Coachella Outfits and Ideas 2023

You may have here about the famous Coachella Festival. At such a festival you will need to wear Coachella outfits.

You would have also seen the elaborate bohemian fashion that comes with this festival, and the artists that headline this event.

Moreover, you can see pictures on Instagram living their best lives out in the sun.

However, you may be asking yourself what is Coachella and why it is famous.

Coachella is basically an annual music festival in Indi, California.

This festival is popular since its first year in 1999 and it is now way more than a weekend to listen to good music.

Every year you can see a lot of boho-style clothes worn by celebrities and artists.

Keep on reading.

Coachella Outfits

Coachella is one of the most highly anticipated music festivals of the year.

Attendees from all over the world flock to the California desert to see their favorite artists perform at this fest.

However, music is what draws people to this festival, it is also popular for its vibrant and eclectic fashion scene.

coachella outfits 1

From the bohemian maxi dress to fringe jackets to statement accessories, this festival is the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style.

Moreover, you can also choose to experiment with new trends.

If you intend to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you will need to combine your outfit with lots of glitters.

You can choose chunky glitter for your face, hair, or body.

But first, let’s learn what Coachella is.

Coachella: The Basics

The official name for this festival is ‘The Coachella Valley Musci and Arts Festival’.

It is also dubbed as ‘Coachella’, or just ‘Chella’.

This festival has an interesting What Goes on and started when the band Peral jam got in a fight with Ticketmaster over their service fees, claiming they were financially targeting both fans and artists.

Due to this, Pearl Jam started to look into alternative venues for their Vs tour that did not include Ticketmaster.


Moreover, the band ended up using the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, CA.

This is where the festival is still held today.

It is important to note that the festival got bigger in 2012 that the organizers turned it into two separate weekends.

This event is held over two weekends every April.

Though the dates are not always the same.

Furthermore, the festival is often Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

What Goes on There?

Though the roots of Coachella are all about music, it is becoming more expansive than that in recent years.

It tends to feature art installations and is even becoming a major fashion hotspot for bohemian-inspired styles.

Moreover, a lot of celebrities attend this festival, from artists who are performing to stars who just want to hang out.

A-listers like Kendall Jenner, Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more are spotted almost every year at this fest.

The music festival plays across five main stages:

  • the Coachella Stage
  • Outdoor Theater
  • Gobi Tent
  • Mojave Tent
  • the Sahara Tent

Major headlines tend to play as the last acts, while smaller artists and bands play throughout the day.

Coachella Outfits Inspo

Some Coachella outfit inspo for 2023 are:

All-Black Coachella Outfit: You can choose an all-black outfit when going to Coachella.

Stars Outfit Idea: Show your start side and opt for a see-through robe over your outfit.

Duo Looks: You and your friends can dress to impress the dying-to-yang.

Living Life Looks: You would love to copy this look and is something practical you can always find in your wardrobe.

Fun and Sequin Skirt: With glitters on your face and on your clothes, you will surely create a festival vibe.

Moreover, black is a stunning and versatile color, and glitter will only help to enhance it.

Carefree Looks: Just play around your closet and you can find simple carefree looks there.

Modern cowgirl Coachella-inspired outfits with denim shorts, corsets, and laced boots are your go-to option.

Jeans and Plain Top: You will love this clean look, as a plain black top with jeans and shorts pairs well.

Also, you can easily copy this look on a budget.

The gladiator slipper will look great, however, you can choose to switch them out and opt for knee or thigh-high boots.

Mini Dresses: You can try out Coachella outfits with a nice stylish look.

This festival carries a number of fashion trends that makes a good option for you to try.

Fringed Swimsuit: You can choose a pretty color and a hat that complements your dress.

Moreover, you can make this outfit your own or draw new fresh ideas from it.

Off-shoulder top and Skirt Set: This is another casual comfy choice.

With nice sunglasses and a hat, you can pair your shirt set with sandals or flats.

Sheer Mesh and Swimsuit: You will definitely love a sheer dress that covers the swimsuit.

You can choose to wear this just as or pair it with a two-piece swimsuit.

coachella outfits 2

There are a number of ways you can accessorize this outfit for the festival.

White and Pink Outfit: This Coachella outfit is nice and an easy choice.

You can opt for a pink dress wrapped with glitter and the crochet is in white which gives a nice hippie look.

Free Spirit Outfit: You can easily copy such a style and have a good time with it.

Moreover, these looks are boho chic that you can accessorize with glitter on your face and a flower crown.

Crochet: This Coachella outfit is cool, casual, and colorful and features a skirt set crochet style, headscarves, and cool shades.

You can wear this look to a number of occasions like festivals and pool parties.

Cool Retro Outfits: You can pair a black top with red baggy pants to create a cool retro Coachella Outfit.

Hot Red Look: Red is a striking color and you will surely get noticed this festival.

Boho Style Outfits: Boho style is chic and appropriate for this festival.

Modern Bright Color Outfits: You can opt for bright-colored outfits and pair them with biker shorts style.

Rhinestone Top Skirt Set: You can get this set to save you time.

Moreover, you can also choose to add gemstones to your face when attending Coachella.

It will go well with all that glitter and you will look super chic and cool.

Print Dress: You can opt for a midi leopard print dress, for instance.

Pair it with a wide belt and black boots to complete your look.

Glitter me UP: If you really want to get noticed this year, you can choose a top made of both large and small glitters.

If you are feeling frisky and both, this idea is worth considering.

Dress and Boots: A modern girl look for this year.

Pair it will platform combat boots and you are ready to go.

White Dress: Find your inner peace and rock a lovely white outfit.

This will give you a majestic look and you can wear a white dress to other places as well.

Learn more about Boho Dresses: Your Style Guide here.

Other Outfit Ideas

Some other Coachella Outfit ideas are:

Rhinestone two-piece fishnet outfit: You can opt for a two-piece fishnet dress with rhinestones on it.

Simple and Good to Go: You can have something simple as a Coachella out that won’t even break the bank.

Opt for Knee-High Boots: These boots tend to be high and are a nice way to show off your legs.

Moreover, this look is balanced with minimalism and boldness.

White Gold Star Dress: This dress will look chic and fun.

Shredded Denim Shorts and Fishnet Tights: You can choose to wear a light sweater and pair it with some denim shorts.

white slit dress

Bodycon Dress: You can choose a bodycon dress and style it in boho style.

Lots of Fringe Costumes: Opt for a lot of fringes and pair it with shorts and knee-high boots.

Checkered Cropped Top: This crop top is chic and cool to wear.

You can pair it with a skirt or shorts and complete your look with flats.

Cute Girl Outfit: Pair your plain black top with a checkered top.

Complete your look with knee-high boots and you are good to go.

Moreover, you can pair your outfit with a trendy hat and cool shades to look chic and bold.

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