Halter Neck Dress: A Complete Guide

From Merilyn Monroe’s iconic Halter neck dress to this year’s on-trend summer dresses, the halter neck never goes out of style.

You may recognize a halter neck dress by the strap that runs from the front of your garments around the back of the neck.

Moreover, this dress often comes with most of the back covered.

A Halter Neck Dress is a sleeveless dress and has a high neck.

It also has straps or brands that go around your neck and tie at the back.

However, in some cases, it just has one strap that goes around the neck and connects to the other side.

While this often tends to be the basic outline, you can tweak it according to the fabric, flow, and fit of your dress.

Keep on reading to learn more about Halter Neck Dress.

Halter Neck Dress

A halter neck dress features a strap that wraps around the neck from the front of the outfit to the rear.

Named after the halters, which were originally derived from the Germanic word and are a component of the German word for the bra, it often exposes the upper back.

Though it covers the chest more and may partially or completely the back, you can see the halter style with swimsuits as well as dresses or tops.

Moreover, they can also come as a backless dress or top.

halter neck dress 1

The halter neckline is a cut that has been reinvented by designers every decade and you can a number of celebrities wearing it.

Halter necks are tempting for dresses that combine all the elements of a design into a single piece and you can choose one that exquisitely displays your collarbones.

Furthermore, these patterns are a great way to draw attention away from body regions that you may not want to display.

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Halter Neck Dress Ideas

The following are some famous halter neck dress ideas you can try:

Sequin Dress

You can bring your party game up to speed with a figure-hugging dress.

Sequins bodycon look charming at a party or a wedding and spruces it up further.

Chiffon Pleated Dress

Chiffon tends to swing both ways. If you are heading to work, you can wear one that is mid-length and throw on a semi-casual blazer on top of it.

Moreover, chiffon flows and sits well on all your body while pleats help to add definition to your outfit.

Wedding Dresses

Today, bridal dresses incorporate a blend of contemporary elements and traditional styles to cater to all kinds of customers.

For instance, a bridal dress that consists of lace fabric which is a classic for a bridal gown, and styled in fit and flare hemline and illusion halter neckline is a stunning outfit.

halter neck dress 2

Formal Jumpsuits

Before getting too judgemental, jumpsuits can also be formal.

The definition of a formal outfit is not the same as it was before, and the concept is getting broader day by day.

Moreover, even a semi-casual attire can pass off as a formal dress if you wear and style it in the right wear.

So, you can wear a semi-casual jacket or a structured blazer over a jumpsuit, carry a tote bag, and finish off the look with sling-back heels.

Long Dresses

Halter neck dresses bring out delicacy, and daintiness, and bring together tiny details.

With translucent hemline along with a halter neck can make a long dress look stunning and beautiful.

Short Dresses

You can also find halter necks in short dresses.

If you are on the lookout, you can try a checkered halter neck dress with cut-out detailing and pockets which create a perfect mix of casual and feminine.

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Halter Neck Dres Patterns

Halter neck dress patterns you may find online or in a store are:

Pattern 1: Simplicity

This pattern tends to be stylish and features a color, button down the front, big pockets, and ties around the waist.

Pattern 2: Butterick

This pattern is close to re-creating Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress with the Butterick.

The dress is unlined, with a close-fitting halter bodice, a hook, an eye close, and a horsehair-lined hem.

Pattern 3: Vogue

Vogue pattern not only includes a fabulous maxi but also includes a romper and jumpsuit.

Moreover, the cross-cross halter is one of the favorites among many people and it ties at the back of the neck.

Pattern 4: New Look

The new look is not the typical halter neck dress as that designer sew it with a chain and cut ties at the back.

The dress is very loose fitting, however, the lower back is stitched with elastic so the dress hugs your body from the back.

Pattern 5: McCall

This option includes an option to add shoulder straps or a drawstring halter neckline.

Moreover, the close-fitting, twisted, or gathered bodice is a stunning feature as well as the circle skirt.


You can also create your own design with mix-and-match pattern pieces and the patterns also include tips to embellish your dress.

Pattern 6: Vogue

Another vogue design is a close-fitting, lined bodice with a grosgrain ribbon as a necktie and a back band that closes with a visible zipper.

The pattern also includes separate pattern pieces for A, B, C, and D cup sizes.

Pattern 7: McCall

Another McCall pattern is an off-the-shoulder design.

However, it also includes a gorgeous halter neckline design with little straps and this dress is a bang-on-trend as it features multiple gathered tiers.

Pattern 8:Butterick

This one is another Butterick pattern that is a 2 piece set that, however, looks like a dress.

This pattern includes a halter top, a skirt, shorts, and a bolero.

Moreover, it is perfect for mixing and matching, and getting more looks out of the same pattern.

Pattern 9: Vogue

Another vogue variation is a beautiful halter neck dress that you can wear on special occasions.

It is a close-fitting dress through the lined bodice and features a stunning full maxi skirt.

Wearing a Dress: Tips and Tricks

There are a number of ways you can wear a halter-neck dress. These are:

1# Go Braless

Though not everyone is comfortable with this idea, if you are up for it, you may save yourself from the serious hassle and discomfort.

2# Sticky Tape, the Second best option

Most girls do not mind less support, however, they can be beneficial when it comes to a strapless dress, especially when it does not have a thin rubber band.

Therefore, you can make use of a bit of fashion tap instead.

It will save you from the trouble of running your dress, but also from the embarrassment when the neckline begins to show.

You will need to apply two strips at th front of your dress for a quick fix and also stash away a few strips in your purse.

3# Stick-on Bras

In case you are wondering how to wear a halterneck top then sticking on bras is your safe bet.

These can be major lifesavers when you are wearing a backless strapless top.

4# Sew-In Bra

Though this one can take a little effort but is definitely worth it.

You can try this DIY magic for making a built-in bra.

All you need is to buy a budget bra in your size and sew the cups into the strapless dress.


5# Statement Bra

If you, however, want a little peek-a-boo, then it is better to have a statement bra

6# Wear a Shirt Underneath

You can always find a fun method to layer something like a T-shirt or a button-down underneath your halter dress.

7# Look for Styles for more Support

You can look for strapless bras that do not require a strapless bra.

Select one with features with boning in the bodice for structure while do not buy a halter dress that is either too large or too small for your body.

If you are looking for a large halter dress, it may give you a weird shape.

Or if you choose one that is too small, then it can outline your extra body shape.

Hence, make sure to always select a halter dress that fits your body perfectly.

8# Keep your neck Bare

While wearing a halter dress, it is important that you keep your neck bare altogether, but it is best to avoid wearing necklaces.

Moreover, a halter dress comes with straps that you can tie behind your neck.

Wearing a neckpiece will make your neck look smaller.

Hence, do not wear any neckpieces while wearing a halter-neck dress.

Other Tips and Tricks

Some other tips and tricks are:

Colors to Choose: When wearing a halter dress, you should make sure to give more thought to your bust line.

This will help make sure that your dress fits perfectly. If the bust line is heavy, you may want to opt for a light fabric as it will make your bust line appear much heavier.

And you do want that to happen.

However, if you are on the broader side, then dark colors like black and navy blue colors will work wonderfully.

If you are on the petite side, you can select any colors like polka dots or floral patterns.

Accessorize Correctly: It is important to pair a halter dress with the right type of accessories.

Wearing these dresses alone can make you look bare. So accessories that blend well with this dress are:

  • big earrings
  • attractive handbags
  • strappy stilettos
  • heavy bracelets

Rubber Inserts: There is nothing worse than wearing a beautiful halter-neck dress and constantly tugging on it.

Make sure to look for a strapless dress featuring a thin silicone rubber strip that lines the inside top seam entirely.

This will offer a bit of resistance agaisnt your skin and make it less likely to fall off.

Moreover, the rubber inserts will keep it adhered to the skin without any sticky tape.

Final Thoughts

A halter neck dress will help highlight your collarbone and shoulders beautifully. While the conservative neckline will allow you to be more adventurous with your hemline, thus allowing a classy look.

Moreover, you can sport halter necks with any kind of outfit. You can wear tops with jeans or trousers, depending on the occasion. While you can also opt for dresses in pastel colors for a dreamy look.

You may also want to wear a halter neck jumpsuit as a semi-formal or formal attire by combining it with a tailored suit. Halter neck outfits are versatile and can suit a beach vacation as well as a party if you style them right.

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