Cotton Midi Dress

If you are toying with the idea of wearing a cotton midi dress to the next event, you have landed on the right page.

A cotton midi dress is a dress where the hem tends to end about halfway between the knees and ankles.

Getting a cotton midi dress to look just right, if you are short, can take a little work.

Moreover, you can choose to wear a cotton midi dress through summer as cotton is a lightweight and breezy fabric.

You can also choose to wear it when going out shopping, at a tea party with your friends, or just simply as your loungewear.

The style of the cotton midi dress you buy depends on the occasion you are opting to wear it for.

You can also find it in a number of styles, colors, and cuts, and pair them with simple to formal footwear according to the occasion.

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Cotton Midi Dress

Spring and summer are one of the favorite seasons you can choose to wear a cotton midi dress in.

paisley, floral, polka dots, windowpane, gingham, and so many other stunning prints hit the stores.

Make sure to look for cotton midi dresses that are in stunning pastels, lively prints, and bright spring and summer colors.

cotton midi dress 1

Moreover, look for midi dresses with side slits and interesting necklines.

You can opt for sleeves that can be off-shoulder, long, or airy spaghetti, or simple cap sleeves.

When choosing to style a simple cotton midi dress, you can also pair it with jeans or cotton jackets.

Furthermore, during the beginning of the spring, it can often get a little breezy, so make sure to layer your dress with a cool jacket.

Styling them in Summer

Once summer hits your area, you will want to wear a cotton midi dress that is light in fabric and color.

Make sure to think of a dress in white and cream.

And you can also go to the other end of the spectrum to yellow, green, brown, and orange.

Summer midi dresses tend to show more skin.

You can often find them with spaghetti straps, off-shoulder sleeves, or no-sleeve styles.

Moreover, you would also love cotton slip dresses that you can choose to wear to the beach or a relaxing dinner.

You can pair your cotton midi dress with your hair in a bun and wrap it in a scarf, your favorite summer sandals, a crossbody bag, and your favorite sunglasses.

Styling in Spring

Spring is a great time to wear a dress.

You can find a lot of fun prints during this season, especially in lovely pastels, bright spring shades, and florals.

You can find a variety of short homecoming dresses available both in the market and online.

polka dots

If you are someone with a short height, you can find a midi dress with an interesting neckline and side slits.

This tends to offer height and sophistication.

Moreover, the sleeves tend to be flexible, you can choose either a simple cap sleeve, spaghetti strap, long sleeves, or something off the shoulder.

As for styling, you can opt for a cotton jacket.

Formal Cotton Midi Dress

You can choose to wear a cotton midi dress to a fancy event as well.

Make sure to choose a formal or dressy version of your midi dress.

The style and shape of such dresses tend to be different from the styles above.

For formal wear, make sure to look for deeper colors and that includes black as well.

cotton midi dress 2

Moreover, you can choose from styles with sequins, shines, and styles that have sheer fabric on top.

For a formal event, you can wear shoes like high heels in black, metallic gold, or silver with your dress.

Depending on the accessories, make sure you are wearing one that tends to match your heels.

Thus, if you are wearing something black or gold, opt for black or silver accents.

Style Tips

There are a number of ways you can choose to style your cotton midi dress.

However, there are some general rules you can follow no matter the occasion you are wearing such dresses too.

Make sure that your outfit looks stylish and great on your body type.

Some style tips you can follow when wearing a midi dress are:

1# Select a Length that is slightly above or below mid-calf.

Such a dress with help creates a perfect illusion of a longer dress.

The metallic dress, for instance, with mesh fabric above the mid-calf would look great.

But the best fabric ends slightly above the mid-calf will help distribute the fabric.

Thus, make sure to find the right length according to your height.

You will not want a midi dress that exactly ends at mid-calf which is the thickest part of your leg.

Look for a dress that is slightly above or below.

2# Heels: To help elongate your leg and combat that stumpy look that a midi dress might give, make sure to wear strappy high heels.


Have minimal-heel sandals that give your height without an extra weight of a clumpy shoe.

Moreover, make sure to avoid wearing heels that are clunky or heavy.

This means avoiding heavy boots, platform sandals, or sneakers.

3# Cinch in the waist with Belt: You will not want to wear a cotton midi dress that does not give your waist definition.

This will make you look short.

Make sure to choose a dress that looks flattering with a waist belt.

Even if the dress does not have one, you can add it yourself.

4# Opt for Solid Color or Same Pattern from head to toe: Midi dresses are not such dresses you would want to color block.

Make sure to buy one in a solid color or one that tends to have the same pattern from top to bottom.

Look for a small pattern like florals, tiny polka dots, or something along these lines if you want a dress with a bit of pattern.

Another thing to look for when opting for a cotton midi dress is that it should be simple and elegant.

Final Thoughts

When opting for a cotton midi dress, choose a dress length that tends to sit above or below your mid-calf.

This helps to create an illusion of a longer dress and gives your height.

To create an illusion of elongated legs, make sure to wear heels with your dress. Strappy heels are a great match with such dresses.

However, make sure to avoid chunky or heavy footwear like sneakers or platform sandals.

Moreover, to create waist definition you can add a belt to your dress. So make sure to choose one with a flattering waist belt.

Finally, choose a solid color dress or a dress with a simple pattern from top to bottom as it simply creates an elegant style.

Your short height should not stop you from wearing a midi dress.

With the tips above, you can rock a cotton midi dress easily.

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