Women’s Blazer: Tips and Style Guide

If you are looking for a guide to Women’s Blazer then you have landed on the right page.

One of the fun things about a blazer is that it tends to be a staple in a modern wardrobe.

The relaxed and structured shoulders make them perfect for both your office and an evening out.

Moreover, women’s blazers are both versatile and comfortable, thus making them a welcoming change from cold dresses.

These clothing items are here to stay and you can choose from a number of options available both online and in the market.

If you prefer a subtle touch, you can opt for a women’s blazer in neutral colors while for a casual look you may opt for a slightly fitting style.

However, if you are new to this clothing item, w have gathered some styling tips on how you can wear a women’s blazer.

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Types of Women’s Blazers

Just like different types of coats and jackets, there is a variety of styles, silhouettes, and fabrics available in women’s blazers.

Depending on your style and lifestyle, some of the popular types of blazers are:

Single-Breasted Blazer: This one is the most classic type of blazer.

You can see this design in a variety of fabrics, colors, and prints.

Moreover, this one is a type of women’s blazer that you can easily dress up or dress down according to your style.

As this one is such as classic style, it is not uncommon to have a couple of different single-breasted blazers in your wardrobe.

Double-Breasted Blazers: These are somewhat just like single-breasted blazers, this one will have two very distinct rows of buttons on each side.

Due this to element, this blazer tends to be more of a statement piece.

Moreover, these types of women’s blazers have become more popular with styles that have gold buttons.

Cropped Blazer: If you want to look more fashionable and show off your body shape, you can opt for a cropped blazer.

Though these types come in different lengths, ranging from at the hip to just at your belly button, you can select them in different colors.

Moreover, this will help you benefit from its fit and help enhance your shape.

Leather Blazers: Leather is not just for jackets alone.

You can also find leather blazers that help you enhance your sense of style and leather jackets is a great way to do so.

Furthermore, this whole trend is synonymous with edgy style.


To add a bit of edge, you should have these blazers as these are versatile and classic.

Printed Blazers: These are one of the favorites among fashionistas.

Just like blouses and dresses, women’s blazer come in a number of different prints that you a chance to be creative.

Whether you want to resonate a feminine, edgy, classy look or something bold and fun, these blazers are the right choice for you.

However, one thing you should keep in mind when wearing such blazers is the color scheme.

It is best to choose a print whose colors you can mix and match easily.

Oversized Blazers: Also known as boyfriend fit blazers, these have grown in popularity.

With a lot of influences from 90s fashion, these are fun and fresh yet creative and bold to wear.

The key to choosing this type of blazer is to pair them with form-fitting dresses to create a balanced look and make sure to not lost in a lot of fabric.

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Finding the Best Fit

As blazers are tailored clothing, it is important that you find the one that fits properly.

There are a few key areas you need to pay attention to when finding whether or not it fits you.

Shoulders: These are one of the most important parts when you are finding the right fit for a women’s blazer.

The shoulders of a blazer should rest where your shoulder ends.

However, if the shoulder seam is either above or below your natural bend, the fit is not right for you.

Bust and Wasit: The fit of these two areas of a blazer varies depending on the style and style of your blazer.

Moreover, the keep to finding the right find is that it is neither too big nor too small.

womens blazer 1

If the bust is too big and/or waist, it will often slouch and fold around that area while if the bust and/or waist is too small, you will notice pulling.

Sleeves: Sleeve length and style tend to differ and often depend on the overall style of the blazer.

Moreover, when you have a full-length sleeve blazer, it will rest right at the joint at your sides.

It is important to note that is not uncommon to tailor sleeve length and is often easy to fix.

Length: Another element to consider is the length which tends to differ and depends on the type of blazer.

A rule of thumb to remember is that when you are looking at the length of the blazer, make sure it is not unflattering.

Moreover, the most flattering placement of a blazer is often just above or just below the widest part of your body where it lays.

However, if you are choosing an oversized blazer, make sure it is just above or just below the widest part of your hips.

Choosing the Right Women’s Blazer Style

When choosing the right blazer style, the main factor to consider is your own personal style.

As there are so many different types of blazers, it is easy to choose an option depending on your preference.

After this, choosing the right style depends on your body which is another way to go about the decision-making process.

If you have broad shoulders, you should stay away from blazers that have a lot of structure or shoulder pads detailing them.

This is because these will accentuate broad shoulders.

If you have very narrow shoulders, you can opt for structured shoulders with shoulder padding as they will help to naturally balance your body.

Moreover, if you are a petite woman, you can choose a blazer depending on the length.

When you are petite, the long, oversized blazers can be a little bit tricky to wear without overwhelming your shape.

However, shorter and cropped styles tend to be more of a flattering option.

Though you can be drawn to oversized or long blazers, the key is to make sure that they are not too long,

And wear them with high heels to add a bit of height to balance the long style.

Do you need Tailored Blazers?

There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a women’s blazer to get the right fit.

The blazer cuff should sit just to the wrist bone so that your watch or bracelet is visible.

Moreover, the blazer should fit, but not tight enough across the back with the top of the sleeve beginning where your shoulders naturally end.

However, if the blazer is too broad across your shoulders, it will create an 80s-like look and smoother your frame.

The wrist of the blazer should taper in slightly and be body-hugging softly.

styling tips

When you button up, they should not strain when you are standing relaxed.

if you find this hard to remember, you can always look for tailored designs online or in shops.

Moreover, a lot of brands offer a suiting service.

This service will need only one fitting to gather the measurements for a tailor-made blazer.

To make sure the fit is perfect, these blazers are tailored to your measurements.

Wearing and Styling a Women’s Blazer

Selecting a women’s blazer that fits you is half the process.

It is important to choose a blazer that reflects your style and complements other pieces of clothing is important.

For instance, if you own a green velvet jacket and it clashes with other clothing, then it will be useless for you.

Moreover, another important consideration is the climate when selecting a blazer.

In hot climates and summers, you will want to wear a blazer that is from lighter materials like linen and cotton.

These two make an ideal fabric as they allow you to breathe.

womens blazer 2

While bright and light colors are also ideal for such months.

You can pair them with a T-shirt and dress pants that look suitable for your office or summer soiree as well.

On the other hand, wool and cashmere blends are perfect for keeping you keep warm without creating too much bulk for winter.

For instance, a fitted, sky-blue cashmere blazer with a turtle neck shirt for a chic business-ready look that will transition you into a post-work dinner outfit.

Furthermore, blazers are perfect for transition months when the weather fluctuates.

Wool-linen blends will provide a perfect combination of warmth for a comfortable and fashionable look all year round.

Final Thoughts

One of the important things you should remember is that your look is incomplete without confidence. Build a blazer outfit that makes you feel good and also works with your lifestyle.

Moreover, with the right skills and style, you can choose to wear a blazer on any occasion. If you need help when selecting a blazer, you can choose to have them tailor-made by designers that provide customized services.

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