High Neck: Accessorizing and Styling

Winters are here. This is a time for high neck and full sleeves and to put back any shorts or sleeveless dresses. 

Though styling a high neck is tricky. 

Whether it is in the form of a sweater or a dress, accessorizing it aptly is an issue. 

This neckline is best suited to people with long necks. It also draws attention to the long neck. 

Therefore, anything with it should complement it, not overshadow it. 

This article discusses how you should style and accessorize this neck style. Keep reading below to know more. 

pendant on sweater

Should You Wear a Necklace with a High Neck?

There seems to be a common misconception that necklaces should not be worn over a high neck. 

While this differs from case to case, it is hard to say that it is absolutely true. 

Some necklaces or chunky chains can in fact, go too well with a high neck. 

Simple pendant necklaces look really good with this neckline. 

It can give you a chic yet professional look. 

So you can wear a small pendant to complete your office look. 

On the other hand, you can adorn a big and bold pendant for dinner parties or even celebratory events. 

And what will you pair up a chunky chain with if not a high neck? 

A high neck helps to subdue the chunky chain so that none looks excessive. 

Therefore, you can surely wear a necklace or chain with a high neck. 

It’s all about choosing the right type of necklace or pendant that will go along with your outfit and does not look out of place. 

That said, you may have to look into how well this piece of jewelry suits a dress. It may go well with a sweater or t shirt but can be excessive for a dress. 

For that, you have other jewelry to check out. 


Accessories for a High Neck Dress


When the neck is already covered, your arms are still bare and could do with a little bit of ornaments. 

This way, you can balance the style on your body with a bracelet. 

You may either choose to wear one chic bracelet, or pair it up with several others. 

You can also wear a high arm cuff to give strong girl vibe or you could wear cute bracelets to cover the arm area with some jewelry. 

Hair Jewelry 

Have you ever heard of hair jewelry? It is an emerging trend and can actually look well with a high neck where you do not have to wear much jewelry. 

The hair pieces whether it is a tiara or a flowery headband and braid, will keep the focus on your hair. 

Jewelry for wedding dresses 

High neck dresses are rare as a wedding gown. However, they are unique. 

These will draw more attention than a plunging neckline or a backless dress which has become the norm. 

While accessorizing a wedding dress with this neckline, you can go for a sparkling headband or a tiara on your hair. 

That will draw the greatest attention. 

Other than that, you also have the arms and hands to accessorize with bracelets, rings or cuffs. 

You can also braid your hair with flowers of you want to let them down on your big day. The most essential piece of jewelry however, will be earrings. 

When the neck is covered, most of the attention, will be on the earrings. 

Therefore, wear a statement piece befitting a bride and the wedding style. 


If you can go slightly casual, wearing shades with your high neck dress can look chic and stylish whole not taking away from the dress. 

high neck dress and earrings


Earrings for Pairing Up

There is no restriction on the type of earrings you can wear with a high neck. 

Though, certainly some of these will go better with this type of neckline than the others. 

  • Extravagant Hoops 
  • Dangling earrings 
  • Elegant Teardrops 
  • Sophisticated Diamonds 
  • Coordinated earrings

Hoops are the way to go with a plain high neck dress. 

If they are oversized, they will not take away from the dress but also stand out on their own. 

Dangling earrings work the same way. For a simple high neck sweater, t-shirt or dress, the earrings will draw the focus while the outfit retains its presence. 

The plus point is, you will not need other jewelry to complement it when the earrings do all the work. 

Diamonds add sophistication to your complete look. 

Whereas teardrops are just the right amount of elegance you will need. They are not as extravagant as dangling earrings but they are easily noticed and hard to overlook. 

Thus, they can be the perfect piece of earrings in the most appropriate size to wear to an event. 

Coordinated earrings are hard to find but it is the safest choice to go for. 

Coordinate them with the color of your high neck so that it does not take away from its chic style. 

accessories with a high neck

Pairing With Other Accessories


Once you have the jewelry to pair up with your dress and shirts, it is time to look into other accessories that will complement the high neck. 

One thing you will always carry with yourself is a handbag to keep your essential belongings. 

Accentuate the high neck with a matching bag to let it shine. 

You can go for a light colored high neck sweater and bag while pairing it up with dark pants. 

That will become a chic and stylish outfit for the winters. 


When you add a hat to any outfit, you are surely making a statement. 

It adds character to the outfit making it stand out from the rest. 

Moreover, you’ll hardly have to worry if the hat suits you because most would go well on any face type. 


Do you feel a high neck is boring? 

In that case, the best way to style it is to pair it up with a blazer. 

You can contrast the blazer with the color of the high neck or match it with it. 

Blazers add a formal touch to your outfit. 

Thus, you can wear the high neck dress with a blazer to a networking event and you’ll look right in place. 

Moreover, you can wear it over a high neck sweater in your regular office wear. 

Stockings and Pencil Skirts 

If pants are not your go to choice, you can pair up a shirt or sweater with a pencil skirt and stockings. 

The stockings will help to keep you warm in the winters whereas the pencil skirt helps to define your figure, accentuating it. 

Tuck the turtle neck inside the skirt and complete the look with your favorite long boots to look chic and stylish. 

cutouts on neckline

Things to Consider While Wearing a High Neck Dress

A high neck gets the bad reputation for being dowdy and old fashioned. 

However, it only depends on how well you pair it up with the rest of your look. 

While choosing the high neck you should go for one with: 

  • Delicate details or fabric
  • Choose a midi dress rather than a crop top 
  • Look for cutouts at neck and elbow length sleeves 

If there are details on the neck such as lace or crochet, the neckline can look very flattering. 

After all, the focus is inevitably going to be on the neck, if it is detailed that’s better. 

The embroidered details will also help neutralize the structured look a high neck gives.

The same is the case for the fabric. Delicate fabrics like chiffon, cotton voile or silk tend to soften the look of the higher neckline. 

Also make your selection of shirt, sweater or dress wisely. 

The high neck is a style that will naturally make your upper body more prominent.  

Thus, the cut of the rest of the dress or top should balance out the high neck. 

In that case, choose to wear a midi dress that flows through and hits at your waist for a rather chic look rather than a stuffed up one. 

If you are wearing a top, choose one that you can tuck in your pants or skirt. 

Moreover, if you worry about the look of your dress looking frumpy and old fashioned, how about choosing one with a cutout? 

Cutouts near the neck can be ideal for summer wear and will also flaunt some of your décolletage. 

Finally, to prevent the dress from looking dowdy, don’t go for full sleeves rather 3 quarter sleeve length, half or sleeveless dresses. 

high neck dresses

High Neck Dresses at Alesayi

Among other evening dresses, you can also find high neck dresses at Alesayi Fashion.

Running out of time and need a modest dress with enough coverage, check out these two at our shop.

The silver and grey high neck slip evening dress is perfect for nighttime events that require you to look glamorous.

However, it does not compromise on modesty thus, it is a long full sleeved dress with a high neck as well.

Similarly, this high neck dress in copper color is chic and stylish.

It is a statement piece to shine and stand out in the event.


High neck dresses are not out of date.

In fact, they are unique.

By accessorizing and styling them properly you can prevent the look from turning dowdy and look more chic instead.



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