Wedding Dresses Dubai: The Latest Trends

A wedding dress is a beautiful dream for many aspiring women and gorgeous brides-to-be. The wedding day, as you know, is one of the most special and auspicious occasions of anyone’s life. Naturally, the bride has many dreams and visions about her Big Day. Many things need to be taken care of, but your unique wedding dresses Dubai is perhaps one of the most bothersome.

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Finding the right dress one can find her perfect attire could be a real struggle. But not anymore. At AlesayiFashion, you can find exquisite attire that is not challenging anymore, as they have a vast exotic collection of dresses. It is slowly becoming one of the leading wedding dress stores in the UAE, delivering innovative, chic dresses for modern women. The team understands the bride’s desire to look her best self and perfectly expresses that in her way by making the elegant wedding dress work for her. 

Traditional Islamic Hijab – Wedding Dresses Dubai

You are well aware of several cultural differences when you compare western wedding dresses to traditional Muslim wedding dresses. There is another side of the coin here because they are the source of some of the most exciting traditions. For example, Muslim brides spent their wedding day wearing the most incredible veils called hijabs.

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Sometimes the hijab is decorated with jewels, sometimes stitched with intricate ornaments, but they look fantastic. These head gowns sure do make the bride stand out while at the same time honoring the centuries-old traditions.

Islamic Bridal dress with Hijab in Dubai

In the Islamic world, there is great significance in covering the body and hair of a female, even during a wedding. The entire Islamic world follows the teachings of the holy Quran. It is clearly mentioned that a woman should cover her body with a piece of cloth termed ‘Khimer’. At the same time the hair should be covered with the help of a head scarf. 

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All these Islamic traditions hold a significant place in the wedding also. So the people who want to abide by the Islamic rules while celebrating their special occasion need to wear traditional dress. They need to follow the wedding attire.  

Wedding dresses Dubai with head scarf

A wedding is a special day for everyone who lives a civilized life regardless of the religion he follows or the ethnicity he belongs to. The day or evening of the wedding is a fabulous day for the majority of the population. 

Since physical beauty is an adjective that is perceived as an intellectual property of the female gender – hence the bride should be the center of attraction among the people who thronged to the venue. If it is a traditional marriage, then the hijab or the headscarf becomes quite significant and takes the bride to the next level. It is a solution for those who abandoned head scarfs only in a lack of confidence.

Wedding Dresses Dubai – How to Choose

If you start navigating the world of wedding dresses, it can overwhelm you. Between price points, styles, silhouettes, designs, fabrics, and many more things to consider. Therefore, saying yes to the perfect dress might seem impossible at times. For most brides, the number one question regarding bridal fashion is – where to start?

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Here we will walk you through everything from how to choose your dream dress for your big day. We will discuss timeless gowns fit for every bridal style. 

Whether you prefer simple wedding dresses Dubai or want to opt for a style with fun embellishments – you can choose a range of styles at Alesayi Fashion. Here are a few tips to help you pick a slip wedding dress.

Whatever your fashion preference, you should feel and look your best on your wedding day. So sit back, relax, and scroll through some of these dresses you will like. It will help you choose your preferred maxi dresses for your special day.

Slip Wedding Dresses

This minimal, sophisticated, and impossibly chic slip dress will make a case for a ‘less is more’ bridal performance. It means the slip dress’s simplicity is its actual value. The dress fits perfectly irrespective of your body type if you are looking for those trendy dresses. Your designer will suggest you have this design made to measure with elements like a bias-cut, cowl neck, or back detailing for more character.

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But why choose a slip wedding dress style? If you are looking for an elegant yet straightforward silhouette, slip wedding dresses will be your look. Its streamlined style from the old ‘90s is the right fit for warm Dubia weather or destination weddings.

Moreover, this style is also an excellent choice for a second look, especially for brides who believe less is more. But you may ask if this silhouette is too simple for a formal yet grand occasion like a wedding. Just relax. Interestingly, this style has stood the test of time. Brides and celebrities still love this simple, elegant silhouette decades later.


As you might be aware, a sheath gown boasts a snug fit and can contour your body from head to toe. It will give a petite bride a long look which helps you appear taller. Whereas, for a tall bride, sheath wedding dresses will provide their body definition. So anyone can choose this style.

On the other hand, if you have a boxy body, you can opt for a sash or embellished belt with it. Such a style will create the illusion of a more defined waist. The result is comfortable and modern wedding dresses Dubia. Moreover, if you are looking for a style that works well without a train, this is just the one for you. 


Even you would agree that it is a universally flattering favorite. Complementing all body types, an A-line dress will remain fitted until the waist, from where it flares into a soft A-shape. Hence the name of the dress is A-line.  

Yes, the style of the wedding dress is such that it feels like – a silhouette that will hug you in all the right places. It is an excellent choice, especially for pear-shaped or curvy brides. Remember that an A-line gown will typically hug the waist area, thus creating a slimmer waistline. At the same time, the dress can flatter your figure at the bust. The cut can make a petite bride look taller, thus giving it an overall slimming effect.


This silhouette contours your body from the chest to the knee. Thereafter it flares on. The mermaid style emphasizes your waist and hips rather than making them narrow – especially if you have an apple-shaped body. However, you should choose the right shapewear if you opt for the mermaid dress. Considering how well-fitted it is, you should make sure you can move freely and sit down easily with the dress. 


Do you know that the trumpet is a more toned-down version of the mermaid? The dress has a straight bodice towards the hips, and the flare starts only mid-thigh. Yes, the dress is crowd-pleasing, even though it is considered an excellent match for any extravagant celebration. 

If you are a bride looking for a subtle look, a trumpet skirt wedding dress may be the right pick, as it gives a romantic feel to the wedding. The reason being these gowns fit perfectly. Wearing a trumpet skirt gown on your big day will allow you to stand out without much effort.

Ball Gown

Do you want to glide into your gown happily ever after like a princess? If you answer yes, this fairy tale-ready gown is for you. Volume, classic, drama – yes, it has it all. This fit-and-flare silhouette is for you if you are slim-hipped with a fuller bust. 

The voluminous skirt helps balance the fitted top. The fuller silhouette makes your waist look more prominent and hides the lower body. However, if you are a bride conscious of her hips, you must remember that the skirt can make you look larger. You must choose wedding dresses if you are too conscious about your bodyline. Keep in mind that the ball gown skirt can make you look larger. It may be easy to drown in swathes of fabric, so the tip is, to try to keep the embellishments minimal.


Do you know that column and sheath silhouettes are interchangeable? Yes, they are similar, but definitely not identical. The critical difference between the two – is that sheath dresses are lighter and more seamless. In contrast, a gown is often structured using fabrics like taffeta, brocade, or corded lace.

It is important to note that this silhouette is tailor-made to flaunt a sleek and slender figure. So if you have an hourglass or athletic frame, think only once before you pick column wedding dresses. 

Final Thoughts

Any combination of dresses is most welcome. It solely depends on the bride and the traditions she has been brought up in. It is important to note that the bridal dress is designed such that it is custom-made based on the proportion of your torso with the lower body part. 

Historically, A-line, sheath, and ball gown silhouettes have been Dubai’s most popular wedding dresses over the years due to the warm climate. Whether your shape or size, wedding dresses should make you feel confident, elegant, and beautiful. But shopping for wedding dresses can be overwhelming, especially when finding the fitting silhouette for your big day. One that will make you look like a complete bride. So find a style that flatters your figure while at the same time spotlighting you during the event.

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