Lehenga Designs: Which Type is in Trend

The wedding season is around the corner, and once you get closer to the wedding season – lehenga designers are a hot topic of discussion. It means most of you are probably on a mission to find the most up-to-date lehenga designs for your wedding or an upcoming one on your calendar. 

Fashion enthusiasts flood social media websites every year with some of the season’s most eye-catching designer lehengas. So at times, it is hard to decide which one to choose.  

There are some new lehenga colors and silhouettes you can try out. As a result, we have tried to compile a list of the most recent and new lehenga designs for your next wedding season. It will be easy for you to choose the one that best suits your style and interest. You can go through gorgeous designer lehengas that deserve all of your attention. 

Designer Lehenga Choli Designs for 2022

The lehenga is a staple every woman enjoys wearing at weddings or during the festive season. This list of designer lehengas is for women that are significantly in trend.

Organza lehenga choli designs

Organza was a surprise when it hit the market, which no one noticed. And now it is everywhere. Yes, even fashion experts from around the world were taken aback by this style becoming popular.

It is also brilliantly adapted into modern clothing designs and styles. Organza is highly recommended by designers to have in your closet, whether you are a mother, a bride, a bridesmaid, or just visiting as a guest.

Evergreen Bandhej Lehenga choli

Are you looking for a classic lehenga for your D-day? Women have embraced Bandhej Lehenga choli for a very long time. Interestingly, the Bandhej trend will always stay on. If you want a traditional look on your special day, go for a single-colored Bandhej lehenga. Otherwise, you can opt for a multi-colored Bandhej lehenga for a modern look.

Floral Lehengas in Trend

A floral bridal lehenga or a normal lehenga has a carefree yet lovely charm to it. Over the years, designers have been experimenting with these designs a lot recently.

They have generated some stunning masterpieces that every bride should explore. As a result, a floral lehenga is always there in any amazing collection of floral lehengas.

Silk lehenga choli

India’s modern brides are always looking for something light yet traditional to wear to their unique weddings. What better way to look stylish on your wedding day than silk lehengas? Silk lehengas are the latest in fashion as they are lightweight and easy to manage. Furthermore, this silk lehenga pattern is ideal for drawing all of your D-Day inspiration.

Patola Lehenga choli designs

The ever-raging patola lehengas are an all-season favorite. Patola lehengas are a popular option for most brides. Moreover, these lehengas look both modern and classic at the same time. Brides can wear a lehenga with a patola pattern.000 Moreover, gotta Patti work, or zari work touches on these lehengas add the perfect finishing touch.

Designer net Lehenga choli

We can stop admiring those lovely net lehengas which first became popular in the bridal fashion scene. The net lehengas are refreshing, light, and elegant. And if you are looking for a bridal lehenga, then you should explore some of these lehenga designs. It is really feminine and very exquisite.

Solid Lehengas for a Contemporary Look

Has your attention been drawn to any gorgeous wedding lehenga in solid colors? These solid royal lehengas are far from ordinary. Also, the wonderful embroidery on it gives it a unique wedding vibe. On your wedding day, these stunning bridal lehengas will make you look like a queen.

Indo Western Lehenga Choli Designs

Have you ever seen a combination of classic designs, modern cuts, and hems? It sounds interesting. Modern brides like to add edgy effects to their stunning lehenga designs. Jacket style, ruffled, asymmetric, and layered lehengas have become a breakout trend these days.

Mirror worked Lehenga choli

These days brides and bridesmaids are increasingly opting for lehengas with intricate mirror work. You can choose lehengas with stunning mirror work that you will not be able to resist. If you don’t want your lehenga and blouse with heavy mirror work, you can only opt for a mirror-worked blouse to get the ethereal look.

Bridal Lehenga Collection

A bridal lehenga, especially for a wedding, has a particular place in our hearts. Don’t you think so, ladies? Gone are the days when brides only opted for reds for their fantasy bridal lehenga choli.

Even you would agree that fashion sense has changed considerably over the last few decades. In addition, to exhibit their particular style, today’s brides mix and match the colors of their lehengas.

Pastel Organza Lehenga for Brides

Lehenga designs having pastel colors are all the rage this season, and they have taken the bridal couture world by storm. Pastel lehenga designs are ideal for upcoming weddings for brides searching for colors other than red. Stylish, elegant, and gorgeous, these lehengas come in delectable pastel colors like pink, peach, blue, and green. Colors that are so refreshing and relaxing are a visual treat.

White-Colored Embellished Lehenga

You might have noticed a lot of colors this year that real brides choose instead of the typical red or maroon shade. Brides experimented with various palettes, famous among which are mint green and gray.

But it is the brides in white who attracted our eye. White might not be the traditional color for brides on their wedding day – but you still may come across some brides who dare to be different and rock in this stunning white lehenga.

Types of Lehengas that are trending

How many times have you looked for the different types of lehengas? The list may be lengthy if you keep up with recent lehengas fashions. Just relax. You can get an online update to help you select the most fashionable lehengas this year.

For events like weddings, parties, or festivals, lehengas are the ideal option. Lehengas can no longer be categorized in one way. Additionally, this is one of the best traditional outfits for every body type. You would have observed that every woman appears stunning and elegant when they wear a variety of lehengas.

Golden lehenga

These days, many brides wear dazzling and off-beat golden lehengas and look like queens. Most modern brides have set high fashion goals with their rich and bold choice for the golden lehenga.

Do you know that there is something vibrant and majestic about the golden lehenga worn by these brides? They are one of the most accessible options to style your jewelry. Whether it is contemporary jewelry or traditional, it does not matter because you can wear anything as it looks great with a golden lehenga.

The golden lehenga is a versatile outfit you can carry as a bride can move straight from the mandap to the reception without changing clothes. The glitter and shimmer of the bridal lehenga have a golden touch – it will make you look gorgeous.

Anarkali silhouette

There are many new trends in bridal lehengas, like asymmetrical hem or bodycon skirts. One design that will never go out of fashion is the A-line lehenga, also known as the Anarkali silhouette. It has always been trendy. Fashion designers have come up with lehenga designs with sheer coverings, asymmetrical hems, and even tee-length dresses.

You can also customize this silhouette, like enhancing the flair of the lehenga. You can also opt for an umbrella cut or cancan look while maintaining the Anarkali look. This lehenga design is a traditional and stunning style that many modern brides have adopted because of its charm. 

So, if you are a bride-to-be and would love to keep up with the trends – these lehengas will help you create unique twists on the classics. The most important thing is to choose an outfit that will make you feel comfortable and make you feel yourself so that you can enjoy your big day.

Dramatic trails lehengas

A sweeping lehenga trail having a queen-like vibe will make a surprising impact on anyone’s wedding look. As you know, many fashion houses and high-fashion product lines have evolved these days. So that they can portray their lehenga design ideas on those broad country streets. 

If you are looking for a dramatic and grand-looking one for your wedding, then a trail lehenga could be your best choice. The dress is so simple yet beautiful that you would be happy to wear it as a bride on a particular day.

White & off-white lehengas

Regarding marriages, you would adore bridal lehengas in red, orange, and pink colors. However, with time, these traditions have evolved, and so has the mindset of the women behind these weddings. At present, white and off-white lehengas are in trend at most weddings. Some couples also decide to color-coordinate the white wedding outfits for their big day.

Elegant and beautiful, white bridal lehengas may look unconventional. But they certainly shine the most because of their whimsical elements. Even you would agree that the white lehenga has the magic to give tough competition to the classic pink and red bridal lehenga.

Final Thought

You can find some of the most gorgeous and fascinating lehenga designs this season that you can wear on special occasions or festivals. 

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