Everything you need to know about Summer Dresses

If you are looking for a guide to Summer Dresses, you have landed on the right page.

One of the important things to note is that any dress revolving around a dress can be categorized as an easy, breezy look, not all frocks are created equally effortless.

When humidity levels are at their peak, you would love to throw on a lightweight summer dress.

But what exactly are casual summer dresses?

And what are the best styles for dressing up in this heat?

For this guide, there are a few criteria.

One, the fabric of the dress has to be machine or hand-washable.

And it needs to handle a little bit of inevitable summer sweat.

Two, the dress silhouette needs to be a pullover or pull-on style with the least complications like:

  • zippers,
  • hardware,
  • accouterments.

Lastly, the length of the dress should fall within the midi to long range.

However, maxis will need a lot of work for petite wearers.

Keep on reading about how to choose the perfect summer dress.

Consider the Shape of your Body

The first thing you should be considering is the body type and shape you have, as this will help you choose the fit that looks best on you.

Though anyone looks great in any kind of dress.

Experts recommend some tips for finding a shape that will make you feel most confident.

If you are tall you can opt for a midi or maxi dress as shorter dresses may not provide enough cover.

summer dresses 1

You can opt for details like ruffles or floral prints to show off your stature.

On the other hand, if you are petite, you can opt for shorter or midi sun dresses as maxi dresses can swamp your smaller frame.

Moreover, shift dresses, belted dresses, and wrap dresses are all great choices when you intend to hide a number of lumps and bumps.

While you can also opt for a babydoll or ruched dress to soften your angular frame.

Print or Plain Summer Dresses

You may find choosing between print or plain dresses to be overwhelming when you find an array of stunning summer dresses.

Experts recommend considering the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.

If you have a lot of prints in your wardrobe, you can have print dresses.

While if you have plain fabrics, you can choose a block of colored summer dresses.

Or you can choose to be bold and use this as an opportunity to switch things up and add prints to your wardrobe.

After all, summer is all about adventure.

Styles to Consider

There are plenty of different models, fits, and designs you can choose from.

However, in some cases, you may find it hard to find the perfect fit that suits your body type.

To help you find the right ones, here is a list of some most popular styles you can consider this summer:

Wrap Dresses: Wrap dresses are charming, and shaped dresses that tend to accentuate your waist in the finest way.

It is a versatile dress that is a must-have in your wardrobe.

And you can choose to use it for events like weddings, a holiday, or in the office.

Moreover, if you want to look more feminine, you can highlight your waist further with the help of a belt or sash.

Shirt Dress: These are popular as you can wear them for any occasion during the summer.

It is a combination of the perfect length and shirt collar that makes the dress versatile.

You can choose to wear a shirt dress with a belt to highlight your figure and style it with a denim jacket or blazer when going to the office.

Or if you are going on a holiday, you can choose to wear it loosely and add a pair of sandals, and sunglasses to complete your look.

The possibilities are endless.

T-Shirt Dress: What makes a t-shirt dress different from others is its relaxed fit.

You can choose to use it for a number of occasions and can style them accordingly.

You can style them with sneakers, leggings, or denim jackets for a casual everyday look.

Or use them just as without anything on top.

summer dresses 2

Maxi Dress: This is one of the essentials in your wardrobe.

Not only you can wear them on festive occasions.

But you can also wear them on a regular Wednesday to the office with a pair of flat shoes.

Moreover, you can also choose to style them up or tone them down for a more casual look in no time.

It actually a matter of matching your dress with the right shoes and accessories.

Lace Dress: Lace Dresses are elegant and give a practical look as well.

During warmer summer days, the lace makes your dress look a bit lighter and airier.

This gives them a feminine touch at the same time.

For everyday outfits, you can choose to style them with a pair of sneakers and a denim jacket.

However, if you are going to a party, you can easily style the dress with a pair of silhouettes and some jewelry.

Ideal Materials

After choosing the dress style, it is important to choose the material you will be wearing a dress in.

Lightweight materials like cotton, linen, and viscose are perfect for summer.

This is because they have breathability and also absorb moisture.

It also means that they are perfect for regulating the temperature of your body.

And you will feel comfortable even on hot summer days.

Cotton: It is one of the natural materials when it comes to getting the right summer dress.

You will get a soft and breathable material that makes cotton comfortable to wear.

And due to its great breathability and moisture absorption capacity, makes it ideal for usage in summer.

Linen: It is a natural material that you can use all year round as it has temperature-regulating properties.

Moreover, it helps you cool down in summer and will keep you warm in winter.

At the same it, linen has the capacity to absorb up to 20% of its weight without feeling wet.


This is why linen feels dry and is nice to wear during summer.

If you have allergies or just sensitive skin, linen is often the obvious choice.

Viscose: It is reminiscent of cotton due to the raw materials used that are natural.

It feels comfortable against your skin due to its softness and the gentle fabric provides a pleasant feeling on your body.

Furthermore, what makes it suitable is that it absorbs both moistures and heat away from your body.

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Accessories to Choose

After finding the perfect summer dress, it’s time to look for accessories.

Whether you are heading out to the beach or the office, it is important to be in control of the detail and protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

You can choose a number of varying styles in accessories like sunglasses, sandals, jewelry, and bags to complete your look.

Let’s look into them:

Sunglasses: When considering the perfect summer outfit, it is hard not to mention sunglasses.

Besides the obvious reason of protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun, they also give you the opportunity to express your personal style.

Moreover, you can find them in varying shapes, styles, and colors so you have the chance to pair them and give you a complete look.

Jewelry: You can express your style with the help of jewelry and spice up your colored summer dresses at the same time.

It helps you add finishing touch to your dresses.

You may have seen in the past that there was no trend of combining metals with your dress.

However, today you can easily combine them and complete your outfit.


Bags: Just like a number of women out there, you would also nod to the fact that bags are an indispensable accessory.

When you go out, you find it convenient to have your mobile phone, keys, and wallet with you.

However, bags are not just practical accessories, you can also choose different styles to express your personality.

Sandals: With a number of summer dresses, you will be able to pair them with a classic sandal and get a nice and relaxed everyday look.

However, if you are going to a wedding or another festive event, you may want to opt for party sandals with a low heels instead.

They will give your great versatility and are comfortable as well as durable to wear all day.

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that the better you take care of your clothes the longer they last.

When you use your clothes once, it is not necessary to wash them, but you can air them instead.

If you need to wash your dress, you should always follow the washing instructions on the label attached to your clothes.

To prevent your clothes from curling, you can hang them on a hanger and let them dry.

To protect your clothes from direct sunlight, you will need to store them in a safe place.

Both dark and cooler surroundings are the most optimal for storing your clothes.

Though you can store them in hangers, make sure they are not too close as otherwise they will rub against each other and wear out faster.

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