Jellabiya Style: How to Create a Winning Statement

Jellabiya style is one of the most well-known and popular styles you can don. This is one of the oldest kind of styles which is also popular not just in the Middle East but also in North Africa.

This has been a really well-known look which is donned in countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, even in Yemen.

The most popular thing to know is that this dress is popular because it is made of really soft material.

That can be either cotton or anything which is lightweight.

Breathable material is common.’

It is actually lead by certain loose and flowing shape is what matters.

In this article I will be sharing all that you need to know when it comes to Jellabiya style, how it became popular and ways in which you can stylize it.

Let’s start:

Owning the Jellabiya Style

the beauty of jellabiya dresses

When someone wishes to don a jellabiya style dress, it actually signifies Arabian culture in so many ways.

Women don it for a range of occasions. It resembles a thobe but is far more glamorous.

These are actually so comfortable which you can don for even casual wear.

However it can also be considered as an evening dress. This is why you can create a winning stance with it.

So either you can go choose to go completely plain.

Or you can choose to actually accessorize it with some great ways.

Either way, the fact is you will be able to bring on complete charm with it. This can be done so with embroidery, as well as other elements like beading.

Which is why it is a really popular take. Fashion trends may come and go. But jellabiya style is a constant.

What matters is how you bring on your own style which showcases glamor with confidence. That will allow you to create some sheer sass which is long-lasting.

Jellabiya Style in Modern Fashion

When it comes to looking your best, you can do it in different ways.

It means to bring on sheer style.

There are so many interesting ways in which you can incorporate your vision to looking fine.

You have to see what works for you.

That means bringing on your personalized look to the whole mix.

The contemporary versions of Jellabiya style are many. It is also giving the vibes of kaftan dresses.

Women now know what it takes to make their look a hot favorite.

This happens when the aesthetics are defined in several ways.

You will have to consider several aspects now to your whole vision.

Some prefer new materials.

Others prefer adding embellishments to their modern feels. But it is a definite winning look in Dubai fashion scene.

The fact is jellabiya isn’t just versatile but it is a comfortable look too. As it is also loose-fitting.

If you look around, many prefer to bring on fashion-forward sass that is embracing jellabiya.

That means be it casual outings or any formal meetings, your look is going to be unique and also honoring your heritage.

Ways to Look Amazing in Jellabiya

how to stylize you jellabiya dresses

You got yourself a jellabiya design or it is also known as galabiya.

But you are confused as how to make it stand out.

Fret not.

There are so many ways in which you will be accessorizing your look.

This can be through a belt, scarf or even necklaces.

Anything which is adding a statement to your full style.

You can also play with colors.

That means some people may prefer to choose neutral colors.

But these don’t have to be.

Pick what works with your personality.

So you can choose certain bold colors and prints too.

Then there is the concept of layering.

Sometimes your look can make such a significant impact when you add layers to it.

Which means why not make your whole look great by adding pants or even leggings.

Footwear Matters to Jellabiya Style

Your jellabiya will stand out when you choose shoes that are making you look great.

So it is fine when you experiment with your footwear.

Be it sandals, flats or even heels.

You have to see what works well for you.

Some even prefer adding on ankle boots to their whole look.

This can be glamorous or it can simply be casual.

Some people also prefer mixing and matching their look.

That means you can add other styles of clothing to your whole style.

When you do that, it makes you stand out in the crowd.

Like taking on a jellabiya style with denim. This can be either a vest, jacket or even a belt.

See what is making y0u stand out.

What is Your Jellabiya’s Length?

One thing many people get confused with is what is the jellabiya length they will choose.

While in most cases it is floor length.

That is especially true for comfortable wear.

You can also opt for an ankle-length dress.

And even knee-lengths are a common fixture.

Again, you need to choose what you want.

Your personal style will matter here.

Adding a belt also compliments your full look. It allows your dress to have a structured look.

Not only does it highlight your waist.

But also gives your dress a modern edge. Making it bold and highly poignant.

Are Jellabiya Dresses Expensive?

a casual jellabiya look

Let’s get around to highlighting just how hard it is to get these dresses?

The fact is a jellabiya style is very common.

Which is why you can get it from any where.

But what you need to look at is several factors.

The quality, the fabric and how the design stands out.

Also the location- i.e. where you are planning to get your dress from.

So these are some of the leading factors which will define your purchasing power.

Simple mass-produced jellabiya styles can be taken from any big store.

But is that something you want?

Because many prefer something which is unique.

Also there is the way in which you will commonly wear.

If you are looking for casual styles, go for something affordable.

However if you wish to create an extravagant statement, then opt for something classic and fancy.

That means you will choose a special style that is making a poignant statement.

All of these factors add up to bringing your fashion sense and preference a boost.

Final Thoughts

No matter how you see it, when it comes to creating a gorgeous look for yourself, there are several forms you can choose.

It is important to know how the way jellabiya is worn should focus on your own personal statement and preference.

Also you have to know how this looks keep on getting updated over time.

According to various regions, you will see how this popular garment continues to be a favorite.

You have to also see what shines your confidence in the best way.

A popular garment that is colorful and consists of various styles of embroidery.

But with time, many prefer to make it essentially a vision of sass and style.

It is loose and comfortable.

And while it brings on hints of casual, it is also defining embroidery preferences.

Then there is how popular jellabiya styles are.

They are a definite way of shining the light on contemporary feels. Make your look distinctive.

Choose beauty over traditional.

Pick what works for you best. That means looking into bringing on your sheer elegance.


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