Off Shoulder Dresses

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A glamorous look with a hint of skin looks stunning on almost everyone. Shoulders are unique in that they don’t gain weight or get puffy, thus, you may want to show off some of it. There is no better look to flaunt the shoulders than in women off shoulder dresses.

What makes an off shoulder dress unique is that it does not entirely bare the shoulders. In fact, it wraps around the shoulders while staying straight across the top of the chest. Moreover, it isn’t necessarily sleeveless but could also have sleeves beneath the wrapping.

Off shoulder Gowns

This flattering neckline is common in bridal dresses and long dresses for women. Gowns and dresses for women usually have various types of styles that can all go well with a long dress with an off shoulder dress neckline.

Ball Gown

For instance, the ball gown is a popular silhouette for weddings and formal events. An off shoulder design in a ball gown can have different sleeves such as cap sleeves, long sleeves, or puffy sleeves that go well with the cut of the dress.

Mermaid Dress

Mermaid gowns usually have an off shoulder dress design as well. They are usually the first pick for formal events where you want to look classy and trendy. The off shoulder design pairs well with the mermaid dress usually in short cap-style sleeves.

Off Shoulder Ruffle Dress

The most common of the off shoulder designs and styles is the ruffle dress. This ruffle runs across the top to the arm plus shoulders and extends to the entire body. This design is made using elastic so that the neckline stays in place. It is the go-to off shoulder dress style because it is easy to make and also wear. Nonetheless, it looks flattering on almost everybody.


A sheath dress fits your body and is totally form-fitted. While it is possible to make any neckline and sleeve length with it, an off shoulder dress without any sleeves looks extremely flattering with it. In order to make your dress look more formal with this dress style, add a satin or fur wrap around it. It gives the look a slightly more formal look for the event in a timeless dress design.

Accessorizing and Styling It

While styling ladies’ dresses, it is important to note the neckline and sleeves. In an off shoulder dress, the main purpose is to show the shoulders and the neck. Clearly, you don’t want your hair, a hair accessory, or a piece of jewelry to distract you from that.

Therefore, the important accessories or the hairstyle should show off your neck and shoulders. Any updo hairstyle will allow you to flaunt the neck. Besides that, a low-side ponytail will show off the shoulders. Or even a low knot at the nape of the neck will do the same. So you get the gist, your hair should be tied preferably in a bun or a ponytail rather than letting them down which will hide your beautiful shoulders and neck in a flattering dress that is meant to show them.

When it comes to accessories, it is best not to wear any chunky jewelry. Rather go for short necklaces or pendants if you want to wear something on the neck. Though, it may also be a good idea to skip a necklace entirely to flaunt the neck and wear long prominent earrings. These will enhance the dress style that draws attention to your shoulders and neck.

You can also pair sunglasses with your dress for a trendy look at parties and semi-formal events. For formal events, pair the dress with pearls, sparkling jewelry, and high heels. Adding a clutch will look elegant too and if you are going for a classic look, a pair of long gloves will complete it all up.

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