Loose-Fitting Dresses: A Guide

Dubai is home to some of the most popular styles that make a distinctive mark. You will be amazed by the ways in which you can create a winning look. Among the various looks, loose-fitting dresses are always in demand.

This means donning a garment style which is not only relaxed. But also brings on the charm of being flowy.

And it this style will in itself bring on such an impression of sass and distinction.

The main thing to know is that it will look flattering no matter what your size is.

Which is why many prefer this look.

It’s an age-old concept of beauty which continues to make an impression.

In this article I will be sharing all that you need to know when it comes to making an impression with your loose-fitting dresses.

A fashion-forward style, you will also come to know the many ways in which you can style it.

Let’s start:

What Are Loose-Fitting Dresses?

how to create a winning look

As the name suggests, these are the kind of ensembles which are not tightly fitted onto your body.

They have a comfortable and airy feel to them.

And this is why women of all shapes and sizes can wear them.

Because not only are they comfortable. But they also allow women to create a strong fashion statement.

Not to mention you are spoilt for choice. As these kinds of dresses can come in so many fabrics and material.

This includes some lightweight fabrics like linen, cotton and chiffon.

Even the versatility depends on one style to the next.

There is not just one standard form to rock.

You can wear them in many ways. Daytime looks can be different and the night styles are also in variation.

Recognition in Dubai and the Middle East

When it comes to how popular these kinds of dresses are in the Middle East, they are actually worn a lot. Especially during the hot summer months.

That is when people prefer to don something light and airy.

It is one of the top choices when it comes to looking great without putting in too much effort.

Know that Dubai is a metropolitan city. It has a diverse population.

Which means there are so many ways and choices in which you can create your own distinctive look.

But as a general rule of thumb, majority of the population prefer donning such free, flowing dresses.

This is especially true for the Emirati women who like to add certain colors, patterns and embellishments to their look.

While some prefer in getting their look stitched to their preferences. Others will opt for something already ready-made.

The shopping malls are home to a wide selection of styles. Being a leading fashion trend, designer brands now create amazing loose-fitting dresses.

Popular Types of Loose-Fitting Dresses

kaftan dresses

Now that you know what are these loose-fitting dresses and the way they are gaining popularity in Dubai and the Middle-East.

I will now share some of the most well-known and worn styles of this dress in Dubai.

Each comes with its unique style and features such distinctive work and finesse. So let’s look into the main kinds.

Abaya dresses are definitely one of the most popular ones. They are a traditional Emirati style. They will be coming in loose fitting. And these are made with some really light material.

The long flowing robe is also a modest style. But it also allows you to bring on your fashion quotient.

Many prefer in embellishing the style with some major embellishments like sequins, embroidery and anything which looks fine in so many ways.

Abayas with some intricate working can really be pulled off for formal looks.

Kaftans are also a really popular type to take on. This is one of the oldest looks which are pulled off by Emiratis.

It is one of the leading loose-fitting dresses that not only looks amazing but it too is extremely comfortable. This is flowy and allows you to look distinctive in personalized ways.

You can go for a casual look or make it stand out by creating something which is fancy and allows you to accessorize in so many ways.

Create Your Charm with Maxi Dresses

Among the various looks, maxi dresses also look great.

You will love the kind of flair they are coming.

These usually reach the ankles.

But some are actually touching the floor. They are delicate and bring on the charm of looking so sensual and stylish.

Aside from being lightweight and comfortable, they stand out in so many ways.

Maxi dresses are really a gorgeous choice for casual look.

But when it comes to evening dresses, maxi are always a popular pick.

Then there are shift dresses. These are also loose-fitting dresses which allow you to create a major look of finesse and beauty.

You can get this look by using materials like cotton or linen.

Some people even prefer donning baby-doll dresses. These are however coming in short and flared styles. They will allow you to create a beauty style. You can bring on your own personal looks which allow you to look definitely divine.

Lastly, you can choose A-line dresses. These are a little towards fitted bodice but they can come in flared skirt looks too.

They are known to form an A-shape. These are typically consisting of cotton material. And again can be taken for casual or formal occasions.

Ways to Stylize Your Loose-Fitting Dresses

stylize your loose-fitting dresses

Now we will be looking at some of the personal touches you can bring to your whole look. So one things you can do is add accessories.

This allows you to look amazing.

You can make use of a belt, or you can bring on a fitted silhouette as that allows you to create a personalized touch.

Sometimes necklaces, earrings and even a bracelet can bring on your charm.

Adding these will lead to ensuring a pop of color to your whole look.

Some may even prefer to bring on some jackets or cardigans to their loose-fitting dresses.

It will not allow you to bring on warmth which also adds on and complements color and style.

Finally you should be takin on various patterns or even prints.

These you will be taking on as per your personal preferences. You can pick out animal prints as well as geometric patterns.

Then there is the length. This is also something you will choose as what you want. You can alter it as you wish to wear it. For instance some may like shorter lengths.

Some may prefer to bring on ruffles and even tiers as it adds some dimension to the way you look.

Finally loose-fitting dresses are those which will allow you to take on any kind of footwear. You have to pick what works for you. This means some may like to wear heels.

While others may prefer to have sandals, loafers and even sneakers.

It’s all about bringing on a look which is not a standard and defines your own personal choices.


Loose-fitting dresses are one of the most popular styles which allow you to look amazing. They have a major charm and will look great on any one.

In this article I have shared all the ways in which you can create your fascinating look. You will be able to see just how this can be worn in several ways.

Not only does it stand out.

But it also looks incredibly soft when worn in style and sass.

When you know just how to create an oomph factor, the dress will be able to stand out.

We have also shared how you can stylize the look. As well as the many types of loose-fitting dresses which



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