How to Style a Slip Dress?

Slip dress is trendy wear that you can adorn at both formal or causal events. 

These are usually spaghetti strap dresses that are silky and fitted. 

What do you think when you hear of a slip dress? It will most probably be a thigh length sleek and slinky dress. 

However, they actually range from mini dresses to maxis. 

Thus, they are very versatile. 

This article discusses what are slip dresses and how you can style them. Keep reading below to know more. 

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Styling a Slip Dress 

A slip dress does not get the best reputation because it may resemble a camisole or nightgown, thanks to its silky material.

While it does give that look, it can be worn for formal events only if styled properly. 

It is in fact , sewn in lux fabrics that are befitting a formal occasion. 

It uses fabric like silk, chiffon, satin or linen. 

Usually, these have a low cut neckline that which may be V-neck or even square neck. 

Usually, slip dresses will have a bias cut. 

This is a technique that seamstresses use to cut the fabric at a diagonal angle across the weave. 

That gives the material more elasticity as well as softness. 

Moreover, it will have a slit. 

black gown

It also goes well with the fabric such as silk, linen that are naturally softer. 

Going along with the trends the slip midi skirt is pretty popular these days. 

Well, the slip dresses are also named the slip skirts so that’s where they get the name from. 

When it comes to styling the slip dress, remember where you are going and what particular style of dress do you have. 

It would not be wise to wear a short and low cut dress to your office but a midi skirt that is knee length may just work if you add a touch of formality here and there. 

Moreover, you will need to wear something beneath the dress, considering it’s fabric can show your undergarments. So smooth yourself out assuring that the fabric isn’t see through. So how should you be styling with the slip dress for different occasions? Let’s find out below! 

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Styling for Casual Wear 

Simply Slip Dress 

For a casual hangout with the friends, you can simply wear the slip dress on its own. Though, it is crucial to find the right one because slip dresses are usually plain and paired up with other items. 

Look for one with a tailored silhouette that is form fitted to your body rather than the one that falls straight down. 

The hemline should be at the mid calf so that you can wear it with both heels and flats. 

Next, add in some jewelry, put on some makeup and you are ready to shine. 

Adorn it with a denim jacket 

If you are heading out for some chores or some low key event, you can simply put a denim jacket over your slip dress. This will especially work when the weather is changing from summer to fall. Slightly chilly and pleasant that a little coverage from the weather will be enough. However, you can also wear it in the winters as well as the summers. More on that later. 

Layering with a white tee 

The flowing fabric and the open neckline of the midi skirt is ideal for the summers when it gets too hot. 

The fabric is thin and light, so you will not feel the heat. 

In fact, it is light enough to give way to layering. 

Don’t worry, it will not get too hot, simply layer it over a white tee. 

This is a classic Parisian inspired look that changes an evening dress into something casual you can easily wear. 

You can also wear the t-shirt over the dress so that it looks like a skirt even if it may be more comfortable. 

You can stylize the same way for winters as well. 

Let’s find out how. 

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Winter Styling of Slip Dress 

Who says you cannot wear a slip dress in winters? 

This is not just an evening dress anymore. 

If you pair it with the right items then even this thin fabric dress can be worn in the winters. 

Pairing up with a sweater 

While these dresses are thin, you can beat the cold by layering it over a cashmere sweater and tights. 

The softness of the knitted sweater while the sheen of the silk, these two textures amazingly go along well. 

Use a cashmere or merino wool sweater with a cowl neck to wear over it so that the dress looks like a slip skirt. 

However, wearing the sweater over the slip dress is not your only option 

In fact, you can also wear it over a long sleeve and turtleneck sweater. 

Pair that up with boots so that you remain warm throughout. 

Wearing the coats 

Winter is time for coats. 

And you can utilize your slip dresses to wear with the trench coats.

 These two pieces are not usually styled together, though whenever they are, it gives you a chic look, straightaway from a fashion show. 

The trench coat is usually longer than the dress itself, however, there can be some exceptions. 

If you have a black dress, do not pair it up with a black coat. 

Pair it up with sneakers or boots to comfortably walk in winters. 

These looks will keep you warm while also dressed as your best. 

In the same vein, pair up your slip dress with a light jacket in the fall. 

As we’ve discussed, it could either be denim or maybe even a lighter trench coat. 

To make a casual autumn afternoon dress, look for a thin jacket or sweater to cover the dress. 

formal wear

Wearing the Slip Dress Formally 

At the Office 

A slip dress may not look like the best choice to wear at your office. 

In fact, some may not even fathom to wear it to work. 

You should certainly take some steps to ensure that the dress is not that fitted. 

It should not be over the top and fit with the rest of your clothes. 

A short, body-hugging and low slip dress won’t do. 

If you are in the fashion business, wearing a slip dress will not look odd, provided you pair it up with a chic blazer. 

Alongside the blazer, complete the look with a pair of heels. 

So you can wear a longer or knee length slip dress to office given that you pair it up with a blazer and keel things formal. 

For weddings 

There is nothing more timeless than a classic slip dress to wear as a wedding guest. 

The fabric and style instantly gives a formal look to a simple dress. 

Rather than a short dress go for a midi or a maxi slip dress. 

Instead of plain silk, choose other fabric such as satin and go for a printed design. 

Pair that up with high heels and you are good to go. 

Keep in mind the wedding etiquette and do not wear plain silk white colored dresses as they may not be the most ideal for the occasion. 

Slip dresses are usually worn in weddings. They also make for good evening wear for events and parties whether they be formal or casual. 

Therefore, it is a type of dress that is for casual, semi-formal or formal wear. 

You can style in so many ways to look your best. 

styling slip dress

Other Ways to Style It 

With biker jacket 

Want to go for an edgy look today? 

Pair up your slip dress with a biker leather jacket. 

Add some combat boots and you are good to go. 

Pairing with a Button Down 

Combining a midi slip dress with the button down shirt gives you a plain and casual look, while also covering your sleeves and shoulders. 

In fact, you can also tie the ends of the button-down shirt into a knot at the waist. 

Pairing with edgy shoes 

You can also go for an edgy look by combining the dress with a good pair of shoes. 

After all what is better than pairing up a slip dress with edgy and striking shoes. 

They will totally complement each other. 

You can also add a jacket or a blazer to add some more edginess. 


A slip dress is not supposed to stay in your wardrobe for the colder months. 

You can wear tights underneath, a sweater over it or a turtleneck under it.

 It is a timeless dress for all seasons. 

However, you must pair and style it well so that you can wear it to many different occasions and events. 

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