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If you are looking for Women Satin Dresses in Dubai and in UAE, then you have landed on the right page. We at Alesayi Fashion have the sleekest and most stunning satin dress you can buy in Dubai. Satin dresses are stunning, yet glamorous enough that you have seen celebrities wearing them.

Even today, you can see singers wearing them, A-listers walking the red carpet, beautiful women walking into the restaurant, and nailing the style. What makes a Women Satin Dress in UAE a luxury product? Why are such fancy ladies, luxury, short, and long dresses so popular? Take a look at the different satin dress styles you can find both in shops and online, simple, and cheap, and they may look good for you.

Women Satin Dresses

You may have learned during your history or science class that silk comes from the stuff made by worms. The wool comes from sheep, and linen and cotton come from plants and their fiber. What is satin then? Stain is not a type of main fabric; it is a type of weave. Thus, you can say that if you weave any dress with a satin weave, it becomes satin fabric. It is made in varying weights, in fact, in some cases, this fabric is lightweight while in some cases it is heavy.

At first, satin was made from luxury silk, and you can still find such dresses that are made from satin silk. However, today, satin can be made with a number of materials. It is important to note that when you weave cotton with satin, it becomes sateen. Experts characterize satin as a smooth, shiny fabric.

What Makes Satin Fabolous?

What makes satin so fab is that it tends to have a glossy sheen that makes it so popular. However, you can also say that its beauty is more than skin deep. Women satin dresses are popular because the material hangs beautifully on the body whatever the shape and type you have. Moreover, it tends to be more wrinkle-free than other types of fabrics and is also more durable than it may look to you. The only issue you may find with satin dresses is that they can snag easily and you will find it hard to alter the dress and sew it since the material is very slippery.

Types of Satin: One interesting thing about satin is that you can find a number of different types of satin, though it is often hard to tell the difference. Once you understand the basic difference, you will be able to understand the types of satin you should be wearing.

Antique: It comes from the uneven spinning of yarn and creates a slightly textured finish.

Baronet: It comes by combings rayon and important cotton threads that created a soft, rich satin finish. Many experts and people who understand fabric consider it a luxury product.

Canton: Though it is very heavy, it is also soft. Moreover, it tends to have a slightly ribbed texture and crape-type finish at the backside of the fabric.

Charmeuse: This word is derived from French. This type of satin tends to be very lightweight and shiny, has exceptional drapes, and has a clingy fit.

You may find a lot of dresses both online and in shops due to the above characteristics.

Crepe Back: This one has a crepe texture on the back and a satin-type finish on the front.

Duchess: This one tends to be very heavy and is stiffer than other types, moreover, it has a little less luster as well.

Due to its stiffness, you can find prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding dresses to be in this type.

Mesaaline: Extreme shininess and light weight make it distinguishable from other types. It is made from rayon or silk.

Polysatin: As the name suggests, satin is woven into the polyester.

Slipper: The common use of this one is shoes, though you can also find accessories and clothing made from it.

Women Satin Dresses to Consider

Due to its varying weight, and drape, you can find different types of dresses in satin. However, there are a number of styles that do not contain satin instead, they have little details or inner linings. At Alesayi Fashion, we have varying types of satin dresses so that you can find the right types of dress that suit your body shape and type well.

Let’s discuss these types:

A-line: This one is the most popular silhouette and more flattering one for all types and shapes of the body. These dresses will have a skirt that flares out right down from the waist and gets wider as it reaches the hem. While its bodice tends to be figure-hugging and comes in varying necklines and sleeve designs.

Ball Gown: The silhouette of a ball gown is one of the oldest gown styles that you can still wear today. These gowns come in varying types of skirts which is why it is popular both in weddings and formal wear. Moreover, ball gowns are big, and fancy, with a fitted bodice, while you can find them as strapless or spaghetti sleeve designs.

Blouson: These dresses work well in satin and tend to cinch at the waist with a slightly flaring, loose-fitting skirt. Furthermore, these dresses have loose-fitting bodices. It works well with different types of body sizes.

Fit and Flare Dresses: As the name suggests, fit and flare dresses fit around the bodice and waist and then flare out in a wide, circular skirt. This tends to create a wide, flaring skirt which is why these dresses are often short style. What makes them popular is that they help emphasize more on the waist and bust more rather than the lower half of your body.

Kimono: One of the best and most popular dresses on the list, a Kimono is over a thousand years old. These dresses warp around the body in a certain way and tend to finish off with a sash that you can tie around the body. Though the common fabric kimono is made of silk, however, you can also find them in satin.

Maxi: Maxi dresses tend to be long, and full-length dresses with flowy skirts. The top is often figure-hugging, while the silhouette tends to be air and loose. You can find maxi dresses in both bohemian style and casual looks, while the ones in silk or satin are often popular as bridal party attire.

Mermaid: You can see these dresses on red carpets, on brides, and at formal events of different kinds. Moreover, these dresses will have a form-fitting down most of the body, hugging every single curve, and right down the knees will flare down dramatically.

Shopping for Women Satin Dresses

When choosing to buy satin dresses, understanding the fabric and what type will best suit your body type and shape will affect your overall look. At Alesayi Fashion, you can find the most amazing satin dresses with an advantage of an online shopping portal. You can find satin dresses in different styles and designs. Browse through your collection and get what shows off your confidence.