Evening Gown: Types and Choices

Off to a formal event in the night? How about trying an evening gowns? 

An evening gown is a dress specifically made for nighttime formal events. 

Whether you have a formal dinner, a party or a wedding reception to attend, these are your go to gowns. 

Moreover, they are available in different levels of formalities for weddings or parties. 

As the name suggests, these are exclusively worn at evening or night events. 

This article discusses the different types of evening gowns so that you can select one according to your event.

Let’s know more about it in detail below! 

evening gowns

Evening Gowns At a Glance 

These gowns are usually associated with luxury and glamour. 

You can see celebrities wearing them at award ceremonies but also in formal receptions and other events. 

These are usually meant to be only worn once and not really more than that. 

Thus, designers either rent these dresses or lend the vintage dresses to the celebrities so that they can wear them in events and also promote the designer plus their designing skills. 

However, after the event the custom gowns are taken back to put in the designer’s permanent archive. 

Some celebrities may prefer to also buy the dresses, wear them once and then auction them off later for a cause or charity. 

Evening gowns are versatile. 

You can wear them to different events from an award’s function to a prom. 

Hence, these are made of different fabric and play around with several styles. 

The evening gowns may have exquisite cuts, trendy embroidery or lots of sparkles and stones. 

Nonetheless, they will surely draw everyone’s attention to you. 

Let’s know about the different kinds of evening dresses below, beginning from the most common one, the ball gown. 

The Ball Gown 

A popular dress choice at such evening events is a ball gown. 

A ball gown has  a full skirt that is also volumized instantly giving you an elegant look. 

It also goes by the name princess gown. 

The sleeves are usually short or off-shoulder, but  they can also be full. 

Alongside that, these usually have a flattering neckline that showcases your jewelry and collarbones. 

Ball gowns never go out of fashion, however, they do look the most flattering on a pear shaped body type. 

The fitted bodice with flare at the waistline draws attention away from the lower body. 

However, if you are petite, go for less flare.

types of evening gown

Types of Evening Gowns 

Empire Waist Line 

In this regal gown, the waist line begins right below the chest flowing out till the hem. 

While this design and cut is several years old, it never gets out of fashion. 

It is especially a good choice for pregnant women as it completely hides the tummy. 

However, covering the belly is not the only benefit, this will also cover a short torso, short legs as well as a large bottom. 

It will suit diamond shaped bodies and pear shaped bodies the best concealing the lower part and enhancing the bodice. 

Trumpet Gown

The trumpet gown is often confused with the mermaid gown, however, the two are different  styles. 

This one is fitted to the body and only flares to the thighs. 

It is like a ball gown however, the flare is not at the waistline rather lower at the thighs. 

It best suits women with an hourglass body frame and those who are petite with a lower waist. 

However, it will not suit any woman with a pear-shaped body. 

This brings us to the… 

Mermaid Gown 

The mermaid gown is a trendy piece to wear that will accentuate all of your curves. 

It is a fitted  gown which makes the gown a party favourite. 

It contours alongside your chest and knees only flaring a little to the edges, giving the gown a flowy look. 

These gowns look best on slender pear shaped and hourglass physiques that will look flawless on a gown that accentuates their curves. 

So only choose this if you intend to highlight your curves even more. 

Moreover, do not go for it if you have a fuller body instead. 

Are there any other types of gowns? 

Yes, there are, let’s read about the other gowns including the evening ones below! 

trumpet gowns



Other Types 

Evening Gown Types 

    • Sheath Gown: These are long, slender and sleek giving an illusion of a tall body. The design holds some similarity to a mermaid gown, in that it contours and enhances your curves. It is best for women with an hourglass body or those who generally have a petite figure. It will also suit women with a rectangular shaped body however, they should wear a belted sheath gown. 
  • A-Line Gown: An A-line gown has a fitted bodice till the waist and then eventually flows down in the form of an A-line. It is a favorite of many women as it fits any body type. This gown gives a curvy illusion and suits women with a larger bust best. 

other types of gowns

Other Gowns 

  • Morning : This is a long casual gown that is worn during the day. However, it is not as common these days and has likely fallen out of fashion. 
  • Cocktail and Prom dresses: Cocktail dresses and gowns are more form fitted and shorter. Whereas the prom dresses are dancing dresses. 
  • Bias Cut: This is a cut in the evening gown which is pretty flattering because of its skirts fluidity and body hugging fit. It first became increasingly popular during renaissance back in 1920s. 

Knowing these cuts and styles you can choose the best gown for your event. 

Accessorize it accordingly with shoes and jewelry. 

Whether you wear dresses like a slip dress or v neck dress or evening gowns, styling them with accessories increases their appeal. 

dresses vs evening gown

Differences between  Gowns and Dresses


All evening gowns use luxury material like velvet, taffeta, and silk. 

They are also decorated with exquisite jewels, sequins, ornaments or beads and richly embroidered. 

Complement high quality jewelry with the gowns that wealthy women flaunt with their custom made fitted dresses. 

Dresses may also use similar fabric however, that is more defined in a gown. Gowns will only use high quality fabric and designs. 


A lot of the difference between the two is due to the semantics.

 Evening gown is specifically a term used for formal events whereas a dress can be for semi formal and casual events as well. 

Even if they have similar styles and cuts, the difference in the semantics and how they are used dictates what event each will be worn for. 


The cut of an evening gown is couture and it aligns with the latest trends in the fashion industry. 

You will see some bold and exquisite trendy cuts in new evening gowns.

That is only not the case with the ball gown where it is usually cut along classic lines. 


Gowns are worn at formal events so they are usually full length or from knee to full length. 

It is a full length garment with a bodice and an attached skirt rather than a separate one. 

It is long enough to cover the entire lower body from the waist downwards. 

Dresses on the other hand, do not have a predefined definition. 

It is a one piece garment with a skirt that can be of any length. 

However, it is harder to classify dresses as they can be both formal and casual. 

The most difficult to do so is a wedding dress that can also be a gown. 

blue evening gown

Evening Gowns at Alesayi Fashion

Jewel Princess Gown

This blue gown with silver embroidery and embellishments is a statement piece surely to turn eyes. 

Its slightly volumized skirt gives coverage to the lower body. 

Assymetric A-line gown 

This teal A line dress is a mix between an A line gown and a ball gown. 

With less flare, it can be adorned on a casual event as well as a formal one. 

Boat neck A line Gown 

This black and beige A line gown is all you need to look regal in a ball party. 

Dress it up with the right jewelry to steal everyone’s thunder.

Mermaid Illusion Flower Gown

A mermaid or trumpet gown is best to show your curves. 

This red dress is well fitted for several body types and will accentuate your curves. 

Jewel Neck Sabrina Gown 

A sophisticated purple is all you need to look regal. 

Embellished with a beautiful pattern, this dress will definitely make a statement in a crowd. 

Mermaid Queen Anne Long Sleeves Gown 

Want something grand? This is the dress for you. From its neckline to the pattern and cut, everything speaks volume about the dress. Choose this when you want to stand out. 

V neck flower detail gown 

On the other hand, if you want something simple but elegant, this white gown with silver and grey embellishments and patterns is all you will need. 

Summing Up, 

These are just a few examples of a range of gowns available at Alesayi. 

Head over to our shop to choose the evening gown you want to wear to an event and get it delivered on your address soon. 


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