Long Gown: Finding the Perfect Fit

You may feel that finding the right long gown is overwhelming for an illustrious event, especially when there are endless options to choose from.

You will probably find yourself asking, do I need to go with a long dramatic mermaid trail or opt for a cropped length dress?

The key to getting the right long gown can be as simple as understanding your body shape.

Moreover, everyone at some point tends to make the mistake of trying to find the mold of the trend you attended on the red carpet.

However, not every style suits every body type.

It is safe to say that you are not doing yourself any favors by trying to wear a dress that is not right for your body shape.

Furthermore, it is not to say that a particular dress silhouette is an off-limit to a certain type of body.

How? Keep on reading to learn more.

Long Gown

Different options you can come across are:

Evening Gowns: Formal evening gowns are long dresses that are suitable to wear on formal or special occasions.

Moreover, they are made of expensive fabric, with stunning embellishments.

They are meant to make you stand out among the crowd.

Morning Gowns: These are long gowns that you can wear during the day.

Ball Gown: These are the most common silhouette in gowns with a fitted bodice, thigh waist, and a very long, full-length skirt, with or without a train.

Mermaid Gown: This type comes with a skirt that tightly fits at the hips and thighs.

However, it flares out from the knee.

This is achieved by cutting panels that flares or by attaching a different fabric from the knees.

This type of gown is also popular as a trumpet gown.

A-Line Gown: In this style, the dress tends to have a fitted bodice.

And the skirt flares gently from the waist to the skirt hem.

This creates the shape of a capital letter A.

Moreover, designers achieve these princess line panels.

So it is also popular as a princess line gown.

long gown 1

Sheath Gown: This one tends to have a body-hugging fit all throughout.

Bouffant Skirt Gown: This dress comes with a very full skirt.

And often comes with a gathered skirt with a puffy look due to which the waist looks very small.

The bouffant look can be achieved by making a skirt in many layers of tulle fabric or by using hoops or petticoats inside or using lots of gathered fabric.

Circular Skirt Gown: This type of dress tends to fit at the waist.

However, its skirt is very flared.

The skirt of this gown is cut as a circle skirt to get this look.

Full Skirt Gown: This type of gown gathers at the waist.

But is not as full or puffy as the bouffant skirt gown.

Bustle Gown: This is a vintage-style dress with an extra attachment that is added to the back of the gown where the bodice meets the skirt.

Often this is a train or a gathered fabric that gives the appearance of fullness at the back.

Moreover, it is often attached with a bow on top.

Bias Cut Gown: This type comes with the true grains/bias of fabric so that it fits the body perfectly.

And has a good drape without adding volume at the waist or hips.

It tight-fits the body at the hem.

There is fluidity ad body-hugging fit to the fabric of the skirt.

This makes this dress very attractive on most body shapes.

Other Types of Long Gown

Some other types of the long gown are:

Asymmetrical gown: This type of gown tends to have an asymmetrical hemline.

Tiered Gown: This dress comes with a number of layers of skirts.

Panel Gown: Designers make this type of gown by joining panels of fabrics.

Strapless Gown: This type of dress comes with a bustier or cost bodice without straps or sleeves.

Moreover, this type of gown is also popular as Corset Style.

Backless Gown: This type of gown comes with a backless bodice.

Cami Gown: A cami gown is a camisole-style long dress.

long gown 2

With thin spaghetti straps and a plunging v-neckline, it looks great.

Empire-Wasit Gown: This type of dress comes with a bodice that is fitting just under the bust.

And it gathers around the waist that starts from the bust, making it look like a high waist.

Maxi Gown: This comes in a flowy fabric with a bodice that is fitting and a loose skirt.

Halterneck Gown: This type tends to have a band that encircles the neckline.

It connects to the sleeveless bodice, leaving the shoulders and part of the back bare.

Now let’s discuss some body types, before discussing the gowns right for your body shape.

Body Types

Some common body types are:

Pear Shape: If you have narrow shoulders in comparison to your hips, fuller hips with a waistline wider than your bust, you have a pear-shaped body.

Well-structured tops are a good option for you as they will help draw attention to your narrow shoulders/waist.

Moreover, a statement neckline can help highlight your best features. i.e. your waist and back.

Some of the styles that work well with this shape are a cowl neck, plunging v-neckline, or dramatic bell sleeves.

Hourglass Shape: If you have this type of body shape you tend to have a well-defined waistline.

Moreover, your bust and hip measurements are evenly proportioned.

A fuller bust line, hips, and thighs are the main features that help to describe this body type.

You can show off your curves in a form-fitting silhouette.

Thus, you can try wearing a wrap dress or dazzle in a fit-and-flare style.

Make sure to keep your neckline simple and opt for a round neckline or choose to show off your arms in a cap sleeve style.


Apple Shape: This type of body tends to have broader shoulders.

Though they are well-proportioned, you do not have a well-defined waist and are not curvy around the hip area.

Experts advise to steer clear of any structured waistline silhouettes as they focus more on accentuating the hips.

An A-line silhouette on the other hand is great for this body type.

Moreover, a maxi style that features a crop hemline is a great pick for your body type.

Rectangular Body Shape: If your shoulder and hip measurements are equally the same, that you are straight up and down, your body is more athletic in character.

You can choose to wear a halter or racerback style or anything strapless to complement this shape.

Learn more about Body Types: How to Dress up Accordingly here.

Finding the Long Dress

It is important to note that a ball gown is a great option for most body types.

However, it works great with a pear-shaped body figure.

A ball gown will help hide your lower body and accentuate narrow shoulders.

Thus making them appear broader in appearance.

A Mermaid gown is a great option for an Hourglass figure.

Its form-fitting silhouette is perfect when you pair it with a slightly more curvaceous physique.

Moreover, balancing properties of a fit and flare skirt will help compliment and define a smaller waistline.

For an apple shape, you can wear an empire-waist gown, as it will help to accentuate the neckline.

It also creates the illusion of hourglass symmetry.

This is a perfect style for showing off your beautiful broad shoulders while at the same time defining your flawless collarbones.

Trumpet gowns are a great option if you have a rectangular or hourglass figure.

dress 1

Its form-fitting silhouette features a defined flare at thigh level is perfect as it accentuates your smaller waistline.

While it also compliments your broad shoulder neckline.

Furthermore, a-line gowns are great for all body types.

They have a fitted bodice that goes all the way down to the waistline and then magnificently flows out to the ground, hence creating an A-line effect.

This makes it a perfect fit for all shapes and sizes.

On the other hand, a sheath gown is a great option for an apple or rectangular body shape.

Its straight silhouette will work well to elongate your figure and help accentuate and show off your wider neckline.

A strapless style will help draw attention to your toned arms or defined shoulders.

The TakeAway

Whatever you are planning to attend, a black-tie event, an event at a gala, or walking down a red carpet, finding the perfect long gown for the event is the key to feeling like a million bucks.

However, not all long gowns are equal. They come in a number of styles, sizes, and colors, so you will need a lot of careful consideration and planning to find the perfect dress.

Before you start shopping, know the basic types of dresses you can find in the market and online.

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