Long Dress: Perfect Style For Your Closet

As the name suggests, long dresses are often associated with formal wear. You often see them at weddings, red carpets, and the fanciest events. But there are many different long dress styles out there, and there are many ways to wear long dresses. 

The right long dress can be casual, cute for your date night, or perfect for a shopping day. You can wear it at the fanciest place in town. 

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Once you know how to wear them you can do anything with long maxi dresses. Therefore, it is time to learn more about the types of long outfits you should start wearing.

History of Long Dress Styles

Do you know that dresses are one of the oldest pieces of clothing created? According to ancient artwork, both men and women wear dresses and skirts regularly. Long dresses for women were worn by Egyptian pharaohs and critical historical figures over the years. After all, what is a toga if not a type of long flowing outfit before? During ancient times, long robe-like tunics were worn extensively by both men and women.

What types of long dresses have a slimming effect?

You can find these dresses are more flattering than others. Even some types of dresses are styled to make you look slimmer. That sounds interesting. 

The column dress hangs straight down the body and can easily make you look leaner. The loose-fitting harem dress, with a flared skirt, helps to hide the curves to create a more slimming effect. In addition, the long, elegant, flowing lines of the maxi dress are highly flattering which gives you an overall slender effect, no matter your body type.

Are Long Dresses in Style?

Long dress styles have been popular since dresses were first worn in the history of humankind. Interestingly, people of both genders wore such dress styles back in the earliest days. However, short dress styles were also worn. Women in those days were expected to wear long, floor-length to ankle-length skirts. 

You would also agree that they are still the most commonly worn dress style for formal dress events of all types, including prom dress looks, and evening dress styles.

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Long dresses still continue to remain trendy in style. Also called maxi dresses are one of the most admired dress styles. Today you will find the world’s most fashionable individuals stepping out in various maxi dresses on several occasions.

Types of Long Dresses

Do you know that the history of long dresses is as old as the history of humankind itself? Over these years the style has been quite distinct. Styles of dresses have emerged and caught the fashion world. Which types of dresses have you tried? And which ones have you started wearing?


There are many different types of dress styles that you wear as a ball gown. The actual ball gown silhouette is iconic and distinct. This long style has a tight-fitting bodice which is often sleeveless – though it might have straps or cap sleeves. 

These dresses fit around the waist and flare out from the hips like a wide skirt style. Your designer will use petticoats and additional skirt layers to create a wide effect.

Bouffant dress

The bouffant style is a long, full-ball gown dress with lots of ruffles. It can look similar to a tiered dress, made with several overlapping layers of ruffles. However, the bouffant gown is designed in its style. Often, your designer will create a bouffant gown with a tight-fitting, sleeveless bodice. This strapless dress goes perfectly with a big, puffy skirt. Note that the bouffant dress is a version of the ballgown.

Maxi dress

The maxi dress is a trendy dress style. Maxi dresses fit loosely around the body and have a long, full skirt. This dress style is made to be flowing and airy. These dresses are made with many different sleeve styles and necklines. 

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You can choose from long sleeve to short sleeve looks. Because of its loose, airy style, maxi dresses are often worn as casual, especially as summer attire. These dresses are also a favorite among people with a more bohemian style.

Maxi dresses are made with all sorts of different fabrics and patterns to create all kinds of different looks. Note that these dress styles often make fabulous party dresses. Summer maxi dresses are great for the beach.


The mermaid silhouette is generally a classic long dress style. This is fitted through the bodice, waist, and hips – thus, hugging the figure quite like a sheath dress style. However, the mermaid dress flares out around the mid-thigh or knee. Towards the bottom, it has a broader design, creating a unique silhouette with many flairs.

Column dress

Do you know that the column dress is designed to hang straight down your body? It fits closely but not tightly. Note that it fits around your body just above the bustline. The dress works just across your chest and hangs down the body in a straight drop. Usually, your designer will make floor-length column dresses. 

These popular evening gown styles are particularly designed for women who want to hide a pregnancy belly. The dress is also for those problem body areas they do not want to showcase.

Cami gown

The cami gown is also long and at the same time satiny or silky. The dress often clings on to your body in a close but not quite tight fitting. Note that the cami dress styles are meant to look like long slips. These dresses usually have spaghetti straps and they are made in very lightweight designs. Designs that closely follow the lines and curves of the body.

Debutante dress

It is important to note that a debutante dress is not one specific style. Many long styles can be debutante dresses, characterized by their long length. These are all-white dress styles and are often worn with gloves. Traditionally, young ladies wore these debutante dresses at unique debutante balls that served as their entrance into the dating scene.

Midi dress

The midi dress is a long style having some length standards. The dress typically ends around the calves, above the ankles but below the knees. Hence they are known as a midi-length because the dress is not maxi or mini length. 

Midi dresses have many different necklines and sleeve styles. It is a versatile hem length that you can use for different types of dress styles, including wrap dresses. You can even get a sweater dress in midi length and many other casual dress types. You can even find a bandage dress that is typically midi length.

Tea-length dress

Tea-length dresses actually gained popularity in the early 1900s. The dress became popular as a casual wear when women wore them as casual wear while visiting friends during the daytime and at teatime. The skirt is usually wide and ends at the mid-calf. 

You can choose the bodice in various ways with different sleeve styles and necklines. However, tea length dress designs are more conservative styles. It was a popular dress length in the 1950s. Note that tea length dresses are considered to be traditional and even vintage today. 

Note that it is a great party dress silhouette that often remains popular for all sorts of casual to semi-formal looks. A tea length dress is a beautiful dress you can wear for any occasion – whether it is prom night or afternoon shopping.

Harem dress

This harem dress is also a long dress style. The dress comes with a full skirt and a loose fit all over. Moreover, the skirt is slightly flared. Your designer will generally make harem dresses with lightweight and flowing fabric. It is an airy, lightweight, and loose-fitting design.


The kaftan style is very loose-fitting and extensive on both sides. The dress is made from a single fabric in a very straight and wide style. The kaftan dress is typically ankle-length.

What are good long dress styles for weddings?

Over the years, these long dress styles have been trendy in bridal wear of all types. You will often see these wedding dresses in ball gowns and bouffant silhouettes. Moreover, column dresses are also in fashion. Both brides and bridesmaids wear such dresses. 

Long dress 1

Mermaid silhouettes are equally popular and are frequently seen in wedding  designs. Midi dresses and tea-length designs are also trendy, often a bridesmaid style choice.

Which types of long dresses hide belly fat?

Maxi dresses often fit loosely and are suitable for hiding your belly fat or pregnancy belly. Just relax. You can also hide a bulging belly with a column dress as it fits loosely. In addition, kaftans are pretty roomy and airy harem dresses that are equally helpful in hiding your tummy.

How should you style a long dress?

You must be aware that such dresses are fun to play with because you can easily style different looks with them. You can create a casual look by pairing wedges and a handbag with such an outfit. In addition, you can top it off with a pair of sunglasses, ready for all spring and summer sorts. They make your look a little more semi-formal with a pretty purse, strappy sandals, and some statement earrings. You can easily pull off a glam and formal look with high heels, a classy clutch, and a great necklace.

Just have fun styling different long dress looks. Fashion is supposed to be fun and create a fabulous style – ignoring rules and wearing what you feel like. So keep experimenting and find your own personal style.

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