Prom Dress: Finding the Perfect Fit

You may be excited that your prom is right around the corner, and you will begin shopping for a prom dress.

Chances are that you should have thought about wearing a prom dress with a sparkly gown like your favorite Disney princess.

Now is the time to steal the crown in your dream gown and look perfect.

Prom dresses tend to feature all of the luxurious layers of satin, beaded embellishments, and breathtaking open backs of those fairytale dresses.

Moreover, with the right choices, your dress can become the reality you have been dreaming of.

The possibilities are endless.

A prom dress can vary by style, length, size, and color.

Whether you are planning to opt for a short dress or a long prom dress, a mermaid lace dress, or a tulle ball gown, choosing the right dress can be a fun and exciting experience.

It is also important to consider factors in your skin tone and hairstyle, as well as the theme of your prom when narrowing down the dress choices.

Keep on reading to check out the style tips when choosing a prom dress.

Things to Consider when buying a Prom Dress

Certain things you should consider before getting a prom dress are:

Plan ahead: It is important to note that you should plan to choose and purchase the dress about four to six weeks before the prom.

A number of formal gowns will need alterations for the perfect fit.

And you will want to allow enough time to complete these alterations.

If you do not get to buy the dress in time, then you can shop for a ready-made dress.

These will be a dress you like, even if it is not that fancy.

Type of Dress: Check out different trends that are on that catwalk.

Moreover, look through some magazines to see what you like and dislike.

You may also want to look at what celebrities are wearing to the red carpet and use these to inspire you.

However, do not fret if you cannot match their looks, these are just for inspiration.

prom dress 1

Start by looking at fashion magazines and stores as early as four months before your prom.

Moreover, you can use the internet and take notes of your favorite styles.

Look for Fabrics: For your prom dress, you can look for fine and luxurious fabrics like satin, tulle, silk, chiffon, organza, lace, and velvet.

Consider your Budget: make sure to plan your budget and begin saving as soon as possible.

Make sure you have extra cash for small accessories like hair clips, pantyhose, and makeup.

Match your Dress to your Face and Body Shape: This will help you to look great and make your job of finding the dress easy.

Find out what your face and body shape looks like to help you match with the ideal dress.

It will help flatter and accentuate your good features, hiding anything you may consider a flaw.

How to Choose the Right Dress?

It is important to note that dresses for prom are crafted in every color under the rainbow.

The color and style of your dress can depend on the theme, location, or the time of the year, your prom is taking place.

Remember to choose a dress that tends to compliment your skin tone and makes you feel good.

If you are a redhead, you can select a dress in shades of green, blue, and purple.

While if you are a blonde, you can choose a dress in red, blue, pastels, and bold colors.

Girls with dark hair colors can often wear almost any color.

prom dress 2

Moreover, depending on your skin tone, some pastels, brights, or jewel tones may complement your coloring rather than other shade.

Some skin tones may get washed out by a vibrant color such as orange.

While other skin tones may glow.

It is important to note that neutral colors like ivory, tans, and browns can look stunning on one skin tone and have the total opposite effect on others.

Thus, think outside the box, and dare to be different by trying out colors that you may wear on regular days.

Dress in the color that makes you feel pretty.

Style to Choose

When choosing the prom dress style, think about how you want the dress to fit you.

If you like to dance a lot, you may want to consider buying a dress that is a-line as it will give your legs plenty of room for movement and you can have it in straps for support also.

However, if you are not much for the dance floor, you can try a mermaid dress or a long sheath dress.

It will fit the form from your neckline to the hem.

long gown

If you have a busty body type or petite silhouette, a prom dress with a corset feature with lace at the back is great for added support and style.

If you need a little more support, you can try a short halter prom dress or a long prom dress with adjustable straps.

In case you have a curvy figure, you can appreciate the look and feel of the dress with an illusion-sweetheart neckline or cold-shoulder neckline.

Moreover, a strapless prom dress with removable straps is a versatile pick.

You can choose to go without straps, wear them over the shoulder, cross them in the back, or tie them like a halter for added support.

Make sure to wear a dress that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Consider the Theme

When selecting a prom dress for the theme, the ideas can be endless.

So make sure to have fun with your choice.

If your prom theme is ‘A night under the Starts’. or anything with starry nights, you can choose a dress in midnight blue or black dotted with sequins or rhinestones.

Moreover, multi-colored print dresses, high-low halter dresses with pleats or ruffled tulle layers, or extravagantly beaded gowns are sure to stand out for a ‘Mardi Gras’ themed prom.

short dress

If you are attending a ‘Great Gatsby’ prom or special decades night, you can try a sequin shift dress, a dress with fringes, or a satin ball gown.

For an ‘under the sea’ prom night, you can get a mermaid evening dress in multi-colored sequins.

Or a stunning long chiffon gown with shimmering accents and illusion panels to set the tone for a fun evening.

For an ‘Old Hollywood” prom, you can opt for a tulle ball gown with long sheer sleeves.

Whatever the prom theme is, consider wearing special colors or decade-specific stylings to coordinate our dress pick.

Current and Classic Prom Trends

It is important to note that prom dress trends change with every season as new styles hit the runway and make their way into the social scene.

However, classic styles are timeless.

If you are wondering about the type of dress to wear, then there is no one answer.

Prome dresses are diverse and each design is unique.

You can use this to your advantage and choose a prom dress that incorporates current and classic prom trends.

Moreover, simplicity is a classic prom dress staple.

Minimal decoration, floor-length hemlines, and solid colors are timeless and offer a black canvas for you to show your creativity.

Simple prom dresses will elicit an air of elegance with just one fabric choice and subtle, modest details.

For instance, lace is a classic prom tend that you can use in contemporary ways.

Not only it has soft, feminine touch, but it has also withstood the test of time.

Today, lace adorns sheer mesh bodice, frames that are attention-grabbing, and tines daring racerbacks.

Also, a two-piece prom dress may have a lace bodice with a satin skirt that offers an intriguing contrast.

Sleeves are just as classic, however, rather than extending to the wrist.

Some current prom dresses tend to get the flair from cap sleeves, flutter sleeves, or seriously sultry off-the-shoulder sleeves.

Such glimmering details will not only illuminate parts of the prom dress but also diminish the need for jewelry.

When considering the current prom dresses, you will need to consider the cut.

Mermaid prom dresses are a fashion-forward way to show off your hourglass figure.

While high-low dresses are a trendy mashup of short and long prom dresses.

However, current, classic, or somewhere in between, the best prom dress depends on your style and personality.

Your perfect prom dress with incorporate a range of features.

No matter what, choosing a prom dress should be fun, so feel fun to be creative when exploring all of these trends.

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