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A velvet dress is elegant and the embodiment of style. The fabric lends itself to a luxurious feel that a plain velvet dress is enough to make you sparkle at night. A flattering cut on velvet will suffice but if you want some extra embellishments, patterns, and jewels, you will find plenty of women velvet dresses in that category at Alesayi Fashion as well. Either it is a long velvet dress for women or a velvet bridal dress, there is a huge range of gowns and dresses to choose from in the fabric.

Knowing Velvet Fabric

Velvet is essentially a smooth fabric with a shiny appearance. The sheen and thickness automatically give it a high-end feel. It is a woven tufted fabric made from a dense pile of packed, evenly distributed cut fibers that are either natural or synthetic. That gives it a soft and smooth look and also adds the expense to make. As it is rather time-consuming to make, the fabric is more expensive than several others. Moreover, initially, velvet was made using silk. Now other materials such as synthetic fibers, cotton, wool, linen, and mohair can make it too.

This further forms the different types of velvet fabric.

Types of Velvet Fabric

Embossed Velvet: This has a printed pattern through a heat stamp. The stamp applies the pressure, pushes down the piles, and creates a pattern.

Plain Velvet: This is made from cotton, thus it lacks the shine and stretch that silk and synthetic velvet has.

Crushed Velvet: This one has a crushed look due to twisting the fabric while it is wet or when you press the pile. Adding a sheen and pattern to the velvet as well as a unique texture.

Pile on Pile Velvet: This has a pile of different lengths that eventually creates a unique pattern.

Panne Velvet: It is a crushed velvet that uses heavy pressure to push it in a single direction forming a petter.

Stretch Velvet: This one has spandex incorporated into the material. Hence, as the name suggests, it is more stretchy and flexible.

Ciselé: It is a patterned velvet that uses some cut and uncut looped threads.

You can find several patterns, colors, and metallic and non-metallic shades in ladies velvet dresses.

Let’s know more about how to find it in the UAE.

Women Velvet Dresses Online UAE

Want to look sophisticated yet understated? Velvet is the fabric to go for. The fabric itself is enough to look decadent and high-end without having to go overboard. But should you buy something rather costly online? You can surely buy a women’s long dress made up of velvet through Alesayi Fashion. Whether you are set to get a party or a formal event, a velvet dress will make you look fancy and appropriate for any special occasion.

If you wish to fit in the crowd, choose from simple women velvet dresses. These can have lace or simple embroidery on the neckline. Whereas if you wish to go for a little extra detailing, choose those with embellishments, embroidery, and jewels throughout the dress. Thus, there are plenty of options to choose from for any evening wear or party dress.

Velvet Bridal Dresses

Among women velvet dresses, and bridal dresses are not as common. However, they are indeed a sight to behold for bridesmaids and guests. You will not have to worry about upstaging the bride in a simple velvet dress but in the same vein, you will look your absolute best and be suitable for the event.

The good thing about velvet is that it is available in several colors. Hence, there is no need to fret about whether the theme color will be available and whether it will suit you or not. The sheen of velvet is flattering on almost everyone. Provided you wear the dress with confidence and adorn it with appropriate jewelry.

Velvet Party Wear in Winters

Any UAE dress is not excessive in velvet. It is just the right fit for parties. You will not look overly done if you wear it to a casual event in cold weather. Neither will it look simple in a formal event. Some women may also prefer draping themselves in a velvet shawl. Nonetheless, it is the go-to fabric for winter as soon as the temperature drops. The best part is that women’s velvet dresses will keep you warm while looking glamorous.

You do not have to wear coats covering your dress because the fabric itself will keep you warm enough to attend the entire event without hassle. Therefore, velvet provides coverage and warmth that is needed in winter and it is the ideal choice for when you are genuinely feeling cold but have to attend an outdoor event. Don’t put glamour on hold, rather choose to wear a velvet dress!