Styling a Smock Dress

If you are working from home, like everyone else, there is a high chance that you are already tired of tracksuits, leggings, and sweatshirts. It is time to learn about the smock dress.

A smock dress tends to be unstructured.

It is made of lightweight material and is voluminous in its shape.

Moreover, it is a comfortable dress as they are not made of tight and stretchy materials that can bother you after a few hours of wearing it.

This dress was originally worn by workers, shepherds, and laborers.

The smock-frock style came from parts of England and Wales.

It is important to note that the style was also popular in children’s fashion throughout the 19th century.

The traditional smock dress was made of rural fabrics, linen or wool, and tended to vary in length.

Furthermore, an oversize smock dress is here to stay.

You can see fashion editors and street style wearing this dress since 2018.

Keep on reading to learn more.

Smock Dress

A smock dress is a versatile piece of dress that you can choose to dress up or down depending on the occasion.

For a casual look, you can pair it with some flats or sneakers, and a denim jacket.

On the other hand, for a more dressed-up look, you can pair your dress with some heels and a blazer.

In case you intend to show off your figure, you can pair this dress with a belt.

Make sure to accessorize a smock dress with some jewelry to make it stand out.

No matter how you choose to style it, this dress is surely versatile and a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

To keep yourself warm, you can pair a smock dress with straight-leg or skinny jeans.

The look will look stunning with a simple white dress and black leather jeans.

However, for a more casual look, you can wear a leather jacket and pair it with trainers.

Prairie-girl smock dresses have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially floor-length or ankle-length ones.

smock dress 1

In case you are a petite woman, the extra length will not benefit you.

Even though they are stylish and comfortable, the dress with hide your small frame.

You can find a smock dress in a range of lengths from short to long.

Though they are often the same size, with different lengths, it is easy to style them.

You can choose to wear them all year round, whether you are dressing for a beach party in summer, or for a winter outing.

Moreover, you can wear leggings with almost any dress, at any age.

And you can wear any type of dress as long as you are attending a casual event.

Types of Smock Dress

There are different types of smock dresses you can find in the market and online.

You can wear them all year, and choose a maxi style for winter and fall and a mini for summer parties.

Maxi Smock Dress: This is a popular style among many IT girls.

You can find these dresses in fabrics like cotton, linen, or comfortable polyester.

Moreover, the best thing about a maxi dress is that they are very VERSATILE.

You can choose to style them with anything, from boots to flip-flops, depending on the occasion.

Do not hesitate to wear a smock dress at home as well.

In case you are working from home, gather your hair, dress in it, and stay barefoot all day long.

Midi Length Smock Dress: These types of smock dresses are easier to style, regardless of what you are wearing.

This is why experts say that a midi dress is perfect to jump into your everyday wardrobe.

Mini Length Smock Dress: If you are not afraid to show off some skin, then you can opt for a mini sock dress.

Even with a trapezoid shape, your legs will look slimmer in this dress.

However, it will cover all those parts that you are not knee to show off.

Are these dresses Flattering?

Yes! A smock dress can be very flattering.

It tends to give you a slimming effect and can also make you appear taller.

If you opt for a dress in solid color, it will also make you appear slim and elegant.

When shopping for a plus-size smock dress, make sure to consider the following:

Look for a smock dress with a little less structure and more space.

flattering style

As a result, you can easily wear it, move more freely, and avoid feeling constricted.

Moreover, consider whether you can wear this dress with traveling, especially, long-distance travel.

Find the one that meets your set budget.

This will make your life a little easier, though not all plus-size smock dresses are travel-friendly.

Will it make you appear Bigger?

Since there is no definition of a smock dress, it can make you appear tent-like.

Moreover, if you have a larger bust, the narrow top can wrap over your bust and hang off, thus resulting in an unflattering appearance.

It is important to note that what looks stylish on one person may not look good on another one.

You can find a smock dress with puff sleeves that makes your dress a great addition to your wardrobe.

Adding final touches to your dress can make or break your look completely.

When you pair your dress with a chic pair of wedges and a cross-over body bag, the dress with looking effortlessly stylish.

Why Choose to wear a Smock Dress?

It is no wonder that wearing a smock dress on repeat is often due to the dress being effortless, comfortable, and endlessly versatile.

If you are, however, unsure whether the trend is for you, scroll down to see why this stylish separate deserves a spot in your wardrobe.

Effortless: Thanks to its relaxed silhouette, a smock dress is effortless to wear as they are fashionable.

It takes just a second to slip on, this throw-on-and-go piece means nothing has to come between you can your dress.

You can pair your dress with a denim jacket and trainers for walks in the sunshine.

Or you can wear it with a slouchy cardigan for a comfy and cozy box-set vibe.

Comfortable: Whether it is loungewear or PJs, it is all about finding comfort in your dressing.

When you want the ease of joggers while also embracing the latest trends, you can wear a smock dress.

It will help you strike the perfect balance.

smock dress 2

These dresses are suitable for both days in the park and afternoons on your sofa.

A smock dress makes fashionable and functional dressing a breeze.

Versatile: Everyone tends to be on the lookout for easy-to-wear separates that can double up for multiple occasions.

Luckily, a smock dress is super simple to dress up and down.

You can go smart casual with a belted jacket and ballet shoes.

Or turn up the comfort with an oversized cardigan and slippers.

Whatever you are doing, relaxing at home, walking your dog, or going glam for a Friday night, this versatile piece has got you covered.

Wearing a Smock Dress: Style Tips

From choosing playful puff sleeves and vibrant colors to updating your accessories, a smock dress is a must-have piece in your wardrobe.

Say yes to Patterns and Prints: With warmer weather approaching your area, you can welcome the sunshine with a floaty smock dress.

When it comes to seasonal style,s nothing bests the spring patterns and prints.

Whether you pick bold animal prints, pretty polka dots, or classic floral prints, there is no shortage of stunning smock dresses to brighten up your day.

You can complete your look with simple white trainers and a denim jacket and you are ready to go.

Opt for Puff Sleeves for a Playful Twist: A smock dress is just the right thing to put a smile on your face.

In case you want a more relaxed and playful vibe, choose a dress with decorative details, from puff sleeves and ruffle hems to sheer fabrics.

Your wardrobe deserves a little fun.

style tips

Refresh your WFH Wardrobe: Comfort is the key when you are working from home.

However, there are only so many times, you will want to wear the same sweatshirt and joggers.

To give your casual combos a seasonal update, you can opt for a loose smock dress and a long cardigan instead.

Cool, comfy, and ideal for working from home, this dress is well-loved loungewear.

Style up your Shoes: Choosing the right footwear can be challenging, especially when the weather keeps changing.

If you are wondering what shoes you can wear with a smock dress, then the good news is that you can pair them with chunky boots as well as flat sandals and trainers.

Helong your get from A to B in style, the versatility of this dress means all of your favorite footwear can make an appearance, weather permitting, of course.

Update your Accessories: If you want to keep your smock dress fresh all season long, switch up your accessories.

From adding woven hats and strappy sandals for a walk in a part to teaming backpacks and trainers for coffee runs, you can rediscover your accessory collection and take it to the next level.

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