Ladies Gown: Know About The Different Types

When dressing up, you may be using many words and jargon. These commonly used terms often need clarification or are used in place of each other. A common term is a gown for women or a ladies gown. These terms are often used interchangeably. But it is essential to note that there is a subtle difference between them.  

We all know that the world of fashion is vast and glamorous, but at the same time, it is confusing too. The difference between a dress and a gown is generally unnoticeable for a layman – but that does not change the fact. But if you clearly understand the difference between the two, you will start admitting them. Moreover, it will be easier for you to shop the next time.  

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So now, when you go shopping, clearly understand the difference between the two garment options. Especially when shopping for the wedding season or for a party. You would want to show up to a black-tie affair or to a cocktail party with the right dress.

What is a Gown?

Is it some English riddle? All gowns are dresses but note that all dresses are not gowns. Yes, gowns are considered to be more formal attire. They are worn for formal events, such as charity dinner parties, ball parties, or wedding gowns. Gowns usually come in full-length, with or without flare.

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Note that these gowns are primarily cloth garments with a bodice and a full-length skirt. You can find various types of dresses these days. They are classified based on events, seasons, occasions, and cuts. 

Do you know that the top of the ladies gown can have various designs, styles, and cuts with different sleeves and necklines? Some of the most popular gown cuts are often with back-cut and corset top gowns.

Different Types of Evening Gowns

Understanding the different types of evening gowns will help you shop and select a ladies gown that’s appropriate for your next grand event. It is true that after the pandemic, we can hope that formal events and parties can resume sooner. Hence, it is time to start shopping for your evening gown Dubai now if you want to beat the rush and have plenty of time for fittings. 

Here we discuss the different styles:

Ball Gown

This classic gown typically features a fitted bodice with a tight waist and a large, voluminous, flared skirt. Ball gowns may or may not have a train.

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You may take time to get used to them, especially if you plan to dance with them, then select your shoes carefully and practice.

2. Sheath Gown

Unlike ball gowns, a sheath evening gown is usually fitted tightly from top to bottom. The gown is perfect for showing off a toned silhouette.

A sheath gown features a silhouette that will fit close to your body and can have a hemline that hits the floor. A sheath, by definition – is meant to hold tight to that which it encases. The gown’s neckline can vary, but a fitted waist is always the focal point of this type of ladies gown. Sheaths are also sleeveless, and when they are pretty long, they might have a slit at the back, making it easier to walk in.

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Because of its rather broad definition, the sheath gown may take on many forms and can also be casual – depending on your fabric and style. Simple sheath gowns are great for parties, cocktail events, and casual wear. Most of these sheath dresses were popularized by American designers in the 1990s as they had uncomplicated designs.

3. A-line Gown

An A-line gown usually has a gentler transition from waist to skirt than a ball gown. The gown hugs the bodice but flares gradually and gently from the waist to the floor giving the shape of a capital “A.”.

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The term “A-line” describes a gown with a triangular silhouette. It is narrow and fitted at the top and widens out from the waist or bust in a straight line to the hem. More specifically, it is a structured garment, which stands away from the body to form the sides of the A. The fronts of A-line garments are often cut in one piece, with darts for fitting, and the skirts often have no waistband.

4. Mermaid Gown

The mermaid gown will hug your curves from knees to knock but has an added ruffle or flare from the knees to the floor. In addition, mermaid gowns give a dramatic effect, especially on a curvy figure.

Are you looking for a dress that will accentuate your curves and, at the same time, make the most of your feminine figure? Yes, the mermaid dress is an ideal style for you. They are to hug your body down to the hips, where they splay out, especially at thigh level, to create a curvy look. 

This dress style is usually long and flares out in the shape of a fishtail, hence it is also called a fishtail dress. The chic, timeless silhouette of a mermaid dress is the ideal choice for formal evening wear, parties, weddings, and proms.

5. Empire Style Gown

If you are fond of this style, you would have seen this type of gown in movies. The Empire style gown comes with a very high waistline right under the bust. It then gently flows to the floor. You can enhance the neckline and sleeves with lace or embroidery to call attention to the face. Empire style gowns make a flattering and comfortable choice for any figure.

6. Cocktail Dress

Most cocktail dresses are not categorized as a type of evening gown, but women often wear it to evening events. The dress is usually knee-length; for the daring with great legs. It may take the form of a mini. Note that these dresses are for earlier and less formal cocktail hour events or parties.

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We all have heard the term cocktail dress, yet many of us are still determining the defining factors of the cocktail dress. A cocktail dress is a semi-formal dress that is intended to be worn to late afternoon or early evening – especially on social gatherings, events, or special occasions.

The cocktail dress is the transitory space between casual daytime wear and fancy evening wear – the cocktail dress was born. It originated in the 20th century when the wealthy began to gather and socialize for cocktail hour. It was the perfect way for women to wear something dressier than their daytime look and something more casual than the formal dinner dress. 

Difference Between Ladies Gown and Dress

When dressing up, you should be similar to many terms used often. These are not limited to dresses and gowns. Although you might be using these terms interchangeably, there are subtle differences between them.  There is a straightforward way you can decide which is what. 

A gown is a more formal garment you can wear at a ball, a wedding, an event, or other formal occasions. They are outer garments that can be knee-length to full-length. Such dresses are known as a gown from medieval Latin gunna. It is a piece of clothing, often known as a gown which is a full-length garment consisting of a bodice and a skirt attached to it. 

A History of Gowns

You would be surprised to know that gowns have been in the dictionary of women’s fashion from time immemorial. In the past, gowns were considered to be the icon of the nobility. At the same time, they proclaimed the women’s wearer’s family wealth, status, and social standing.

Slowly, it became an aspiration for women to wear the best gowns to events and weddings. Each wanted to dress better than the other women. Decorated gowns were designed using the most costly fabric with beautiful embroidery and embellishments for some special occasions.

For a long time, the gowns in most European courts featured voluminous skirts with layers of petticoats and hoops inside. These accessories kept the gown shape intact. The dresses also had tight bodices, long trains, high and low necklines, and even elaborate sleeves. They are often made of expensive fabrics like silk brocade, and similar materials have a unique appearance.  

Then came the 18th-century gowns with a high-waisted style often called the Empire line. The type had gathered skirts with very low necklines and short sleeves. After the French revolution in 1780, fashion changed altogether. Ladies gown were made in simple silhouettes and closer to the female figure’s natural shape.

Then during the 19th century, the old favorites of having full skirts were noticeable. By the 1890s, gowns with long trains slowly started to gain popularity. But by 1900, you could see that full skirts and tight bodices came back into fashion. By the 1940s, the classic voluminous skirts with tight waists came back in gown designs. 

Interestingly, the 1980s gowns showed many pleats, ruffles, and puffed sleeves. Today you can wear anything in the name of a dress so long as it enhances your beauty.

Versatile Ladies Gown – Buy Online

While the silhouette remains the same, ladies’ gowns come in all styles. While it has a fundamental look, you can find these gowns made in every style, from super-sexy open-back designs with detailing to romantic designs with pretty floral detailing. Most of these delicate and feminine gown designs, with attractive details and elegant necklines, are perfect for your evening.

If you have a special occasion or a classy event, look for a unique, elegant, and timeless gown that can enhance your femininity. At the same time, it can bring out the best in you, no matter the type. 

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