weekend.

As you know – flattering for all figures, perfect for multiple occasions, and styles at any age. Moreover, it is easy to see why it’s been a wardrobe staple since the 70s.

What is the Meaning of a Wrap Dress?

The term wrap dress often refers to the fashion – in which the pieces of cloth on two sides of the body are wrapped – around in opposite directions. Interestingly, this traditional dress usually gives the most erotic appeal to a woman.  

Wrap dress 2

This kind of work for a dress will allow for forming a V-shaped neck – at the neck portion. Among these, the floral wrap dress is considered one of the most beautiful dresses for a lady. You can find this style available in many colors. This style is so feasible that women with all body shapes can wear this dress.

Diane Von Furstenberg’s Wrap Dress

Diane von Furstenberg invented this popular dress in the 70s. You will find that the model has a dress that consists of two pieces of cloth that are wound together in some way. But it produces a beautiful robe at the time. The design has become popular worldwide, and most of the world has started to imitate her style by making clean changes.

Wrap dress 5

Since then, the wrap dress’s sleeves have been updated. You can find various updated styles of those sleeves – cap sleeves, long sleeves, quarter-length sleeves, and even straps.

Long sleeves

In this clothing, all the portions of your hand are covered with the same cloth as the dress. The end portions of these long sleeves might contain cuffs and elastic hems, Or you may keep it open by having a wide cuff.

Cap sleeves

This kind of fashion clothing usually covers the entire shoulders, and the remaining parts of the hands are left uncovered. If you do not wish to expose your body, this dress is unsuitable for you.

The two pieces of cloth, when tied from two opposite sides, will usually form a V-shaped neck. This neck style and cap sleeves will give you the most beautiful look if styled properly. 

Quarter-length sleeves

These sleeved wrap dresses will have sleeves approx three fourth the length of the entire hand. They look very erotic and are one of the most popular styles of today’s generation.


Do you know that this is one of the most followed styles in the case of many dressing styles? You will also find this wrap dress with this sleeve style beneficial – as it gives the best look to the lady who wears it. This sleeve style often exposes almost all of your neck. 

Note that this dress is excellent for people who find it challenging to cover all their bodies due to env issues. The most well-known variations are the boat neck, scoop, plunge, and sweetheart.

Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Wrap Dress

It is a staple you must invest in when creating a capsule wardrobe. So, if you do not already have one, here are a few reasons to get one today.  

You Can Wear It Anywhere and Everywhere

Yes, day to night, work to events – this dress will carry you through every event, occasion, and party. Depending on the accessories you add, you can dress them up or down. You can not wear this classic piece in so many places.

You can easily dress it down with a denim jacket and sneakers for your casual day out. Or you can pair it with statement heels and a blazer if you plan a night out. But fabrics like cotton and silk blends should be your go-to when dressing up. A quick change of shoes and accessories, and you are ready to go. Note that it is always a safe, chic choice.

They Never Go Out of Style

IIt is scarce that a style or specific piece stays in fashion for more than one season. But a style that has been around for over 40 years – the wrap dress is undoubtedly more than just a trend.

This style has been around for many years and has established itself as a classic dress. The wrap dress design remains relevant even in today’s fashion industry, where styles come and go. Timeless, effortlessly chic, and on-trend even to this day.

It is the Perfect Fit

The best thing about a wrap dress is that it will fit you from the very moment you first purchase it to the many times your weight might have changed. Most clothes do not give you much wiggle room when you gain or lose weight.

But, with a wrap dress, it is a perfect fit every time, and you can customize it to your figure. Whether you are petite, curvy, straight, or tall, a wrap can easily flatter almost every figure. Unlike other dresses, a wrap-designed dress grows with you. Because they are adjustable, you can tie them as tightly or loosely as you like.

Wrap Dress vs. Kimono: What is the Difference?

Wrap dresses and kimonos, as you know, are both clothing items that wrap too close. Unlike a kimono, a wrap dress requires a broad sash or obi to close. The dress features thin strings or straps. Moreover, they can be short or long-sleeved. 

A defining feature of a kimono is the sleeves, which are usually wide and have a uniform circumference. Note that Chinese kimono sleeves are one piece with the garment’s bodice. They are not sewn on separately. For a Japanese kimono, the sleeves are usually sewn separately.

How to Tie a Wrap Dress

If you follow these tips, you will know the exact way tie wrap dresses with attached strings:

  1. Look for the small hole on the side of the dress. In most wrap dresses, the hole is on the right side, around the waistline.

Wrap dress 6

  1. Thread the string through the hole. Thread the longer string – on the left panel of the dress, passing through the hole on the right side of the dress. Next, pull the string until the left half of the dress covers most of your chest area.
  2. Pull the string around your back. Next, wrap the string behind – toward the left side of your whole body or waist.
  3. Wrap the right panel around the front of your body. You should wrap the right panel so that it covers the left panel slightly, ensuring the dress closes entirely in the front.
  4. Lastly, tie the strings together. Tie the two strings together with the correct string that should meet the longer left string, pulling both strings tight. So that they cinch your waist. Tie the strings into a firm bow towards the left side of the dress.


These dresses are the trend of the present society as they will give women the best casual look in their outfits. They are also the best formal look for a formal party. The best party looks when it is party time.

You have learned why wrap dresses are so versatile. Now it’s time to add one or two to your closet. Order a couple and ask your stylist to wrap dresses to meet your style needs. Sit back, relax and wait for your personalized pieces to arrive.

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