Long Sleeve Dress: Fashion Tips 2023

With the new year coming up, a long dress sleeve are in trend.

One of the fun things about long sleeves is that you can wear them in both the winter and summer seasons.

These sleeves show a sophistication that no other clothing style can communicate and can either be contemporary or conservative.

However, they also have the potential to form an impression of being old-fashioned and outdated when you wear them unwillingly.

To reduce the risk of the above, you can follow certain recommendations by experts when wearing long sleeves dresses in both formal and professional settings.

Keep on reading to learn more.

Wearing Long Sleeve Dress at Work

The formality and the theme of an event often dictate the style of a long-sleeve dress at work.

If you want to show up at your workplace wearing a long sleeves dress, you may want to opt for options that drape down just above your knee.

Moreover, you can also go for jeans along with jackets or cardigans when wearing long sleeves.

Broad stripes for designs are often standard and even Bohemian patterns are in trend if you like wearing bold prints.

When looking for collars or necklines, you can go for lace or beads with different colors.

Moreover, when choosing accessories with a long sleeves dress, you will have a number of options.

If your dress is simple, you can opt for elaborate necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

formal attire

However, it is important to note that when accessorizing formal attire, you should maintain balance.

For instance, if you have a long beads necklace, it is better to opt for studded earrings.

Furthermore, your hairstyle also plays an important role when dressing for your office.

Your hairstyle should always match the formality and intention of the dress.

Soft buns will do well if you are agile and mobile at your workplace.

While letting down your hair in waves or straight hair also look elegant and stunning.

Corpoarate Dress Code

There are four kinds of corporate dress codes: business professional, business formal, business casual, and casual.

Some of the tips for each category are:

Business Formal Dress: You can wear a pantsuit or skirt suit in neutral colors like navy, black and brown.

When selecting the help look for closed-toe heels in black, taupe, grey, or brown.

Diamond studs instead of a chandelier look great in a business formal dress code.

One of the important things to note is never opting for skits that are more than two inches above the knee.

Business Professional Dress: A suit, shirt, or coat in neutral colors like navy, black, or brown looks great while closed-toe pumps look great.

When choosing a blouse, looks for button-up shirts in solid color, and dark or nude socks or tights are the right options.

Make sure that when you are wearing a skirt, it should not be more than two inches above the knee.

Business Casual Dress: Colored shirts and blouses other than collard button-downs look great as casual attire.

Moreover, you can opt for shirts in solid colors or soft patterns like checks or stripes with neutral or bright colors.

You can wear comfortable flats, loafers, or pumps, instead of closed-toe shoes and as for color, you can opt for ones in black, red, brown, navy, etc.

Casual Dress: Nice-fitting blouses and tops with slacks or skirts are more casual. Moreover, you can also opt for denim.

Make sure that the skirts are knee length and you wear open-toed shoes.

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Style Tips for Styling Long Sleeve Dress

While in summer, you don’t want the scorching sun to burn your arms and during winter, you do want shivering arms and goosebumps, right?

Nor, you should be sacrificing your style when wearing a long dress.

The following are some hacks you can keep in mind when styling a long sleeves dress:

During winters, adding tights and boots, though short or knee length can give your long sleeves dress a more cozy and sophisticated look.

While during summer,s if you are going out wearing a short dress, you can opt for heels or sandals with matching or contrasting colors to have that summer-perfect look.

Moreover, adding winter accessories to your long sleeves dress will create a casual look.

You can look for hats, scarves, wooly tights, etc, for a colder climate or a trip with family or friends.

While during the summer, you can add bracelets, necklaces, and earring, that goes well with your dress.

You can also opt for prints in florals, animal, or Aztec to look super chic and urban.

long sleeve dress 1

With a chunky knit over a short long-sleeve dress or simple maxi, you can make your dress appear as a skirt and look super comfortable at the same time during winter.

During summer, you can opt for the opposite, and go for little weight shrugs to make your outfit look different.

Furthermore, during winter, you can add a faux fur coat to break out the opulence.

This is a perfect option for a plain long sleeve dress as it will make you look flawless and stunning.

When opting for a long sleeve dress in summer, you can opt for lightweight scarves, hats, and fun accessories as they sit well with your dress.

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Style Tips to Keep in Mind

When looking for a long sleeves dress, there are certain things you should keep in mind.

Factors like fabric quality, style, and colds should be considered when you opt for this dress.

While solid colors and thicker materials are appropriate for office wear, you can consider higher necklines and smart jackets when you need to comply with the dress code.

Moreover, when you want to decide on the perfect style for yourself, you need to consider your height and body type, and shape.

floral prints

The reason why long sleeves dresses are popular is they tend to be close to your body so that everyone can easily wear them.

Empire waist will look good on the body type with a curvy figure while for athletic bodies, can have a belt with the dress to create a long silhouette.

You can also go for the dropped neckline and open back to boost your bust area.

However, make sure to remember that a tight waistline and a more structured neckline tend to create the opposite effect.

Some of the most versatile color options s neural or monochrome colors as they offer the most options with accessories.

However, make sure that your dress is always the centerpiece.

You want to compliment your dress with accessories, not overpower it.

Styling a Long-Sleeve Evening Dress

When styling for a long-sleeves evening dress, keep in mind the following tips:

The Color: One of the most important things to consider is the color of your evening dress.

It is important that you opt for a dress that compliments your skin tone.

Pastel colors like white and grey look good for women with dark skin tones.

However, bright colors like red, blue, or green look good on women with whiter complexion.

Fitting: Another important thing to consider when wearing a long sleeves evening dress is the fitting of your dress.

If you are opting for a dress with fitted sleeves, a body-hugging dress will look great giving you a gorgeous look.

However, if your sleeves are long and puffy, you can opt for a loose dress and give it shape with a belted corset.

Make sure to remember that fit is important when shopping for long dresses.

If you want to wear something fun and bold, you can opt for a v-neckline and cutout back to make a statement.

long sleeve dress 2

Jewelry: It is important to note that evening dresses are incomplete without jewelry.

When opting for long sleeves dresses, it comes down to factors like fabric and style of your gown.

If the sleeves are fitted and plain, you can opt for a sparkling bracelet.

While if the sleeves already have embellishments or embroidery, you can wear a few rings.

However, for a more casual look, you can opt for a watch to look more elegant.

Embroidery and Embellishments: When choosing a long sleeve dress for an evening event, opt for embroidery and embellishments on the dress.

Without these, the gowns are often incomplete.

You can opt for a number of different styles like 3D flowers, shimmer, beads, or other embellishment styles to add that luxurious aura to your style.

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Final Thoughts

One of the wardrobe essentials today is a long sleeves dress that you can wear in both professional and casual settings.

As a simple piece you can put on when you are out of ideas, you dress down or up depending on the formality of the event, the weather, and the time at which you are intending to go out.

At a beach or a wedding, during summer or winter, you can pair a long sleeve dress with everything from jackets to boots to fit every occasion.

With a lot of color and style options you can choose from, everyone with a different body type can wear such a dress, depending on how they style themselves.

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