Skirts for Women: Types and Considerations

Do you know that there are a number of skirts for women you can choose from?

You may be wondering how this unassuming wardrobe wonder is the obvious option for so many occasions.

If you are heading to your office, you can wear a pencil skirt that offers a dose of professionalism in a flash.

However, if you get a wedding invitation a midi skirt with a hint of volume with have you twirl-ready for this occasion.

Moreover, if you are trying to decide on a new uniform staple, you can have plaid minis are always a fashion do.

While the question is not whether you can wear skirts for women or not.

It where you cannot?

Let us be your guide as we break down skirts for women, popular types, and more in this guide.

Skirts for Women

Skirts are defined by their hemline. From thigh-grazing minis to calf-hitting midis and floor-length maxis, there are different types of skirts for women.

However, it is not only about where your hem it.

Silhouette, fabrication, and unique detailing are also crucial parts of determining the type of skirt you will want to reach out for.

Moreover, it is all about the details. Skirts are black canvas to dress up or down any ensemble.

The following are the top styles that you can have year-around appeal:

Length: Miniskirt, midiskirt, maxi skirt

Silhouette: Pleated skirt, pencil skirt, skater skirt, A-line skirt

Fabric: Denim skirt, leather skirt, silk skirt

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Types of Skirts by Length

Let’s begin with the breakdown of the skirt guide with length.

The defining detail for different types of skirts often starts where your hem hits.

Moreover, from short to long lengths, the options are endless.

You are in charge and get to decide how much leg you want to show.

Also, you can opt for a skirt to put your signature spin on everything from activewear to formalwear.

Let’s discuss them as follows:

The Miniskirt

The miniskirts were in swinging in 60 London and have been an integral part of the wardrobe ever since.

Initially starting at the knee, the hemlines inched even higher and higher as the decades progressed.

While there is debate about the origins, designers, Mary Quant and Andre Courreges reimagined this for generations to come.

There are a few different types of miniskirts to keep on your radar.

From plaid and pleated to leather and tulle, the miniskirt truly has it all.

Moreover, this type of skirt for women also works well for activities of all sorts.

It suits well for a wide range of movements that sports demand. You can style a white pleated tennis skirt with a performance polo and sneakers.

skirts for women 5

While pop on a cable-knit sweater for an après-tennis lunch with a preppy twist.

However, if you are looking for an option to wear for a night out, channel your inner Carie Bradshaw and give a ballet core a whirl in a tulle miniskirt.

You can also consider a dose of edgy style when thinking about what types of tops you can wear with a mini skirt.

Pair them will a fitted ribbed knit tank, combat boots, and a vegan leather jacket.

Round out your nighttime ensemble with a colorful enamel hoop earring and a cross-body clutch.

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The Midi

Next up is the midi skirt. This one is a go-to style that has an ideal length that hits the mid-calf.

Originally, a 70s fashion essential, modern aspirations of this skirt are making a comeback and are here to stay.

Moreover, the mid-length makes it a dream for all seasons. On a balmy day, you can rock a midi skirt over a swimsuit for a trip to the beach.

Or for chilly weather, you can wear a flared skirt to midi length to the office with a knit turtleneck sweater and knee-high boots.

This demure length is a match made in heaven for bohemian trends like cottagecore or cabincore.

Universally flattering on every shape, this type of skirt is a must-have in your closet.

midi length

While a midi is a type of skirt you can reach for at any time of year, this silhouette gives seriuos warm-weather vibes.

furthermore, when the mercury rises, you can choose lightweight fabrications like linen cotton, and poplin in an array of vibrant colors.

Furthermore, you can balance bright hues like scarlet and tangerine with soft neutrals and pastels.

Take the summer by storm in a tiered-hem midi with ruffle details while for a laid-back look, add a graphic tee and lace-up sandals.

This ensemble will do double duty, giving vacation-ready fit for sandy beaches or city streets, whenever you travel.

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The Maxi Skirt

In fashion, everything old is becoming new again.

This spring and summer, and even with winters, the minimalism of the 90s is having a major moment.

While a maxi short has been around for a while, it reached icon status in the late 90s.

This ankle-grazing skirt looks chic when you style it with a simple white button-down shirt.

Moreover, this type of skirt is seasonless and continues to be reinvented.

It is the perfect anchor for an ensemble, from breezy, printed, and tiered boho styles, to streamlined silhouettes, the maxi will do it all.

When considering what types of tops you can wear with long skirts, let the max be the star of the show.

Opt for dresses that help to highlight the shape and intricate details of your skirt.

While for a voluminous skirt, a fitted skirt works best. Bodysuits and ribbed T-shirts come in a variety of colors and do double duty.

Not only do these allow your maxi to shine, but they are also the perfect base layer for layering and accessorizing.


However, if you are ready to put your sartorial spin on the classic, trade in your trusty lounge pants for a soft knit maxi for Saturdays or running errands.

While you can also add platforms sneakers, a boxy tee, and a denim jacket for a casual-chic look.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can mark your maxi skirt for formal occasions as well.

If you are wondering about what attire to carry to a wedding, you can start with a skirt.

Style an elegant jewel-toned maxi skirt in flowy silk chiffon for weddings with a number of dress codes.

Keep it simple and elegant for a formal or semi-formal event with a matching skirt set.

Furthermore, you can go ahead and make a statement with cascading drop earrings for a finishing touch.

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Types of Skirts for Women: Styling Swoon-Worthy Silhouettes

Now that we have covered the hemline options, it is time to move on to silhouettes.

From sleek, body-hugging pencil styles to breezy A-line skirts, the shape is where form and function meet fabulous.

Moreover, take skater skirts for a swirl and say yes to pleats.

These swoon-worthy types of skirts will help add a touch of whimsy and are equally effortless and elegant.

These types of skirts for women include:

  • pencil skirt
  • pleated skirt
  • skater skirt
  • A-line skirts

Let’s discuss them as follows:

Pencil Skirts

A pencil skirt tends to have clean, hip-hugging lines with a crisp structure. This type of skirt often falls at the knees, though an inch above or below adds instant style points.

Moreover, as a business casual wardrobe essential, this style can go from the corner office to a cafe.

Loof for fitted, not skin-tight silhouettes to highlight your shape.

From corporate pinstripes to leather-like fabrications, there are a number of options available in the market.

However, if you are wondering about the type of blouse you want to wear with a pencil skirt, you can have them with flowy fabrics, as they offer a little drape.

skirts for women 1

This adds proportion to a fitted skirt.

Furthermore, wrap blouses help to highlight the waist, and the neckline is ideal for a few delicate layering necklaces.

You can tailor your top with a billowing bow or a simple knot and let the ties hang just so they match your dress.

However, for a more streamlined approach, you can wear your pencil skirt with a tucked-in Oxford.

Pleated Skirts for Women

One of the most classic types of the skirt is the one with pleats.

A pleat is a fold in a fabric that is either stitched or pressed into place and provides the garment with its shape.

These rigid folds allow the skirt to flow and have a voluminous look.

Moreover, there are a number of kinds of pleats and some of the most popular ones are according, knife, and box pleats.

skirts for women 2

An accordion pleat is the one that has narrow, parallel folds, that extend from the waist to the hem.

This style has a graceful feel that looks best when you dress up.

You can pair this one with a soft cashmere crewneck sweater and kitten heel slingbacks.

A knife pleat is one of the most common types of pleated skirts and the folds here all face the same direction.

You can see this style in activewear, like tennis, and golf skirts.

Skater Skirts

Skater skirts or circle skirts add a slight sway to your sturt.

With inspiration from an ice skater, this fitted at the waist tends to have waiststyle flare into an A-line silhouette.

You can see these skirts in short lengths hitting above the knees and this style works well with every body type.


Moreover, from spring to summer, you can add floral and gingham prints to the wardrobe.

While if you are wondering about the tops to wear, you can get a pullover and sneakers along with this skirt.

You can also wear a sweat with cut-out details and knee-high boots with skater skirts.

A-Line Skirts for Women

A-line skirts are so fine, and simply refer to the shape of the skirt makes, resembling the letter A.

These fit at the hips and the silhouette gradually widens towards the hem.

Allowing for movement, this type of skirt comes in all lengths, from mini to pencil and midi to maxi.

skirts for women 4

While styling an A-line skirt, look for tops that are sure to draw attention to your waist.

Moreover, with the drape of the skirt, a fitted top of often the best choice. Reach for soft knits or tucked-in Oxford buttons-down for a chic look.

However, do not be afraid to play with proportion and a slightly oversized sweater or blouse.

Types of Skirts for Women Depending on the Fabric

When deciding on the type of fabric to choose for your skirts, you may want to pay close attention to the fabrication.

The material of the skirts is an important styling consideration, from durable denim to silky satiny silks.

While you can dress up denim and dress down silk, make sure to allow your occasion to be the guide.

Some materials like linen or cotton are ideal for warm weather.

While tweeds, corduroy, and faux leather are a delight in fall and winter.

Moreover, there are fabrications that go the distance and are seasonless.

Let’s learn more about them.

The Denim Skirt for Women

Denim is always in style and fashion. It is important to note that no breakdown of different types of skirts is incomplete with this stuff.

The perfect blend of casual and elegant sophistication, the jean skirt adds a glow-up to your wardrobe.

While raw hem and distressed details are still de rigeur, you can still find more styles.


From versatile dark washes, button-front details, and topstitch embroidery, these skirts are always a big hit.

In mini, midi, and maxi lengths, there is nothing this skirt cannot do.

You can pair these skirts with a striped knit top and heeled ankle boots for a fresh fall look

While for an instantly chic look, the French style to wrap up your workweek is good to go.

Leather Skirts for Women

Look no further than a leather skirt if you are ready to have a type of skirt that makes a statement.

This fabric is a refreshing powerplay and comes in all lengths, sizes, and silhouettes.

If you are wondering about the types of tops you can wear with leather skirts, then timeless shirts, and sweaters allow you to be the leading lady.


With a heavier fabric weight, you can add a cashmere turtleneck for a vegan leather pencil skirt.

While you can also add an on-trend sachet for a slouchy layer.

However, for a more refined look, you can dress u your leather skirt with a wrap blouse and a pair of stacked heels.

Silk Skirt

The versatile type of skirt is a slip skirt. From refined silks to satiny, recycled polyester, this skirt is a figure-flattering choice everywhere.

It is a number of colors, prints, and patterns, that work for all the weekend excursions.

For a night out with friends, choose a slip skirt with a midi length in eye-popping colors.

skirts for women 3

Moreover, you can go bold while deciding what type of tops you want to wear. Think sapphire blues with memorable greens.

You can alsp put in neutral and wear bright tones with creamy whites and gorgeous greys.

However, if you want to have a more laid-back look, you can still wear a slip skirt.

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