Pleated Skirt: Types and Styling Tips

A pleated skirt is a versatile wardrobe staple that you can wear along with the latest fashion trends or create classic pleated skirt outfits.

This skirt is a garment with vertical creases in the fabric, also known as pleats.

it helps to add the body to the shape of the skirt.

Moreover, pleats are permanent folds in the cloth made by doubling the material over and ironing or sewing the fold into place to create a long-lasting crease.

There are a number of types of pleated skirts.

These include sunray pleats, box pleats, knife pleats, and accordion pleats.

A sunray pleat skirt utilizes many thin pleats that gradually widen at the bottom, thus creating a flowy and flared look.

However, a box-pleated skirt will only have wide pleats across the garment.

You can find pleated skirts in a number of fabrics and cuts, including mini, midi, and maxi lengths.

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Pleated Skirt

Pleats are folds in fabrics often as a means of containing a wide piece of fabric to fit another one of narrower proportions.

Pleats contain the fullness of fabric and create new silhouettes for your dresses and elevate the look to a new level.

Moreover, pleats make the perfect embellishments for clothing girls.

pleated skirt 1

There are a number of types of pleats from gathering in that the folds in pleats are wider and they are formed and pinned in place before sewing.

It is important to note that experts believe the pleats originated from the Egyptians.

Today they are very popular as functional and decorative fashion design elements.

Types of Pleated Skirts

Some common types of pleated skirts are:

Accordion Pleats: These are symmetrical pleats, i.e. sides of each individual plat will be of the same width.

These are often machine-made knife pleats and remain permanent even after washing and ironing.

Box Pleats: A box pleat results in a raised band of fabric with folds on either side.

Box Pleats with Yoke: A wide yoke is given near the waist making it fit there and then adding pleats often at the hip level.

Knife Pleated Skirt: This one is a very common type of pleated skirt.

Moreover, the designers will arrange the knife pleats on a waistband.

Depending on the tightness of the pleats you can get a good fullness with this style of pleated skirt.

Knife Pleated Skirt with Yoke: Here the knife pleats are added under a yoke, avoiding the fullness near the waist.


Small Knife Peated Mini Skirt: This one is a short skirt with very small knife pleats, pre-pleated fabric can also be used in these skirts.

Tennis Skirt: In sports, a tennis skirt is a white, short, pleated skirt.

However, in fashion, it goes in any color. A tennis skirt features inverted pleats that contain the fullness at the waist to the hips and is then released to give it a nice flare.

It is currently very famous among young girls.

Full-Length Pleated Skirt: You can find this type of pleated skirt in full length.

Pre-Pleated Midi Skirt: This one is made from a pre-pleated fabric

Pleated Hem Skirt: This skirt has pleated ruffles at the hem. Furthermore, this pleated portion serves more as a trim.

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Other Types of Pleats

Other Types of pleats are:

Graduated Plats: These are flared knife pleats, and the width of each one increases as it goes down, resulting in a flare.

A Sunburst pleat is a graduated pleat.

Sunburst Pleats or Sunray Pleats: These are stunning pleats that tend to be narrow at the top and get bigger as it goes down to the hem.

Moreover, they can be made with a semi-circular piece of fabric.

These plats give a nice flare effect and are popular for making skirts.

Crystal Pleats: These are very fine knife pleats.

These are narrow, sharply pressed pleats set at 90-degree angles from the fabric and measure just 2 to 3 mm on both sides.


Inverted Pleats: These pleats are formed by placing two knife pleats facing each other.

Moreover, you can also call it a box pleat inside out.

Kick Pleats: These are inverted pleats joined along the folded edge a short distance from the top.

In skirts, these kick pleats are joined to the hips and then released at the lower edge.

Mushroom Pleats: Very narrow pleats like those you can see on the underside of a mushroom or king you make from smocking.

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Different Ways to Wear a Pleated Skirt

There are many different ways you can wear a pleated skirt. Let’s discuss some of them:

Black and White Pleated Skirt

Adding a little yin and yang to your pleated skirt, you can pair this one with a top in bold colors like red, coral, or yellow.

Moreover, this will help you break the monotone look of this outfit. Finish off with black pumps.

Metallic Skirt

You can flaunt your street-smart side with a metallic pleated skirt and compensate for your smart side with a chic white blouse.

Furthermore, tuck it in, put your hair up in a bun, and throw on a leather tote and pointed heels to ace this look.

Pleated Skirt and Crop Top

If you want to get ready for a party or lunch with your friends, you can have a pleated skirt with a sequin crop top.

However, if you are more towards minimalist style, you can give it a spin with a neon-colored top and pumps to stand out.

Colored Pleated Skirt

You can pair any colored pleated skirt with a black noodle strap top.

While wedges, beachy waves, hoops, and a cross-body bag will create a gorgeous flow in your outfit.

formal wear

Formal Pleated Skirt

In case you do not wear your formal attire to work, you can have box-pleated skirts to break the monotony.

Box pleats help to add definition to your outfit, without making them look casual.

Floral Midi Skirt

If you are in the mood for something vintage or old school, you can wear floral pleated skirts.

You can go with a neutral-colored top in black to keep the skirt in the spotlight.

While to keep it simple, tuck it in, and finish off with a tight bun.

Furthermore, wear neutral makeup, but use bronzer to highlight your face. Kitten heels or ankle strap sandals will make great footwear options.

Pleated Maxi Skirt

If you love wearing a Maxi, then you would love wearing a pleated maxi skirt.

These look easy-breezy in summer and feel as comfortable as they look.

Furthermore, you can keep it simple with a white tank or crop top or ad layers like a chambray shirt and Converse shoes.

Mini Skirt

A pleated mini skirt with an oversized turtleneck sweater, over-the-knee boots, a large clutch, a low bun, and neutral makeup, moreover, no accessories is a must-have if you are into mini skirts.

Other Tips

Some other tips to consider when wearing a pleated skirt are:

Dramatic Look

If you are attending a fancy party, you can pick a gown-styled pleated skirt that balloons out to create a beautiful silhouette and spruce it further without going over the top.

Choose a halter-neck silk blouse, and add a thick belt to balance it out.

Moreover, whole short peep-toes and a big clutch will help complete the look.

Plus Size Pleated Skirt

If you are conscious of wearing long pleated skirts, go for knee-length box pleats.

Furthermore, prints like polka dots are evergreen and go great even with plain tops. This is a chic and fun outfit for a lunch or shopping spree.

Tiered Pleated Skirt

You can look regal and elegant in a tiered pleated skirt. Keep it simple with a simple tank tip, or you can spice up your look with a pastel top.

Complete your look with oversized tan glasses, hair up in a bun, and sky-high heels.

pleated skirt 2

Skirt and Blazer

If your office dress code is blurry, you can play around in the gray area in a way no one can say “no” to.

Go for a blazer and plated skirt and let everything else be simple.

Jacket and Skirt

This outfit tends to blend a dainty pleated skirt with florals or polka dots with a denim jacket.

Throw in converse shoes, and your hair in a half bun, with big loops to complete your look.

Hoodie with a Skirt

Combine this ultra-feminine pleated skirt with an overly casual hoodie and accessorize the outfit to match your mood.

Monochrome Look

A monochrome look with a pleated skirt and you can go all the way black or any other color.

However, black makes a versatile option if you are not sure about other colors. It stands out and is also approved.

Pleated Skirt with White Shoes

Look composed, chic yet simple with a pastel-colored pleated skirt and a crisp shirt, and chunky sneakers.

Final Thoughts

One of the fun things about wearing a pleated skirt is that you can never go wrong with them. These gorgeous shirts go well with different types of clothing items.

This means you can own just one of these pieces and rock different looks every day. However, pleated skirts are a little different from denim or short skirts. Moreover, these look gorgeous and vibrant thus making your look dressed up without much effort.

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