Cotton Summer Dress

When it comes to choosing a dress for summer styles, you cannot imagine anything more perfect than a cotton summer dress.

And in most cases, a lot of people are really fond of them.

A cotton dress is effortless to wear, be it biking around the city, strolling in the parks, having a picnic at the seaside, or shopping for groceries in your favorite boutiques, and local markets.

Or when you are simply lounging in your home yard or on the softest couch of your living room, a cotton dress is a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Moreover, a cotton summer dress tends to feel natural and lightweight.

The cotton fabric itself is soft to your skin and will allow your body to breathe and feel in comfort.

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Cotton Summer Dress

You can find a wide variety of cotton summer dresses, simply because everyone loves them.

From floral print dresses to loose-fit check dresses, from maxi crinkle cotton dresses to puff-sleeved dresses, you can find them all.

Moreover, a cotton summer dress is a feminine, enjoyable, and great addition to the warm season.

cotton summer dress 1

This dress tends to make you look breezy and youthful, especially if you are wearing it to an outdoor hangout.

What makes them popular is that they are often relaxed and fit.

This allows you to look good even if you are not currently in your best shape.

Before getting into cotton dresses and styling tips, let’s first learn about cotton and its types.


Cotton is a staple fiber which means that it is composed of different varying lengths of fibers.

Moreover, it is made from natural fabrics of cotton plants, which come from the genus Gossypium.

Cotton is primarily composed of cellulose.

This is an insoluble organic compound important to plant structure and is a soft and fluffy material.

The cotton plant tends to require a lot of sun, a long period without frost, and a good amount of rain.

The term ‘cotton’ refers to the part of the cotton plant that grows in the boll.

It is the encasing for the fluffy cotton fibers.

Then the cotton is spun into yarn, which is then woven to create a soft, durable fabric.

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Types of Cotton

It is important to note that there are four types of cotton, each with its own characteristics.

Let’s discuss them as follows:

Pima Cotton: This one is the finest type of cotton in the world.

Pima cotton’s fiber is extra soft and extra large.

Cotton is native to South America and the American Southwest.

Moreover, Pima cotton fabrics tend to be highly sought after as it is resistant to fading, tearing, and wrinkling.

Egyptian Cotton: This cotton is very similar to Pima cotton.

It is important to note that the two are even in the same scientific class: Gossypium barbadense.

It tends to have the same resistant qualities.

However, you can find it growing in the Nile River Valley in Egpyt.

Upland Cotton: Upland cotton tends to have very short fabrics and makes up about 90% of the world’s cotton production.

Moreover, the crop is native to and grown in Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and southern Florida.

Organic Cotton: This is any type of cotton that you can grow without chemicals and from plants that are not genetically engineered.

What makes these dresses different from others?

A cotton summer dress has a number of distinguishing characteristics that make it a popular fabric in the textile industry.

Softness: The cotton plant tends to be soft and fluffy.

Due to this the fabric often retains a soft feel against your skin.

Durability: The cellular structure of the plant is strong.

Thus creating a tough and wear-and-tear-resistant fabric.

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Absorbency: The cotton dress is very absorbent as there is a lot of space between the cotton fibers.

Holds Dye Well: As the cotton fabric has absorbent nature, the cotton dress takes dye very easily and can be made into a wide range of colors.

Breathability: The fiber structure makes it more breathable than synthetic fibers.

No Static Cling: Cotton does not conduct electricity, thus static is not an issue with these dresses.

Style Tips

Some cotton summer dress style tips are as follows:

Gathered Waist Midi dress: Let’s begin the list with a simple and natural summer look.

To achieve this look, you can simply opt for a white gathered waist loose fit midi cotton dress.

Then, pair it with white low-top sneakers and a nifty black and blush printed shoulder bag to complete your look.

Grey and Blush Pink Summer Dress: If you are looking for a more mature summer look this is the right look for you.

You can opt for a cotton summer dress in grey and blush pink printed half-sleeve dress.

You can also find the dress with some orange details that subtly make the outfit more attractive.

Moreover, for shoes, you can opt for a pair of pale pink oxford shoes to complete your look.

Printed Dress: If you are looking for something minimal and ladylike, opt for a dress in print when going out for a casual outdoor hangout.

For instance, you can opt for a black and white short sleeve printed cotton dress.

style tips 1

Simply pair it with white sandals to look refreshing and cute.

Off-shoulder Dress: Opt for an off-shoulder midi dress on a vacation.

To get this refreshing look, you can opt for an off-shoulder dress that allows you to show off your stunning shoulders and collarbones.

Pair them with a straw hat and a pair of white ankle strap open toe heels to complete your look.

White Keyhole Mini Skater Lace Dress: If you are looking for a beach outfit, you can opt for a white keyhole mini keyhole skater lace dress.

To get this look, you can simply wear a white sleeveless cotton dress.

Pair it with white pointed-toe heels to complete your outfit with elegance.

Pale Pink Short Sleeve Dress: You can opt for a pale pink short sleeve cotton summer dress and easily pull it off this summer.

To get this look, you can wear a pale pink button-up maxi dress to look breezy and refreshing.

Opt for a pair of white slides to look casual and youthful.

Pleated Dress: You can find a pleated cotton summer dress with nifty details which makes this outfit look stunning and cozy.

For instance, you can opt for a grey mini-pleated dress with ribbon details and plated cutting.

Moreover, you can simply pair it with a pair of pale pink ankle strap open-toe heels to make your outfit look elegant and lean.

What else you can do?

Some other style tips are:

White Spaghetti Dress: In some cases, wearing a max dress tends to make sure summer look more breezy.

However, fabric plays an important role and you will certainly not want to wear a thick and chunky long dress.

For instance, you can opt for a cotton white spaghetti strap fit and flare floor-length dress that looks breezy.

Opt for nude sandals to complete your look.

V-neck Crochet Dress: To get a refreshing and minimal look, you can simply wear a v-neck crochet cotton midi flared dress.

Then pair it with a pair of black flip-flops for a casual and clean look.

This outfit is a perfect addition to your beach casual hangout.

style tips

Babydoll Dress: You can pair your cotton summer dress with a pair of elegant shoes, and wear a babydoll dress to a party.

For instance, you can find a white mini babydoll cotton dress for an outdoor hangout.

Pair it with white strappy high heels to get the sense of a cocktail party.

Button-up Cotton Shirt Dress: White button-up cotton midi shirt dress is a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Simply pair it with a pair of black suede ankle boots and a large leather purse to complete your look.

Final Thoughts

A cotton summer dress tends to be a great addition to your summer wardrobe as the fabric is breathable and soft.

This means that air tends to move through the dress and moisture can evaporate.

Moreover, these dresses are easy to clean and machine washable, good at absorbing moisture, versatile, and a great option to opt for in summer if you have sensitive skin and allergies.

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