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Selecting a wedding gown is not the only responsibility of the bride. In fact, choosing bridesmaids dresses will also fall upon you. This will be a big responsibility because you will have to look for what your entourage will like, likes in their budget, and will also match your wedding dress.

You can either look for a long dress for women at Alesayi Fashion. These dresses for women either short or long are available in a bunch of colors that can go well with your bridal gown and remain understated enough to not upstage the bride.

What to Look for in a Bridesmaids Dress?

While selecting bridal dresses, also have an eye out for the bridesmaids dresses. It will ideally be a long dress but it could also be a short ladies’ dress if you want your bridesmaids to not wear full-length gowns.

It is important to keep the wedding dress style and the theme of the wedding in mind. For instance, if the overall wedding is vintage-inspired, bridesmaids dresses should align instead of being trendy. Keep the formality of the dresses in mind. A sleek full-length bridesmaids dresses will blend well with a voluminous bridal ball gown, not an above-knee length short dress.

It is equally crucial to go for the right color. Luckily, if the bridal dress is white, many colors go with it ideally. But if the bride wishes to experiment with blush, pink, blue, or other colors, the bridesmaids’ dresses should at least complement the color of the wedding gown. One easy way is to get a dress that is in lighter or darker shades of the same color. That is also your safest and best.

Another way to match the dresses with the wedding gown is to look into the details. The bridesmaids do not have to wear a plain dress with fancy cuts, they can have similar details to your dress. However, there should be a fine line between the similarities. Ultimately, it is the bride’s big day so the dresses for the bridesmaids should not have the exact lace, the same kind of neckline, or the same amount of sparkle as the bride.

Keeping these all in kind, the bridesmaids can have an outstanding dress while also not outshining the bride and keeping her spotlight.

Where to Get Bridesmaids Dresses Online UAE?

A UAE dress for bridesmaids is not restricted to any colors or embellishments. You can find the best dresses at Alesayi Fashion to adorn your bridesmaids. Our range includes dresses that are simple yet elegant and also those that are sparkly and embroidered. Choosing a bridesmaids dress is ultimately the bride’s call. Thus, you can look around the website to select what suits your needs and what will complement your dress, especially in photographs.

You do not have to follow the olden days and only go for plain dresses for your bridesmaids. In fact, you can play around with prints and different designs for them. Not all of the bridesmaids have to necessarily wear the same colors with different cuts. Alesayi Fashion has a huge range of designs to choose from for your friends on your big day.

These dresses come in various sizes to suit our buyers. They range from small to large sizes so you do not have to worry about the dresses not fitting. Purchase the dresses according to their preferable styles and sizes in similar or even different colors and have them delivered to your home. If you have any queries about exchanging items in the case of a wrong size, contact us for further information.

Tips for Selecting the Bridesmaids Dresses

Be Open to Dresses

For both the bridesmaid and the bride, it is crucial to keep an open mind for this selection. The bride should know that their friend may not be comfortable wearing a certain cut or revealing neckline. Similarly, the bridesmaid should also be open to trying different colors and styles and voice out what they are not comfortable wearing. That will help down narrow options for both the bride and the bridesmaid but it’s a win.

Discuss the Budget

The bridesmaid has to ultimately buy the dress hence, every option the bride explores should be within their budget. This is respectful to both parties because the bridesmaid will be wearing something that is the bride’s choice but will buy it themselves so you should at least stay within their budget.

Ask the Bride

If the bride allows the bridesmaid to select their dress, you should know whether they will prefer a long dress, the type of fabric, and the length of the sleeves. It is their big day, so the bride will surely want the dress to complement hers. Select it wisely. The wedding is a big day for the bride but bridesmaids dresses are important for the event and photographs. Have a look at our collection at Alesayi Fashion to look for the best bridesmaids dresses in the UAE.