Long Skirt: Dressing up for Office and Beyond

If you are looking for a chic and stunning way to style a long skirt, then you have landed on the right page.

A long skirt also known as Maxi Skirt is a sophisticated and versatile wardrobe staple, you can wear year-round.

Moreover, it goes along with a number of different occasions and seasons.

One of the fun things about this skirt is that anyone with any body type and body shape can easily wear them.

From tulle maxi skirts to column skirts, patterned skirts, pleated skirts, sheer skirts, and striped skirts, there are a lot of long skirt designs you can choose from.

What’s more, maxi skirts work for just about anything, from formal events to casual summer outfits.

Keep on reading to learn more.

Long Skirt

A Long skirt is a long article of clothing that falls from the waistline to the mid-calf or ankle.

Moreover, maxi skirts can either be loose and flowy or tight-fitting. They come in a number of colors, prints, and materials.

You can wear your favorite slitted max skirt on a dinner night with knee-high boots and a leather jacket.

Or you can pair a pleated long skirt with sneakers and a solid-colored T-shirt for a comfy daytime look.

long skirt types

3 Different Skirt Lengths

There are three main categories of skirts, mini, midi, and maxi.

Long Skirts: Also known as maxi skirts, these fall between the mix of the calf, and ankle.

You can wear long maxi skirts for all occasions, either social or professional.

Midi Skirt: These skirts fall between mini and maxi skirt lengths with a hemline that ends at or near your knee.

Moreover, midi skirts are a popular choice for both professional and social settings as they are versatile enough, so you can dress up or dress down.

For instance, you can wear a pencil skirt to work with a button-down or opt for a graphic tee for a casual look.

Mini Skirts: A mini skirt tends to have a hemline that falls above the knee, often around the mid-length.

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Wearing a Long Skirt

You can wear a long skirt in a number of ways. Let’s discuss some:

Crop top with your Maxi

Just like you would look great in a crop top with high-waisted jeans crop top also looks good with a high-waisted skirt.

It is one of the hottest trends you can opt for when wearing a maxi skirt.

However, if you are a little afraid of wearing a crop top, you can size up the top and pair them with a high-waisted long skirt.

Floral maxi skirts also look good with crop tops in colors like black, white, etc.

Button-Down Top with Long Skirt

One of the casual ways to style a long skirt is with a belt and a cool button-down shirt.

Moreover, you can pair a pleated long skirt with a button-down shirt to balance out the floaty feel.

Full Skirt with a Fitted Top

Get a gorgeous tulle maxi skirt and something in chiffon, silk, or sequin, and let the volume do the talking.

Pair them with a fitted long-sleeve top or a bodysuit.

Denim Shirt and Skirt

With a skinny or statement belt, you can define your waist when wearing a long skirt along with a denim shirt.

This will look easy to recreate with just about any top like a short, long sleeve top, or even a tank top.

casual look

However, if you have a skirt in bright colors like a chambray shirt, you can have a neutral color to try with it.

But you can also go bold in contrasting colors as well as stick to the basics.

Layer your Skirt

One of the easiest ways to add interest to your outfit is to layer it and the long skirt is no exception.

Whether you have a denim vest or are thinking of layering with a tank top and cropped leather jacket, layering is a great way to add style to your outfit.

Another popular way to layer with a long skirt is to try a denim jacket.

It looks great for the spring season and looks stunning with a statement necklace.

While if you don’t have a statement necklace, you can try a scarf.

It is a classic combination that never goes out of style.

Keep it simple with a T-shirt

In case you are looking for fun and simple ideas to wear a skirt, you can try a long skirt with a basic tucked-in T-shirt.

Even though a blush maxi skirt is on the dressier side, the casual top will make it easy to look less dressy.

Monochromatic Look

If you are looking for an elegant look, you can try a tired skirt and pair it with a neutral or blush-toned tank.

But you can also wear this with a simple tank top in case of warmer weather or a long sleeve top in winter.

Other Ways to Consider

Some other ways to consider are:

White Maxi Skirt

In warm weather, a white maxi skirt is a must-have and looks gorgeous for beach vacations.

You can try all white look and colors like pink and sage green.

Moreover, keep it simple and summer-ready with a pair of wedges or flat sandals.

Opt for Boots

Though wearing a long skirt with boots is not the easiest look to pull off, when you do it right, it proves to be a chic look.

To pull this look off, look for a maxi or midi skirt that shows off a bit of your ankle.

Matching Sets

If you are not sure about what top to wear with long skirts, then you can opt for something simple and go for a matching set.

long skirt 2

There are a number of good options to try, featuring an ultra shimmery fabric that will look outstanding at a special summer event or other formal occasion.

High-Low Long Skirt

This wouldn’t be a complete roundup of long skirts if there is no option like a high-low long skirt.

If you want to wear ankle boots, or regular boots, or show off a pair of sandals, then this one is the way to go.

Choosing th Right Top: Considerations

When choosing the right top for your long skirt, keep in mind the following:

  • instead of going for a voluminous top, look for more fitted tees, tanks, bodysuits, and crops tops, while in some cases, a plain top and knitting it can be enough

floral prints

  • in colder months, try a sweater that is either slightly cropped or somewhat tucked in, however, don’t go for a sweater that is too chunky and looks bulky under your skirt
  • when in doubt, opt for a white blouse, and it goes with pretty much everything
  • stay away from peplum tops which have pretty much gone out of style

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Considerations for the Shoes

Figuring out the right shoes to wear with long skirts can also be very tricky.

While generally speaking, you will want high heels, whether that can be:

  • an open-toe or classic
  • closed-toe heels.

During the summer season, if your skirt does not drag, then you can get away with wearing this with sandals.

However, if it is a dragging one, you can definitely bust out the heels.

Moreover, you can also try wedges if you are wearing them in the spring and summer months.

Just make sure your shoes are not so tall that your skirt looks awkwardly short.

Considering the Body Types

Short-body types who do not have a lot of shape to them can wear layered skirts.

This will help to add more texture and dimension to the outfit.

This also implies to long skirts to leats and knife pleat skirts, which have plenty of texture and extra volume.

In addition, you can also wear draped skirts and wrap-around long skirts to add a more flattering look.

On the other hand, curvy women look very attractive and shapely in long skirts and you can choose from:

  • yoke-waist,
  • box-pleated, and
  • short-waist designs to flatter your figure.

Moreover, A-like skirts help to minimize wide hips and high waists making everyone look slimmer.

As long as you have a reasonably defined waistline, to begin with.

considering the body type

Tall women look good in all types of long skirts, so you can wear flared, body con, and box-pleated skirts.

While tall figures also find a mermaid and layered skirts flattering for their height.

Pear-shaped figures tend to have wider hips and look more balanced when wearing a flared skirt that skims over the hips.

However, this body shape also looks good in pencil skirts or a trend wrap-around skirt.

You can wear a cropped top or a cropped cardigan to draw attention to your website.

Or a baggy sweater that covers the hips.

Apple-shaped figures look good in a pencil skirt.

Or a stretchy body con styled with a blazer to give a streamlined outline.

Also, you can wear tulle skirts and A-lines if you have this body type.

Women with inverted body types look good at box-pleated skirts and asymmetrical long skirts which help to add flared shape to the bottom part.

For petite body types, make sure to stick with: small prints, as large patterns, and floral prints can swamp a small figure.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of different ways to wear long skirts and it is a trend you can wear during the cold weather months, as well as spring and summer.

Try floral skirts for springs, and accessorizing with a floppy hat, and a cropped jacket or blazer.

However, if you are still feeling unsure, you can always keep it simple with a white tee or plain blouse.

You can also play around with layers like necklaces, scarves, and jackets.

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