Jewelry Styling Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

A piece of jewelry can enhance the look of your outfit or undermine it. This is why knowing jewelry styling tips are extremely important if you are a fan of wearing accessories. 

The small details in your look put it all together and jewelry is a significant detail. 

This article discusses the jewelry styling tips you should know while wearing your outfits and setting out for the day. 

excessive jewelry styling of Gold, silver rings and chains of different styles

Jewelry Styling Tips: Don’ts 

Jewelry for patterned outfits 

When you are wearing a patterned dress or shirt, it isn’t the most ideal to go heavy with jewelry. 

These usually include animal print, stripes, polka dots, lines, stars and much more. 

There is too much already going on your shirt that heavy jewelry will further exaggerate it. 

Therefore, they should be the center of your outfit. 

Do not distract attention from it by overloading your outfit with a necklace or dangling jewelry. 

Jewelry pieces are meant to complement your outfit not distract from it. 

Knowing when it’s too much 

If you like jewelry it’s all great but don’t go excessive on any of the accessories. Know when you should stop. 

When you have already drawn attention to your face by layering many necklaces, you do not need to add bangles to the mix and go extra. Perhaps dangling earrings will also look excessive with it. 

The jewelry should still compliment the outfit and not be its centerpiece instead. 

Do not wear anything that makes you uncomfortable rather take off a few pieces which are adding nothing except for heaviness to your entire look. 

Not Changing your earrings 

It is very tempting to wear the same earrings everyday, especially studs. 

However, changing your earrings tends to add personality, style and interest t your outfit on a daily basis. 

Everyone has a favorite and it is easy to just keep wearing those but that will make your entire look repetitive and boring. 

A good starting point is to look into your existing jewelry and see what you haven’t worn for a while.

Always Following Trends 

It is okay to be trendy but it is not compulsory. 

Rather than trends, follow your own style. 

Look at what works for you and your personality. 

layering and stacking accessories on woman neck with hand with many bracelets

Do’s of Jewelry Styling 

Layer Up Your Accessories 

We know we did dissuade you from going overboard with your accessories but it is a styling tip to go for layering lest appropriately. 

For instance when it comes to layering necklaces, you should not choose bulky chains rather simple necklaces of different lengths. 

In fact you should go for different colors, shapes and textures that eventually draw the eye to your face. 

Gather all the collection you have, mix and match layering to see what colors, lengths and shapes work for you. 

Similarly, you can layer earrings if you are lucky enough to have another ear piercing. If not, you still have a rather newer trend of wearing ear cuffs with your earrings. 

Bangles and bracelets can work in a similar manner, wear different pieces from collections together. 

And for rings, mixing and matching plus stacking in different kinds of ways is very possible considering you have ten fingers to fill. 

But always remember, stacking can soon go overboard, so avoid going excessive. 

mixing metals
Table of scrap gold being inspected.Focal point on the two bracelets.

Try Mixing metals 

Metals such as silver, gold and rose gold were never mixed. 

Many thought mixing them actually looks ugly, but now that is not the case. 

To add more color and interest to your accessories and style, wear necklaces, rings and bracelets with different metals. 

For a necklace the pendant can be in a different metal than the chain and rings or bangles could be all mixed up together. 

Skip the necklace 

The necklace may be your favorite accessory but you can totally skip it in certain situations. 

Wearing bold, dangling earrings, leaves no place for the necklace. 

Besides that, wearing a low cut or a high neck outfit does not need a necklace either and can take away from that type of neckline

woman accessorizing for outfit by putting earrings on

Accessorizing According to Your Outfit 

Choose Jewelry that compliments the Outfit 

You may have a jewelry piece that you want to wear with an outfit or you may first select an outfit and then decide which jewelry pairs best with it. 

You should know what’s the focal point of your entire outfit. 

If it is a bold dress you are going for, then naturally your jewelry should be more subtle and understated. 

You may also choose to go for a statement piece if the dress is plain and simple. 

You should also know the focal point of the jewelry and wear other accessories accordingly. 

For instance, if you want attention on your bold necklace then the earrings, rings and bracelet should be subtle. 

Nonetheless, the jewelry should complement your evening dress

Match the Necklace with the Neckline of Your Dress 

A necklace, pendant or chain is mostly not hidden under the outfit, unless it is a sentimental piece

For instance, a pendant that sits right above a V-neck dress will be appropriate for it because it does not take away from the neckline but adds to it. 

Similarly, a round necklace will go with a scoop and rounded neckline. 

On the other hand, a long necklace will suit a crew neck or a high neck. 

Experiment with your wardrobe and jewelry 

If you are always in a hurry while styling and dressing up, chances are you are wearing the same jewelry pieces again and again. 

Rather, experiment with all that you have.  Bring out all of your wardrobe and pair it with the jewelry you have. 

Spare a day for choosing a statement piece, then try mixing and matching, stacking or layering the jewelry. 

Once that is done, you are set for some time with different jewelry pieces each day. 

jewelry styling tips on woman sitting with a hand near earring

Other Jewelry Styling Tips to Practice 

  • Earrings to Add Color: Earrings help to assemble an outfit with minimal effort. Try contrasting colors or choose complimentary earrings that will make your outfit pop. You should choose the earrings that complement your wardrobe and also your skin tone. A little sparkle goes a long way and the right earring can transform your look from dull to bright. 
  • Wear Statement Jewelry Pieces: It is not necessary that you will always have statement pieces but you should consider buying one if you wear plenty of simple dresses. This is any accessory that ties the whole look together and stands out. If your collection only has studs, you may want to get some sparkly dangling earrings to go with a plain outfit and liven it up. 
  • Reconsider Sentimental Jewelry: Sentimental jewelry pieces hold a lot of value for many people. However, you may want to reconsider if what you are wearing suits your dress and overall look. You can also pair up the piece by layering it with another jewelry to remain more in style. This will also add more value and interest, so always try to experiment with it even if you do not wish to take it off. Moreover, if the piece of jewelry does not go well with every thing you wear, you can try hiding it beneath clothes. You are still wearing the necklace however, it may be in a long adjustable chain now that can be hidden under clothes if it does not match with your dress. Similarly, sentimental rings can be put in a chain as well which can go behind your clothes. So you are not leaving them out but styling them in a different way. 

cleaning ring with soapwater and brush

Cleaning Your Accessories 

When it comes to cleanliness, many people tend to skip cleaning jewelry. 

It changes how your jewelry looks like and it also affects how well put together you become. 

Over time your jewelry especially the metals will change. 

While some things are harder to fix like stones falling out and the jewelry losing its sparkle, an overall dull jewelry can be be fixed and maintained in good shape when you are cleaning it regularly. 

Hence, one of the important aspects of jewelry styling is also that you keep it clean over time. 

These accessories will last you a long while. 

Therefore, they should be taken proper care of as well. 

The first step involves storing your jewelry tidily. 

The jewelry should never rub against one another. 

In fact, the y should also not come in contact with other types of gemstone or harsh surfaces. 

It can scratch and wear the jewelry. Beware of close contact with harsh chemical as well. 

Instead you should keep the jewelry in small boxes or pouches to keep it clean. 

For complex and expensive jewelry consult a professional cleaner to remove the tarnish and grime. 

Besides that, use a warm soapy water solution with a bristle brush, or an ultrasonic cleaner provided you don’t use them on pearls and gemstones. 

Therefore, proceed carefully with cleaning it do not ignore it as you wear the jewelry on your skin. 


These are the jewelry styling tips for the season! 

Always remember to style your accessories with a complementing dress to glow in it brightly. 


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