Puff Sleeve Dress: Style to Impress

You would have probably seen fashion runway models wearing puff-sleeve dress, right?

Reglan, puffs, flutters, gigos, it goes by all names, and each one of these is unique, beautiful, and elegant.

One fun thing about sleeves is that you don’t have to remember the names of all designs.

All you need to understand is what you can wear with voluminous and puffy sleeves, to whom you can recommend, and who should avoid wearing them.

For instance, girls with an hourglass figures can work with all types of sleeves.

Moreover, an important thing experts recommend is to keep in mind the waist, choose a fitted silhouette, or emphasize it with a belt.

When you go shopping or look for clothes online, you will see that these sleeves expand downwards and ends with a narrow cuff.

This type of sleeve first appeared in the Middle Ages and then passes from men’s wardrobes.

Keep on reading.

Puff Sleeve Dress

A puff sleeve dress or puff shoulder dress, you can find it at a rage.

It’s an 80s trend that has been back and trending for a while and looks like it will be staying for good.

Moreover, they are chic and when you wear them, you will feel confident about your puff-sleeve dress.

puff sleeve dress 1

These sleeves can be in light and thin fabrics will expand downwards and ends with a narrow cuff.

Due to the lightweight fabric, they look airy and weightless.

You can choose to add fringed belts to highlight your waist and it can turn into something boho style.

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Who can Wear a Puff-Sleeve Dress?

One of the important things to note about puff sleeves is that girls with broad shoulders can easily wear them.

Why? These types of sleeves will not focus on the shoulder girdle.

Moreover, they should avoid active embellishments, horizontal stripes, and drapes around the shoulder.

For broad shoulders, sleeves lanterns, and puff tend to be contraindicating.

If you are a girl with a triangle body shape, you will need to visually increase the hips and stretch your silhouette.

Make sure to consider bell sleeves as their narrow part is in the shoulder area and the bottom will fly freely to the side.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to the sleeves with ruffles at the wrist and Reglan.

If you are someone with a pear shape, experts recommend wearing voluminous sleeves due to the narrow shoulder girdle and wide hips.

They are advice: the more MAGNIFICENT the BETTER. So you can choose among flutter, puffs, ham, and flashlights.

dress to impress

You can also get inspiration from the brands like Balmain or Ulyana Sergeenko who add voluminous sleeves to their dress.

Moreover, feminine looks in the style of military 40s tend to be very common and noteworthy without lush puffs and flashlights.

You can accentuate your shoulders and divert attention away from your lower body.

For instance, if you look at the collection of Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain, you can see a victorian blouse with a black beret.

It tends to have a French chic style. While a cut of sleeves added to the mini-dress is one of the favorites among many celebrities.

You can choose to leave the shoulder bare and have leg sleeves, lush on top, and tapering at the waist to complement the tight-fitting dress.

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Dressing Sleeves with Under Cover Clothing

To wear a puff sleeve dress all year round consider the following:

An important thing to note is when you get a dress or blouse with expensive and dense fabrics they will barely wrinkle under the coat, while you are getting to the office or a party.

You can choose dresses from polyamide, wool, or poplin fabrics.

These materials will be difficult to wrinkle and will let not you down at the same time.

For instance, you can choose dresses from Valentino and Ganni with lantern sleeves for a restaurant trip or an outing with friends.

Or you can opt for AlessadnraRichs formal Victorina Juliet jacket while you are heading to work.

However, you may be wondering about what you should avoid in winter or fall.

It Flax.

Experts advise that you should put away linen clothes until summer.

While the stunning linen dress with voluminous sleeves tends to be worth the wait in winter are dresses from the winter collection of designers like Asceno.

If you prefer non-synthetic materials to wear, and don’t want to give up on puffs, you can choose to wear outerwear, however, it should be the right one.

You can wear capes over a voluminous blouse or dress.

These both tend to be relevant today as their free silhouette comes in handy more than ever.

Why? Because your sleeves will not suffer under a cape.

Moreover, you can look for outerwear with voluminous sleeves. Options include sheepskin coats, coats, trench coats, raincoats, and parkas.

You can choose whatever suits your style.

For instance, if you see the Pierpaolo Piccolo collection for fall-winter, you can see a Juliet Sleeve Dress.

puff sleeve dress 2

It features a long, close-fitting sleeve with a loose fit on the shoulder line. This type of sleeve will add zing and originality to the standard basic item.

While a classic trench coat tends to match almost anything.

Or strawberry wool coat with a midi skirt or straight-leg trousers will be a stunning combination.

Consider another example:

A sheepskin coat from designers like Alexandar MaQueen will complement you with rough boots and wide-leg trousers.

The silhouette in fitting will add a touch of feminity to the biker look.

Don’t be afraid and use your imagination to wear a puff-sleeve dress whenever you want.

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Styling a Puff-Sleeve Dress in Summer

Styling tips for a puff sleeve dress during summer goes like this:

For a Beach Holiday: A puff-shoulder dress is one of the perfect ways to style yourself when going on a beach holiday.

It’s comfortable and summery yet chic and trendy.

You can opt for strap sandals. Opt for a midi dress if you want to show off your sandals and pair it with a cute beach bag or beaded bag at night.

Evening Out: Summer patterns, bold colors, and poofy gowns are all you can have when wearing a puff-sleeve dress.

You will not need much to do when styling this dress as it speaks for itself.

Moreover, you can opt for a sleek hairstyle or simple heeled sandals, and you are ready to go.

White Dress: White tends to always trend. The puff sleeve white dress is chic and will look regal.

Moreover, white tends to be flattering on everyone with varying body types and is a good summer color as well.

You can style it with a belt and gold accent and jewelry.

Statement Puff Sleeve Dress: You may have heard a famous saying: Go big or go Home!

Nothing is cooler than going for something dramatic puff shoulder or sleeve detail to stand out when going out.

You can opt for bright summer colors and you are ready to head out.


However, if you want to tone down, you can go for a shorter dress or opt for minimal jewelry.

Subtle Puff Sleeve: If you like going for simple dresses than going out for something dramatic, you cannot for a simple dress with a modern twist.

You can opt for a relaxed subtle puff sleeve dress that will give you an 80s look.

Opt for softer muted tones that will help you opt for a minimal look.

Puff-sleeve Smocked Dress: If you are tired of your everyday dresses, you can opt for a dress with smocking.

Add on cuffs and a smocked bodice and you will be dressing for the year.

Moreover, with a layered necklace, a straw hat, and heel sandals, you can complete your look.

Wrap Dress: With a wrap-around dress you can show off your neckline and shoulder in a pretty way.

When wearing such a dress, make sure to tie back your hair and cover yourself in delicate jewelry.

Button-Down Dress: Button-down dresses tend to work for all types of events or occasions.

Perhaps it is sensible enough for professional and familial occasions, however, also find that you would love to wear them when going out with friends.

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Final Thoughts

Puff sleeves are tending everywhere from runways to the high street. As they have been a firm fixture on the design radar for a number of years, you will definitely have a chance to buy a few pieces and add them to your daily routine.

The fun thing about puff sleeves is that they are trans-seasonal style staples, you can easily wear throughout the year. From spring dresses to summer crop tops to dressy shirts they are perfect for layering as well. However, make sure to remember that every body type is different and every girl is beautiful in her own way. The right clothes will help emphasize your personality.

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