Maxi Skirt: Styling Tips and Guide

The maxi skirt trend is back with a bang, however, you are never too old to wear this silhouette.

You can wear the handkerchief top and newsboy ca, while may also be skittish about round two as well.

Surprisingly there are more than these options you can try and wear a maxi skirt that you are comfortable with.

You can either opt for printed maxi skirts or bohemian-style skirts if you want to opt for something bold and chic.

Look at the runways, and you will see designers like Chanel, Chloé, and Altuzarra offering more floor-sweeping designs with long and lasting closet appeal.

Not only you can wear a maxi skirt in winter, but you can also wear them in summer.

These feel especially fresh as new styling stape and offer an option over grabbing the jeans you tend to wear all year around.

How? Keep on reading.

Maxi Skirt: Styling Tips

There are a number of ways you can style a maxi skirt, however, the following are some popular ways you can do so:

Pair it with a Jacket: Though vertical strips are stapled for maxis, you can also find them in maxi skirts.

Pair them with a leather jacket with contrasting colors, and a plain top, and you can either throw on a hat or boots, or shoes to complete your look.

Chiffon Maxi Skirt with a Slit: This style is a perfect look for summer, as they are airy, breezy, and chic.

Moreover, with a simple white tank top, wedges, and a pair of shades you can complete your look.

Printed Maxi skirt with a white Shirt: Printed skirts never go out of style, right?

There are a lot of ways you can style your printed max, and give it the style you want.

Pair it with a white shirt, and you are good to go.

Blue Maxi with a Belt: Belts help to amp up your style and make you look chic and super trendy.

Moreover, you can choose different types of belts depending on your body shape and style, as well as your comfort.

maxi skirt 1

Just tuck in your printed shirt and add a belt, peep toes, or platform heel during spring and summer.

And you are good to go.

Pair it with an Off-shoulder Top: Off-shoulder dresses and tops have been in trend for a while now,

For instance, you can match a maroon maxi skirt with an off-shoulder lace to make a classy outfit.

Pleated Skirt with a Tank Top: A pleated skirt in neutral colors like undertones of peach, mint green, and pink, will give you a stunning silhouette.

Moreover, you can pair them with a plain or a floral one with:

  • a large piece of a necklace
  • or a string of pearls to complete your look.

Cotton Maxi with a Sleeveless Top: You can pair any maxi skirt with a contrasting sleeveless top to make a stunning, and breezy summer outfit.

High-Waisted Skirt: With a high-waisted maxi skirt, you will not need any other accessories.

Just the skirt and a crop top will be able to complete your look.

Ethnic Skirt with Tribal Jewelry: The best part about an ethnic maxi is that it swings both ways.

And you can easily pair them with a crop top, an off-shoulder, or a tank top, for a bohemian look.

Moreover, you can opt for chunky silver jewelry to take it to the next level or you can opt for traditional tops to make it work for special occasions.

However, if you fall under the pear or apple-shaped body type, make sure to drop the above.

And go with a maxi skirt style.

Pleated Maxi with a Sheer Fabric: In case you tend to have a petite body, you can opt for thick, long, overarching maxi skirts.

With the help of sheer fabric, you can give definition to the inner skirt.

And it will look good with almost any kind of top.

Floral maxi with Denix Jacket: If you want to keep the spring vibes alive, you can pair them with an extra layer of denim jackets to look urbane and chic.

Furthermore, you can opt for a shirt as well.

Chiffon Maxi with a Side Slit: If you are wondering about what to wear on a night out with friends, consider this:

You can pair a chiffon maxi with a side slit with a contrasting or matching blouse.

This look will make you look effortless and totally chic.

Learn more about Skirts for Women: Types and Considerations here.

Other Style Options

Some other options you have are:

Knotted Maxi Skirt: It is just like a knotted mix dress.

However, you can make a difference with contrasting tops or an off-shoulder.

Tulle Skirt with Frills and a Plain Top: Nothing else compete with a tulle or lace maxi skirt.

Be it an evening event or you are going out with fronds, you can pair this outfit with a matching palin top.

Pair it with a LAace Top: Another way to wear a pleated maxi skirt is to pair it with an off-shoulder lace top.

Black Side Split Skirt: Nothing beats black right?


A black, long cotton maxi with a slit is one of the summer staple and you can easily pair it with a crop top to complete your look.

However, if you are not comfortable with crop tops and have a curvy body, you can opt for any top of your choice.

Lularoe Maxi into a Tube Top: If you have never heard of this before, then you can use a lularoe maxi skirt in different styles.

For this, you can need one piece of garment and convert it into a different style.

You will simply need a maxi-style skirt and style it as:

  • a tube top,
  • a high-waisted skirt,
  • a low-waisted skirt. etc.

Wearing a Maxi Skirt according to Seasons

There are different things to consider when choosing to wear a maxi skirt in different seasons. Let’s discuss them as follows:

Summer: During summer, you will need to keep your skirt air, flowy, soft, and breezy.

You can opt for prints like florals and asymmetrical fabrics with tank tops.

Moreover, you can pair them with spaghetti tops, tank tops, crop tops, etc.

While for the hairstyle you can opt for a messy bun or beachy waves.

And choose to wear flip-flops along with statement jewelry, and you are summer ready.

maxi skirt 2

Winter: Winters are all about layers, therefore, you can choose fabrics like denim and velvet.

While you can add layers of leather jackets, sweaters, and scarves to complete your winter look.

Spring: As spring is all about flowers and colors, you can make a statement with floral print skirts.

Moreover, you can add a lot of floral, color, and fun when styling your skirt.

Accessories to Consider

You can wear different kinds of accessories with your maxi skirt.

However, what kind of prints you are choosing for both the skirt and top makes a huge difference.

Moreover, when wearing accessories, you will also need to keep in mind the formality of an event and your body shape and size.

With a strapless blouse to highlight your neck and collarbone, you can opt for big, bold necklaces and small earrings.

However, if you want to add a dramatic effect to your dress, you can choose one piece that enhances your features and dress.

With an off-shoulder top, you can opt for something that does not distract from your features from the neck and collarbones.


You can choose chokers and collar necklaces in such cases.

Make sure to never combine the two as they may overkill your look.

If you are opting for something asymmetrical, there are quite a lot of options.

In such cases, asymmetrical necklaces look great and provide a nice balance to the non-symmetrical necklines.

If you want to go for something big, you can also choose longer necklaces, with beads of different shapes and sizes to compliment your neckline.

In case you are opting for a v-neck blouse, you can wear simple earrings and a choker necklace.

However, a long pendant will also work well.

It is important to note that any kind of layered chain will also complement your dress.

Square necks are a popular choice for summer and spring. Due to its angular shape, you may find it hard to accessorize, however, you will have some lovely options.

A collar or a choker necklace is one option, while a short-layered chain or delicate necklace is another choice.

Final Thoughts

When wearing a maxi skirt, it is important to consider what best suits your style floral designs look good for a bohemian look, while the tulle option looks great for a polished appearance.

In case you are short, you can pair your maxi skirt with heel to helps elevate your height and elongate your legs. While for flattering appearance, you can pair a maxi skirt with a crop top.

Moreover, you can pair bold-colored and printed maxi with matching or neutral tops, however, if you don’t have one, you can create the look by wearing a top over a maxi dress.

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