Stay on Trend with One Shoulder Dress Look

Fashion means to don dresses that are making a poignant statement in one way or the other. There are just so many choices and styles you can take on. Including dresses, from which one shoulder dress really is gaining popularity.


It is surely a great choice which can be taken on for various occasions.

But how do you style it?

In this article I am going to be sharing all that you need to know when it comes to donning a one shoulder dress.

There are several suggestions that I will be sharing with you.

This kind of one shoulder dress basically highlights what kind of fabric you should be choosing to make your look stand out.

Either you can choose wide strap style or you can opt for a full length sleeve.

Whatever you choose, it is important to pick what makes you feel comfortable and allows you to make a fashion statement.

Let’s see how this amazing dress works:

What is a One Shoulder Dress?

why don a one shoulder dress?

This may be a really fashionable choice now.

But did you know that a one shoulder dress has been around for a long time.

It has actually evolved from the ancient Rome.

However there was no gender discrimination to it.

In fact it was worn by both men and women.

You would have heard of how the dress style toga was extremely popular which was actually worn with a brooch.

But as the time progressed, the dress continued to gain some major changes.

There were some major changes done where it was also featuring full skirts.

And now you can see it as a popular evening dress. It is worn by celebrities often for various functions and events.

Major Tips for Styling a One Shoulder Dress

Now that y0u know how popular is a one shoulder dress, it is important to know how you can style one to look great.

Whether its a formal event or you wish to rock your complete look in a natural setting, it is important to know how you will be designing a fantastic ensemble style.

So the first thing to know here is you should not be covering. This means when you are donning a one shoulder dress, do so with complete confidence.

Own your look completely.

Basically you are accentuating your body shape.

And this is why you should be donning this look during summer.

That means you will not be putting on layers so it is not really a winter style.

In case you do wish to wear this look for winter, you should be pairing the look with a statement coat or even a jacket. Just make sure you are opting for neutral colors.

As you want to keep the spotlight on your dress and not your accessory.

But make sure it is having a perfect fit.

That allows you to completely own your look in sheer style and look.

Another thing to know here is that you should be opting for designer labels.

It is what makes your look stand out.

You are ensuring quality and that means looking at the best options for your fashion choice.

When you are purchasing a designer look, choose brands that are making a poignant statement.

Solid Colors for One Shoulder Dress

Now you need to know you should be opting for some really solid colors.

This means you will choose some really good tones that are standing out.

You can opt to pick amazing styles which are looking  fantastic in every way.

And when you decide on the colors you want, it is important to know and choose accessories that can go with it.

The kind of jewelry you choose also matters. While necklaces are not a good choice, you can choose bangles or earrings which are making a distinctive statement.

Sometimes opting for some bright, shiny jewelry with a black shade works wonders.

A really good fashion choice is when you are opting to don a belt.

That works on so many levels.

Because it will be allowing you to make your silhouette stand out.

The kind of fabric you opt for is also important here.

When you are planning to don something of a silk material, it allows your look to become significant.

What Hair Pairs with One Shoulder

hair buns for one shoulder dress

It is important to talk of how you should be styling your tresses.

You will have to choose a hairdo which is complementing your hair.

In many cases, choosing a well-made chignon is what you want to go for.


Because this is a really popular bun choice. It allows you to bring on a whole new level of sophistication.

This is especially true if you are donning a pair of shades with your whole look.

The way you bring on that fashion statement is really important.

Fashion is a personal choice.

So at the end of the day what matters is what you choose.

Look for choices that are bringing on your look of elegance in definite ways.

Let’s just say that when you have the right designer dress and are choosing to take on certain alterations as your needs, a fashion statement is right there!

Choosing looks that define and bring on your personal style is what matters here. Only you can opt for what is going to stand out in every way.

Opting for the Minimalistic Style

When you are choosing to look your absolute best, there are several things to manage here.

The main one is to choose a minimalist path.

That is, you want the light to shine on your dress.

Which is why don’t choose and add on several bling accessories.

You want to keep it simple and focused.

This allows you to have a great and fantastic look which is completely standing out in every way.

While we have already spoken on how your jewelry should be.

And why necklaces are not always a really good choice to opt for.

The fact is you should be going for chokers.

These are super great and allow you to bring on the glam look without much effort.

Some people consider it being the wow factor you need in life.

You can even look at how you will be styling with your footwear.

Again with this long-length dresses, you can definitely stand out with not much extra effort.

To Sum Up

why your fashion look matters

One shoulder dress is gaining popularity for all the right reasons.

If you look into how it is actually becoming such a defining choice, there are so many ways it is becoming poignant.

In this article I am sharing all that you need to know when stylizing your one shoulder dress.

You should be knowing just how it would work.

It is important to know why you should be opting for its use.

When you are able to look at the way it allows your fashion statement to stand out, you will be amazed by its wow factor.

Not many people would know and understand how this works, but in this article we have spoken of major ways in which you can stylize your one shoulder dress.

Your fashion statement defines your sheer confidence. Choose what makes you shine in your complete element.

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