White Dress: Why Brides Wear Them

You may also agree that there are many reasons why people wear white dresses. Today, in some cultures, white is a symbol of innocence and purity. Whereas in other cultures, white is a symbol of mourning. In still different cultures, white symbolizes status and wealth. Whatever the reason, a white dress looks beautiful and elegant no matter where you wear it. 

Wedding dress style trends indeed change from season to season, but one thing that has stayed relatively constant is the white dress. White is easily the most widely-worn color, especially for wedding gowns. If you look at history, you will be surprised to know that white has not always been the color of choice for wedding dresses in Western culture.

Yes, it is the symbol of purity commonly, though. White wedding dresses only came into fashion during the mid-19th century. Since then, it has become so popular that many brides wear white today. But how did this color become so popular? Keep reading.

History – White Dress

According to stats, white dresses are worn by over 83 percent of brides even today. The practice is thought to be more than 2,000 years old, and its roots are most likely in the Roman Empire. 

Interestingly, white wedding dresses became less common when the Roman empire fell. It was only in 1840 Queen Victoria wore a fashionable white wedding gown – that was featured in all the newspapers and magazines then. Women worldwide started to emulate the Queen, her gown’s style and color were copied. 

White dress 1

It was when the brilliant white wedding gown was not widely available in Europe or North America but became popular in the 1930s. Almost all brides in the United States now prefer white. Today the American dream wedding is incomplete with a white wedding dress. It is exemplified by a large, traditional wedding ceremony where the bride wears a white princess-style gown. Remember that the white gown represented prosperity, virginity, and a lifetime commitment to a person in the early twentieth century.

Popular White Wedding Dress

Do you know that white became a popular wedding dress color in 1840, especially when Queen Victoria wore a white gown trimmed with Honiton lace to her marriage with Albert? Since then, it has become a traditional symbol. After that, many brides chose white, following the Queen’s instructions. The wedding illustrations had been widely published, making it even more popular.

This trend of white weddings began in the late nineteenth century with Queen Victoria. Even Hollywood stars and royal brides started following in her footsteps. You would surely agree that this is a married classic and the perfect conclusion to any fashion show.

White dress 2

In support, of The Washington Post, in 1849, Godey’s Lady’s Book also declared that white is the most appropriate color for brides. They also emphasize that it is a  symbol of girlhood and purity. 

Interestingly, the white wedding gown has become a popular custom, especially in the Western world. It was confirmed that the white gown was popular, but Queen Victoria made it all the more popular. The white wedding dress is indeed a timeless look these days.

What Does Wearing A White Dress Mean?

Today, a white dress is often seen as a symbol of innocence, honesty, and purity. In many cultures today, a white dress is worn by brides on their wedding day. But you can also wear a white dress in peace or signify mourning.

Females are said to have more dreams about clothes as compared to males. Dreaming about a white dress indicates that you are a great person. This dream represents the excitement you may feel in your daily life for a long time. 

We all know that colors have very different meanings, and the symbolism of dresses in a dream world often varies greatly. It is influenced by the shapes, colors, length, purpose, and even quality of the clothing you wear. White is also a symbol of success, prosperity, development, recognition, and rewards. You can wear such a dress without additional accessories. 

White dress 5

In simple terms, you should not be obsessed with what others think. For most women, it is a time to leave childhood comfort and enter adulthood. Simply put, it is a time to honor your accomplishments and anticipate the future. W

Wearing white on such an occasion symbolizes purity, peace, and a fresh start for most women. It is also essential to know that white is thought to represent mourning, new life, and bad luck in some cultures in the world. As a woman, it is critical to understand the customs of the cultures. 

Interesting Stories About White Dress

The first brides wore wedding dresses in all colors.  

Do you know that from Biblical times through the early 19th century, brides did not traditionally wear white? Yea, you would be surprised to learn that a white dress is seen as impractical. It was not financially wise for brides to purchase such dresses to wear only once. 

Therefore, most brides wore their fanciest dress on their wedding day. Brides in the lower classes preferred wearing black dresses. Hence black dresses for women are so popular. Brides with more – meant they wore pretty gowns in lush fabrics featuring gold and silver embroidery. Some dresses also had fur. But these dresses will be worn again.

Queen Victoria started the white wedding dress trend.

It was only in 1840, during Queen Victoria’s marriage – was one of the first heavily-photographed royal weddings of the time. She chose to wear a white dress which had laces. The Queen intended to help the struggling factory where the fabric was created. 

She stunningly accessorized her white gown with a flower crown to show that she would be a more down-to-earth monarch. The reason being this was one of the first “celebrity weddings”. People saw the photos all across the world. Since then, brides took note of Queen Victoria’s white gown and then began to wear white wedding dresses as we know today.

A white wedding dress became a status symbol.

After Queen Victoria’s wedding – brides started wearing grand white gowns for their wedding ceremony. It was because they could afford to have their white attire professionally cleaned.

Some books in those days wrote that white wedding dresses were ideal because they represented innocence and purity. But according to history, that was not the case. Since then, white has been seen as a color for the rich. It was more about showing off one’s wealth than one’s virginity. The color slowly started gaining popularity.

White wedding dresses hit mass popularity only in World War II.

Do you know that during the Great Depression and World War II, fancy fabrics became very hard to get? So luxe white wedding dresses were replaced with simple suits in non-white hues. Moreover, some wedding dresses in those days were even made from repurposed silk parachutes.

White dress 3

After the war finished, white wedding dresses became more available. Tea-length dresses became popular and were considered the most fashionable. Long gowns were soon in style, and once people saw Princess Diana walk down the aisle in her grand ivory silk taffeta and lace gown in 1981 -the white wedding dresses became all the more popular.

Brides in Eastern cultures do not wear white.

It is important to note that when we discuss white wedding dress history, we only refer to Western cultures in the Americas and Europe. It is only the Eastern cultures that consider white to be an unlucky hue. Meaning brides wear attire in other colors. 

Among these, red is the most popular color for brides in the Eastern part of the world, like India, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, and other countries. Even African brides often infuse bright colors into their wedding day looks. 

Non-white wedding dresses are in style, too.

Most Western brides indeed wear white. Those are only some of the options available these days. In recent years, you might have seen wedding dresses in shades of gold, blue, pink, gray, and even black hit the runways. These are ideal for brides looking for something different. 

Many celebrities have also eschewed white wedding dresses for a unique look. The tip is if you can find a wedding dress that suits your style and personality – whether it is white or another color, then go for it. Yes, white wedding dresses have a long history, but so do wedding dresses in all hues! 

Wrapping Up

Remember that white wedding gowns are never out of fashion. They are preferred for their simplicity and elegance. Moreover, their symbolic meaning makes them popular for traditional Christian weddings. In contemporary times, you can choose from styles and designs and pair them up with the perfect accessories. They will make the bride look like a fairy tale princess.

Ultimately, no matter how you define the meaning of a white wedding gown – it is interesting to see the bride gliding down the aisle in white attire. She may have formulated her theory, one that may be based on personal taste, family heritage, religious background, and ultimately her desire to be the center of attention.

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