Know All About The Mermaid Dress

Looking for a well fitted dress that will accentuate your curves? Go for  a mermaid dress!

It fits to your body till the ends of your legs and from there it flares out like a fish tail, hence the name mermaid dress.

The cut suggests that all the dresses and gowns in this style will be long.

Hence, these are mostly worn for wedding, formal events, or even prom.

Keep reading this article if you want to know more about mermaid dresses.

So let’s begin below!

history of mermaid dress

Mermaid Dress History 

The mermaid cut first came into fashion by 1877 when fashion was generally transitioning from maximum width to maximum narrowness. 

During that time, the trend was of corset coraza that women wore to embrace and accentuate their hips and back of legs as it extended till there.. 

However, that greatly limited their movement and allowed them to take small steps. 

Next up, the trend shifted to wear suits with puffed flanks using canastos. 

This gave a more marked silhouette at the waist alongside a tail that looked like a fish’s tail. 

However, it was the 1930’s that a fashion designer, Marcel Rochas, made this style of dress common in the Haute couture. 

Its popularity surge was finally due to a 1950s Vogue fashion magazine shoot of Swedish model Swedish model Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, photographed by her own husband Irving Penn. 

That was when the mermaid dress finally became popular especially spreading through Hollywood celebrities. 

Till date, this dress holds its importance and is one of the popular style and cut choices to wear at weddings by several brides. 

It has an elegant appeal that makes it an obvious choice for formal events, weddings or even parties, proms and other casual events. 

The trend of a mermaid dresses is not that old, however, it is still popular because its style is timeless and versatile. 

You can wear it to both casual and formal events. 

There are other factors, such as the type of neckline decide where you can wear it. 

Let’s break down this dress and its fabric plus cuts below. 

mermaid dress style

Style, Fabric and Sleeves 

The style goes by the name mermaid because of its flared cut bottom. 

That resembles what is generally known as a mermaid fin. 

It is fit to women around the bodice and the waist but ends up flaring towards the end. 

Thus, that makes an hourglass figure or a mermaid silhouette. 

It hugs close to the body. 

This style accentuates the curves of a woman by being fitted around most of the body and only flaring out at the bottom like a fish tail. 

This flared section often begins at the knees or even lower. 

Hence, women with an hourglass figure can look especially nicer in this physique. 


This dress can be made using any fabric. 

However, some dresses will use ruffles to make the tail end stand out. 

In order to give the soft and flowy look, the ruffles are made from satin, taffeta or silk. 

This material has to be thinner, however, if it is thicker material then the fish tail will end up becoming stiffer. 

Nonetheless, be it any fabric the shape of the gown gives it an elegant and glamorous look. 

Therefore, this gown is usually worn in formal events or proms. 


While mostly the mermaid dresses will be strapless, you will find plenty of long sleeved and some short sleeved dresses as well. 

Those that are strapless can come with short but long sleeved and tightly fit lace jacket or shrug. 

While others may also have puffed out sleeves that add dimension and texture. 

There are also different necklines as well as styles in this type of dress. 

Let’s know more about that below. 

neckline for white gown

Neckline and Accessories 

Neckline of the Mermaid Dress 

Any neckline may suit a mermaid dress. 

These can come in a halter neck, a V-neck, or even square and sweetheart necklines. 

Whether that neckline will look flattering on you or not depends greatly on your body type, shoulders and neckline. 

The most common in these necklines is a sweetheart neckline with a dip in the middle that looks like a heart. 


The mermaid dress has details like lace, beading or sparkle. 

If it is for a formal occasion then it may also include a train of any length. 

However, that is different from an A-line gown that too may have a train which is rather straighter. 

A mermaid dress however, accentuates the curves. 

Besides that there will be details like sequins and beading accents. 

T\here are a variety of colors to choose from as any can suit this silhouette. 

Whether it is ivory or blush for a wedding dress or red for a fancy party, any color will stand out with this silhouette. 

Pastel and bright color are for parties and semi-formal events, while black and rather duller colors can make a striking evening gown

Who can Wear a Mermaid Dress? 

This dress style is not ideal for every body type. 

Since it hugs the body and is tightly fitted it especially accentuates the hips and the waist. 

Therefore, it is ideal for women with a pear-shaped body. 

Though it may not suit those with a fuller body. 

It will look good on someone who is rather skinny, lean and has an athletic body type. 

It will add the look of curves to such body types making them more curvy when they are rather sleek and skinny. 

Elaborating on this, let’s find out what are the benefits of this dress. 

choosing mermaid dress

Mermaid Dress Benefits: Why Should You Wear It? 

Timeless and Modern 

The mermaid dress has never gone out of fashion since its discovery. 

It is one of the dresses that is here to last no matter how much time passes. 

Even if the silhouette is technically historical, the mermaid style remains modern.  

Moreover, you can dress it up or down according to the event. 


The silhouette of the dress remains the same, however it can still be very versatile. 

Whether you want it to be modest as a wedding dress with full sleeves or rather casual as a partywear with an open back design. 

You can also choose between rhinestone detailing or a floral lace detailing. 

There can be sophisticated boho designs with crepe or elegant ladylike designs with tulle details and sweetheart necklines. 

Will Accentuate Natural Curves 

The extended style of a mermaid dress fits down to the knees. 

Hence, it has an exaggerated hourglass figure with fitted necklines, rouching and tapering that hugs the body. 

Therefore, the curves accentuate and this will especially suit those who are not as curvy. 

On that note…

Suits Many Body Types 

While this dress is ideal for someone with a pear-shaped body, it can still look great on different figures. 

Women who have a straighter body type can play around with the proportions of the skirt and the neckline. 

Whereas women with curvy bodies can choose to go for dresses that do not fit as snugly. 

Those who are petite will especially benefit from wearing this style because it gives an illusion of a taller body. 

Additionally, wearing a slim skirt will maximize the look of length giving you a a taller body. 

Moreover, tall and thin body types are better suited for this dress generally. 

It will give a curvy look to a lean and athletic body type. 

trumpet dress

Mermaid Dress vs Trumpet Dress 

Usually dresses and gowns of different styles look clearly distinct from each other. 

However, they are often confused because unlike other styles, theirs is quite similar. 

Moreover, certain designers use the terms interchangeably. 

Therefore, you have this confusion as to what is what.

There is actually a very simple explanation for it. 

Both of these dresses hug and the body and fit snugly. 

They are form fitted dresses that usually accentuate the curves and the bodice. 

Thus, it is form-fitting and highlights the natural curves. 

However, there is another thing in common between the two that these flare outwards gradually. 

That said, the difference arises from where the flare begins. 

In a trumpet style dress the flare will start at mid-thigh, however, in a mermaid style dress it actually is lower. 

Therefore, it is easier to walk in a trumpet style dress comparatively. 

There is another less obvious difference which is that a mermaid dress’ flare is dramatic while that of the trumpet gown is rather gradual. 

These are still minor differences. 

Hence, when you are choosing between the two, remember your body type as well as mobility before purchasing these for any big event. 

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