Georgette Fabric: Fashion Uses

Being part of the crepe fashion family, a French dressmaker introduced georgette fabric in the early twentieth century. Georgette material is typically made from pure silk fabric. But it is sometimes formulated using synthetic fibers, including polyester, rayon, and viscose. 

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Georgette is a versatile fabric often sold in different prints, beautiful big floral patches, and solid colors that you will love exploring. This fabric is super lightweight; it’s exceptionally flowy and comfortable to wear. In addition, it adds an extra charm to the personality if carried off well. If you want to know in more detail, keep reading.

Introduction About Georgette Fabric

The silk fabric is lightweight, translucent, and dull matte. It has a slight crinkle effect on the surface, which makes it an endless choice for every dress designer since the twentieth century.

What is Georgette? 

Georgette is a type of fabric woven from silk and synthetic textiles. Besides pure silk, this fabric can also be produced from other synthetic fibers like rayon, viscose, and polyester. It is detailed with intricate draping, and the material has a puckered surface. 

It is interesting to know that French dressmakers introduced crepe silk fabric at the start of the 20th century. Since then, georgette has taken its place in the seats of fashion – especially as a bridal and evening wear fabric.

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The fabric has a unique lightweight, soft texture and dull matte finish. Crepe georgette weaves are done with firmly twisted yarns, ultimately creating a crinkled surface effect. You can find the fabric in solid bright colors or even in floral prints. Their price varies based on the type and design. 

How Is Georgette Made? 

Georgette material is a crepe fabric usually woven using tightly twisted s-twist and z-twist yarns. These yarns are twisted tightly in opposite directions. As you keep weaving the fabric, the hard twist creates slight puckers on the bottom of the material. Finally, giving the unique piece a signature crackled look that is to die for.

Due to its superior material quality, this typical plain weave fabric is a favorite of today’s generation. You would be surprised to know that it is the number one choice for people who like to experiment with this style statement – while keeping it simple yet chic. 

You may ask, what makes Georgette cloth different from other fabrics? It can suit every body type. Moreover, it is exceptionally safe, comfortable, and elegant at the same time. Also, suitable for all occasions and events.

Interesting Story

You should know that georgette is woven as it is tightly twisted in z-twist and s-twist yarns. These twists are often made in alternate directions. These twists are responsible for the crinkled finish on the fabric’s surface. The satin weave or jacquard weave is also used to weave georgette. They produce satin georgette and jacquard georgette, respectively.

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You should know that the fabric was first produced with silk, making it an inspirational and luxurious fabric. Today, you can find different georgette fabric types made with unique characteristics, but its silk form remains the most expensive. There are also viscose and polyester georgettes which are less breathable and cheaper than the most natural silk form. 

Georgette has various printings which can help you keep up with fashion trends – mainly in floral and tropical prints. However, this fabric is challenging to embroider – which is why the embroidered version is usually the more expensive. 

Fashion Uses of Georgette Fabric

Are you still wondering why the Georgette material is an all-time choice of the most prominent designers and tailors today? If you think the printed Georgette material is only used to make sarees, then you are mistaken. Being adaptable and versatile, the Georgette fabric, these two most loved and rare combinations of characteristics, make a popular choice. These characteristics also open doors for millions of ways in which Georgette fabric can be designed and styled. 

Compared to other fabrics, women only think twice before they buy printed Georgette fabrics or Georgette dress material. As it is a slightly sheer fabric – it makes it a perfect choice for someone who does not want to show off their curves. Whereas, for women who like to be out there, the suitable drape will give them the desired results.

Surprisingly, this fabric has been ruling the clothing market for over a century. Its versatility is indescribable. So, what do you think? Today many fashion users are just fans of georgette fabric. One, two, three, ten, or even more? 

Designers and tailors use the fabric to make dresses, shirts, gowns, flared skirts, tunics, evening wear, bridal wear, and more. The list can go on and on. The list is incomplete because what goodness this fabric has added to the fashion industry – cannot be put into words. 

Georgette – Distinguishable features

You all must be wondering – what is georgette’s signature look? Some characteristics make the georgette a special and unique fabric. The reason is – some special threads are used to produce it. It makes the fabric highly twisted and crinkled when relaxed.

Although you may see the georgette weaves appear tight, their overall look is sheer. The fabric has strength and provides a well-varied look. The puckered appearance of the georgette also gives it a signature look. It is due to the twisted yarns that are used to wear it. 

Georgette Fabric – Types

Are you aware of the different types of georgette fabric in the market? This variety exists because of the several twisting and weaving patterns. Each type has its unique attribute. Here we discuss some.

  • Double Georgette – Double silk georgette is comparatively thicker and somewhat more translucent. It also has a good drape. 
  • Satin Georgette – The satin weave gives this georgette a shiny finish. 
  • Jacquard Georgette – This type of fabric features a weaving known as a jacquard loom, giving additional strength to the design and material. 
  • Stretch Georgette – This georgette fabric integrates elastic components like spandex into the weave. For this reason, it has an added stretch. 
  • Polyester Georgette – Polyester georgette is the simplest woven type of georgette. You may also know it as poly georgette as the fabric is produced from polyester.
  • Traditional Georgette – The material is grainy and sheer. You may also know it as georgette crepe. 
  • Embroidered Georgette – As the name suggests, this type of georgette fabric is embellished with threads, beadwork, or sequins. 

What Are the Tips and Tricks For Buying Georgette Fabric? 

To help you buy suitable fabric, we have highlighted the most important points one should keep in mind while going georgette fabric shopping. 

Fabric authenticity

Remember that the first and foremost step while buying a georgette is to check the fabric’s authenticity. The material that should be made with silk yarn is pure georgette, whereas the ones made with synthetic yarn are faux Georgette. However, you can perform many tests while testing the authenticity of the georgette fabric. Some are the touch test, the burn test, and the water stain test.

Light in weight 

Georgette material is exceptionally lightweight, soft, flowy, and relatively breathable. However, if the fiber is made using synthetic yarns, it would not be as lightweight and breathable as those made with silk yarns. Silk is as it is light.

Puckered appearance 

A slightly puckered and wrinkled appearance is the signature look of the authentic georgette material. So if you find the cloth is not crinkled, especially from the bottom, then it is not the right fabric for you.


The authentic Georgette often gives a sheer effect. Whether it is a saree, suit, or evening gown, it will have a slightly sheer look if you have chosen a suitable fabric.  

Holds dyes well 

One of the biggest characteristics of Georgette is its ability to hold the dyes nicely. Whereas the faux piece will leave stains during and after every wash.

Slightly stretchable 

Georgette clothes are bouncy as they are lightweight. It is because of the tight yarn twists and weaving. 

Why is Georgette Fabric So Versatile?

1 You can style georgette fabric very easily. You can layer it with other materials or use it singly for its sheer and beautiful texture. The fabric is not in any respect bulky, which is the reason why it is so loved for layered clothing. Today you will find most of the popular garments are made of georgette fabric.  

2 The regal, elegant silhouette of the dresses is beautifully complemented by the flattering drape of georgette. These dresses are usually preferred for party wear. You will find them decorated with heavy stones, sequins, and crystal embellishments. Note that you can create all formal or party wear outfits with georgette fabric.

3 You can also use the fabric for your casual wear dresses. Different kinds of printed georgette fabric with motifs and tribal designs give it a flattering look. These days dresses made with georgette fabric are incredibly trendy.  

Final Words 

Owing to its soft, comfortable feel and chic look, georgette material has secured its place in the times to come. AlesayiFashion is becoming the most reputed supply chain and product development platform in the fashion world in UAE. You can connect with us to find the best dress for your special event.

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