Jersey Dress

If you are looking for something this is easy to slip on, comfortable, and feel great you can wear a jersey dress.

You may at first feel uncomfortable thinking that the jersey dress may show your problem areas and you will have to suck in your tummy the whole time.

However, this rarely happens when wearing a jersey dress.

A jersey dress tends to look flattering on different body types.

Moreover, it skims over your body like a silken veil.

Thus, from the moment you put on a jersey dress, you will not regret buying one.

Keep on reading to learn more.

What makes a Jersy Dress Great?

Generally, you can find a jersey dress made from cotton or silk knit blended with a synthetic material.

This material makes them a little stretchy and super comfortable.

It is important to note that you can wear a jersey dress to work or play.

For instance, you can wear it to workshops and team it up with smart leather jackets in the daytime, and bolero cardigans when going for lunch.

jersey dress 1

Or you can pair it with a stunning pashmina and accessorize it with colorful beads or jewelry.

You may worry about the dress that hugs your curves, however, the dress tends to flatter exactly.

It will not cling to your body as a tight t-shirt may, for instance.

Before getting to learn about tips for wearing a jersey dress, let’s learn about the fabric first.

What is Jersey?

It is a soft, stretchy, knit fabric that was originally made from wool.

Today, you can find it to be made from cotton, cotton blends, and synthetic fibers.

The right side of the jery knit fabric tends to be smooth with a slight single rib knit.

While the backside of this fabric is piled with loops.

Moreover, the fabric is often light to medium weight.

And you can use it for a variety of clothing.

jersey dress 2

Origins of jersey

Jersey was first produced in medieval times in Jersey, Channel Island, hence its name.

The fabric was considered only for menswear and was used to make underwear and fisherman’s sweaters.

However, in 1915, Coco Chanel revolutionized the jersey market and introduced the fabric to the fashion industry of women.

Thus making comfortable dresses and coats out of it.

Types of Jersey

One of the important things to note about jerseys is that the fabric is knit fabric, not woven fabric.

As a result, it tends to have more stretch and give.

The two main types of this fabric, depending on the knit style are:

Standard Jersey: This one is also popular as a single knit or plain knit.

Moreover, it is made using one set of needles and tends to appear smooth on one side and piled on the other.

Double-Knit Jersey: This one is also known as an interlock jersey.

These are two pieces of single-knit jersey that are knit together to create a smooth surface on both sides.

What does it feel like to wear a Jersey Dress?

A jersey dress is a multifunctional and versatile dress and will have a number of qualities that makes it a great option for daily use.

These dresses are:

Stretchy: Due to its knitted structure, jersey knit fabric tends to stretch which makes it a great choice for a dress that needs you to move more.

Moreover, in some cases, you can also find spandex in these dresses that create stretch jersey.

Soft: These dresses are soft and smooth, providing comfort.

Opauqe: This fabric tends to be opaque as a result of its knitted composition.


This tends to bring the fabric closer together with no way for light to pass through it.

Absorbent and Breathable: Cotton jersey fabric tends to be king here, as cotton tends to be a very absorbent and breathable fabric.

Moreover, cotton jersey and cotton blends are great options for clothing that gets daily use.

Well-structured: Most jersey fabrics tend to have a nice drape to them.

However, it does depend on the fiber composition of the fabric.

Jersey that uses viscose or silk can have a smoother drape than cotton-jersey fabric.

This tends to give it more structure.

Style Tips

Some style tips to keep in mind when wearing a jersey dress are:

You will like them as soon as you slip into one of them.

However, think about different styles and you can consider a wrap dress or one that cinches at the side, ties behind, or flares out from your waist.

A jersey dress will feel like you are covered with something soft and pliant.

These dresses are not tight and clingy that you will need to tweak the whole time you wear them.

Thus make sure to avoid opting for dresses that are smaller in size.

The dress will cover the bits you want to hide, not highlight them.

You can go for shapewear undergarments underneath your jersey dress.

Moreover, an empire waist tends to be a great option if you are heavy bottom.

style tips

This will probably give a good dress for you as it will accentuate the top half of your body.

If you are straight up and down, then make sure to choose a style that nips in at the waist or ruched over.

This will give the idea of curves. Or you can choose a-line skirt which will add volume to your dress.

In case you have a curvy body, you will look great in a v-neck and a dress that nips in at the waist.

You can find a lot of dresses in three-quarter length sleeves which is a great option if your upper arms are not that toned.

In case you have got a lot of curves, avoid opting for a dress that looks like a tend.

It is important to note that certain styles like smock style that you think will help you hide the curves simply end up making you look bigger.

Make sure to choose shoes that you are comfortable in.

But do consider the style of the dress when opting for footwear.

In case you want your legs to look longer than you think, you can opt for nude-colored shoes and silky flesh-colored tights.

You can wear them with any dress color.

Jersey Dress Care Guide

The jersey dress is easy to care for, however, make sure that you pay attention to the fibers that are present in the knit fabric.

Cotton jersey tends to have a tendency to shrink, so make sure to pre-wash your fabric if you are sewing your dress.

Moreover, wash your dress with cool water and tumble dry them.

You will not need iron as long as you remove your items from the dryer quickly.

Though the jersey can shrink, you can avoid it by washing it in cold water, washing your dress by hand, and air-drying or tumble-drying your dress on a low setting.

Your jersey dress will not wrinkle easily as its characteristic stretch will let it keep its shape.

100% cotton jersey is easy to spot clean or machine wash. and will release odors easily.

Summing it Up

Jersey dresses are soft and versatile you can wear them to work or at home. Jersey is a single-knit fabric that is popular for its stretch and softness.

These dresses offer superior fabric drapes, will help you hide your problem areas, and are absorbent. In order to understand what looks bests on you, you should always think about the styles that you like to wear.

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