Midi Dress: Everything You Need To Know

If you are shopping for a new look and do not own midi dresses – it is time to incorporate this beautiful trend into your wardrobe. But what exactly is a midi dress? 

Today you can find wide varieties and options available with midi dresses that can easily fit your body type and preference. Moreover, they look super cute to wear regardless of the season – you can dress them up with cardigans and boots or dress them down with a pair of sandals.

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Today we are going to explore this beautiful type of dress. In addition, we will discuss tons of the kinds for styling them, picking the right type, and some of the top picks. Before jumping into buying a mididress, you should clearly understand what a midi skirt is and how to style it up.

What Is a Midi Dress?

A midi dress is a type of dress that rises above the ankles but falls below your knees, otherwise known as the mid-calf. You can find various styles and patterns to choose from that can fit your body shape and fashion preference.

It is important to note that a midi dress is not the same as a maxi dress. Interestingly, the most significant difference between a midi dress and a maxi dress is that a maxi dress will fall all the way down to the floor or the ankle. In contrast, a midi will fall in the mid-calf area.

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Midi dresses are perfect if you want to wear them in any season, as they are made of various patterns and materials. In addition, you can dress them up by adding jackets and jewelry. Or you can also wear them as a standalone piece, only needing a pair of attractive shoes.

History of the Midi Dress

Do you know that the history of the midi dress is quite fascinating. The idea of these dresses have been around for centuries. It was not a unique invention, just a dress that was shorter in length.


Before the early 1900s, everyone wore dresses to their ankles. Meaning it was not proper to show off your ankles. It was assumed that you were an individual who was poor or in the lower working class if you wore a midi.

1910’s and 1920’s

Around the early 1910’s and ’20s, hemlines slowly began to get shorter. Shorter dresses have become the norm for most women. It was only in  1927 when the flapper dress made its debut – dresses shorter than your knees. 

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Flappers were a younger generation of girls considered rebels of their period. They went against the social norms and listened to jazz music, and wore short skirts that went to the knees.


The flapper phase lasted only a short time. By the early 1940s, midi dresses had become popular again. Such dresses were considered to display femininity and elegance without revealing too much skin.


You should know that the most significant change to dresses came around the 1960s. Many women were pushed to change their wardrobes and move with the trend. 

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Over decades women began to wear a wide variety of dresses, which included the mini, midi, and maxi style dresses. From that point, midi skirts were seen to fall in and out of the fashion scene. They are usually seen to recur during spring and the early fall season.

Different Types of Midi Dresses

You should know about the variety of different types of midi dress. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Bodycon Midi Dress

A tighter midi dress is called a bodycon midi dress. It will cling to your body to accentuate your natural curves, especially your waist, hips, and booty area. 

Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Such dresses provide covering and comfort during the cooler months of the year. They look classy, elegant, and show off your curves without the tightness of a typical bodycon dress.

Lace Midi Dress

These are elegant and perfect for formal events. They are designed with lace fabric in some capacity and hence create a functional, well-designed piece of clothing.

Bardot Midi Dress

A bardot Midi dress is described as an off-the-shoulder dressy look. Such bardot midi dresses are a popular style for weddings and especially during the summer and spring season. 

Midi Wrap Dress

As you know the midi wrap dress has a tie around the waist area which usually sits on the side of your hip. Midi wrap dresses will allow you to customize how tight.

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Moreover you can make the dress to sit around your waistline perfectly. This look is flattering for many body types.

The 9 Best Midi Dresses

Here we take a look at some of the favorite midi dresses.

Belted A-Line Midi Sun Dress

This sun dress is made out of polyester and will help keep you cool. The dress has a belted waist to define your waistline. It also has flowy ruffle cap sleeves. You can choose from different vibrant colors.

Button Midi Dress

You can choose a faux button down dress which features large pockets, which comes in a variety of colors and prints. Buttons are for show only, and they do not actually close the dress. The back is elastic and is an easy fit for many even for large size.

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Under the Sun Midi Dress

These flowy, breezy dresses feature a tiered skirt and flutter sleeves. This dress is super easy to dress up or down with your jewelry, shoes, and other accessories.

Racerback Midi Dress

This fun and flirty racerback dress is loved by people who own it. With tons of positive reviews you can rest assured that it is a good option. It has a high low hem and a flowy feel that you can wear when you head out for coffee.

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