Shirt Dress: Styling Tips

If you are looking for a guide to a Shirt dress, then you have landed on the right page.

With summer just around the corner, you might be worried about updating your wardrobe.

Moreover, you may also be planning shopping presses to buy new clothes which are high on trend within the market, which could be party wear, simply casual, or office wear.

Before going out for your next spree, make sure to bear in mind that there are classic, evergreen shirt dresses which is in high demand.

These are the most versatile garment pieces you can have in your wardrobe this season.

It is one of the favorites among a lot of women as it is a combination of comfort and feminity.

Futhermore it tends to suit different body types and is an easy look to pull off.

A lot of us love a shirt dress with its flattering fit and distinctive button-down design.

However, how much do you actually know about this wardrobe staple?

Keep on reading to learn more.

Shirt Dress

As the name suggests, a shirt dress is a type of shirt that is long enough.

A shirt dress is one button-down shirt piece that you can wear as a dress just any time.

You can wear it to different occasions like parties, work, brunch, etc.

shirt dress 1

Moreover, you can wear these unique dresses at home with slippers or for a day out with friends.

However, the thing that makes them versatile is how you dress them.

Creativity is the key to styling these types of dresses.

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History of Shirt Dress

The earliest shirt dress, known as a shirtwaist dress, which is what we know as a blouse today can be seen in the Victorian era.

During this time, modern women were looking for less fanciful clothing and something more akin to their male counterparts.

In practical terms, a dress that buttoned down the front rather than the back means that there is no assistance that a woman would need to clothe herself.

shirt dress 2

This allows for a more independent lifestyle.

However, the shirt dress for women really came into its own during World War I, when women need practical clothes that were quick to change into.

However, they still needed something that was recognizable ‘womenswear’.

Through the 1940s, the shirt dress was more commonly popular as a house coat or house dress.

And women used to wear from all walks of life.

Moreover, the shirt dress developed throughout the decades thereafter from a fuller, more feminine shirt in the fifties to iconic shoulder pads and long sleeves of the eighties.

How to Wear a Shirt Dress

Before moving on, do you know that a shirt dress is a versatile piece of garment you can find in the market?

It is quite simple, and you can wear this clothing item and transform your entire look with just one or two accessories.

Moreover, you can easily find it in the market as it is only about buying a shirt that is three to four sizes larger than your own size.

Or you can easily turn your oversized shirts into a shirt dress.

The following are some simple ways to wear a shirt dress like a pro:

If you are someone with a skinny waist, you can choose to show it off with your dress by adding a belt.

It will help accentuate your waist and compliment your curves in the best way possible.

The shirt dress is going to be trending for a long period of time, so make sure to invest in quality ones.

However, if you are unable to afford the designer pieces, you can simply play with the local oversized shirts that are available in the market.

office wear

Make sure to keep yourself optimistic fashionista’s spirit high when shopping for these classics.

You can choose to use accessories like hats, scarves, and jackets for creating your own fashion statement.

It is important to note that the fitting of your dress should complement your shape.

If you have a broader structure, then you can choose a fitted shirt that will give it a prominent shape.

While wearing a fitted one for a petite body will make you look even thinner.

Make sure to place them with your shoes as shirt dresses are not complex to style.

Your shoes can surely give away if not a whole, but a piece of your personality.

Make sure to avoid color blocking when wearing such a dress as they are all about simplicity and trendiness.

You can choose to experiment with colors that will only beautify your look.

However, do not opt for a shirt dress that is too short for your taste.

The length of the dress should be appropriate, not too revealing yet not completely hiding.

Styling Tips

Some styling tips to wear a shirt dress:

Dress for the Night out: A shirt dress in solid color is a great way to choose a piece as you create countless looks with them.

Everyone tends to opt for something that is glamorous when it comes to going out at night.

You can choose a black dress that is the most preferable color to wear at night.

Moreover, you can choose to add a few sequins to your dress shirt for a luxe approach.

Pair them with tiger-print heels and a matching bag to add a stunning touch to the simplicity of your dress.

If you have an ideal model-like body type, you can also opt for something more revealing.

A strappy silky thigh-length dress in solid black and pair it will a glittery bag and studded slides.

This will complement your body type and make you look glammed up.

Dressing up for a Lunch: A plaid shirt dress is a great choice for casual lunches.

You can add an extra touch of glitz for a style statement and high heels if you are short and want your legs to look a little longer than they already are.

Or you can choose to opt for white convert shoes as well.

You can wear such outfits to professional meetings, interviews, or presentations as they give off very professional vibes.

Moreover, a pastel pink button-down chiffon dress with all either brown bet is ideal for lunch with friends.

You can style it with silver bangles and matching silver sandals and you are ready to slay.

Tee Dress for Curvy Women: If you are someone with a fuller body, you can opt for a t-shirt dress in case you are going grocery shopping or having a casual lunch.

Make sure it is mid-length and you can rock your look with wedges or white classic sneakers.

With a tote bag, you are all set to go.

styling tips

As this look is super casual, it will not require you to wear a lot of accessories, however, a necklace and a bracelet will not hurt the look.

Dressing up for the Office: It is important to note that monochromatic tones are preferred for working women.

These are considered to be formal when you are looking for professional wear.

You can opt for a gingham spring long button-down dress with some net embellishments around the neck.

And a solid black belt when going to the office.

You can compliment your look with black-high heel pumps.

Leave your hair draping around your shoulders or you can choose to straighten them for a bit of shine and gloss.

Going to a Picnic: If you are going to a beach or a picnic, you can opt for a shirt dress.

Add a little fun and funk to your look by wearing an artistic white collared shirt dress in a quirky style.

Or a printed white button-down shirt with a funky corset will help accentuate your thin waist.

You can also wear funky shades and classic gladiator sandals.

Complete your look with a minimal look or simply a neon-colored winged eyeliner or mascara.

Wearing it to a Beach: This look is for women of all ages.

You can rock a tie and dye shirt dress on a beach or some aside.

Moreover, wear it with flip-flops, and do not forget to add a sling bag to look your best.

Amp your Look with Knee Boots: You can rock a check print dress shirt with suede black knee boots during fall.

With bold red lips and hoop earrings, you can complete your look.

If you love check prints, you can opt for plaid blazer outfits as well.

High School Girl Look: You can choose to wear a horizontally striped tee dress to school or college with leather boots and a long chain.

Complete your look with a leather bucket bag to enhance your look.

Final Thoughts

A shirt dress has evolved to encompass a whole new range of looks, from oversized t-shirt dress to boyfriend shirts.

Whether you love a feminine look, flowing lines to your clothes or you are all about power dressing, there is a shirt dress for you out there.

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