Bridal Lehenga: Latest Trends

Interestingly, much of the world embraced tiny, minimalist dresses in the past year, but brides went into full-blown minimalism. They have a complete bridal dresses and multiple accessories embellished in heavy jewels and gold.  Bridal lehengas is one such option.

Bridal outfit finds a special place. For all the traditional events and ceremonies, the lehengas are specially designed. They are made up of some of the most colorful and heavily-embellished design lehengas you would have seen walking down aisles before. 

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Rather than fight against the traditional design, modern brides are leaning into our living times. They are making the most of them with some of their playful twists on long-time classics. Traditionally, modern brides wear the sacred color of red and yellow. But today’s stylish brides are donning emerald, bright fuschia, yellow, and all these shades. 

So, if you are getting married or planning shortly, scroll down to find some interesting ones. Below are some trends and designs you might be excited to see.

Popular Bridal Lehenga

We all would agree that marriage is a unique part of a girl’s life. They start preparing for it long before the actual date of their marriage. Thus they hunt rigorously to get that perfect dress for an exceptional occasion and, most importantly, an ideal dress for the day. 

Most want to get a designer lehenga created by top fashion designers. But most of the brides are willing to experiment on their own. You might have noticed that many fashion influencers flood social media with loads of designer wedding clothes during the season. They act as inspiration to the bride-to-be and help them to get their perfect dress.

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Since everything goes around with Covid, all gatherings at a wedding parties are restricted. It is the only time one can experiment with looks without thinking about the judgments. They can wear whatever they find perfect as per their personality. 

Many trends have kicked in, and several styles are being loved by many. From the traditional maroon bridal lehenga to designer lehenga, there are many styles you may find which are trending. They have not only caught the eyes but also the hearts of the brides-to-be. 

Here we look at the designer bridal lehengas of the new age brides.

1. Green and Coral Lehenga

It is one of the trendiest lehengas for brides and is also admired by many. The color combination of these beautiful hues can make anyone fall in love with them. 

Bridal lehenga 5

The floral print in pink and green with some remarkable embroidery is something to die for. You can stand out on your big day wearing such a gorgeous designer lehenga. At the same time, you can pair it up with some sparkling jewelry and glam makeup.

2. White Floral Bridal Lehenga

A floral dress with floral prints can add charm to any outfit, but it can make it look heavenly if it’s a bridal lehenga. Even you would agree that a white floral lehenga looks charming and perfect for the big day. Especially if you are looking for off-beat colors.

Bridal lehenga 4

The intricate floral patterns can make your dress look gorgeous. It is also perfect for brides who want a designer minimalist bridal lehenga.

3. Classic Reds that Slays All the Way

We all know that classic vibrant bridal lehengas can never go out of style, and we can never be tired of them. They are the safest choice for any bride – if she is confused about the choice of her lehenga color. 

Although bright-colored lehengas are the most popular, different designs make them unique every time. The intricate embroidery and thread work makes it very special. You can look stunning in it.

4. Peacock Teal Hue Bridal Lehenga

This color combination in a bridal lehenga can stand out in itself and is modern in every way. You cannot say no to this beautiful lehenga color because the popping hue will make it unique. The delicate embroideries and fine details will make it a masterpiece. It is perfect for the bride’s big day.

5. All about Mirror Work

Mirror work lehengas are another favorite hot thing for the bride. When confused, most brides opt for a mirror-work lehenga in an attractive color. It will give a royal look and is perfect for a bride for her big day. 

Bridal lehenga 8

You can choose from various dazzling designs, and every design will look amazing. The twinkle in the dress makes your heart twinkle too. So, if you are a bride-to-be and want that elegant royal look on your big day, go for a mirror-work bridal lehenga.

6. Gold is the New Color

You might have spotted many celebrities wearing gold bridal lehenga on their big day. This dress will make them look like a royal queen. Paired with polka jewelry and glam makeup, it will give a heavenly look, perfect for the big day.

Bridal lehenga 3

7. Mint Bridal Lehenga

If you love pastel colors, this lehenga is perfect for your big day. Mint color is loved by many, and it looks stunning when you pair it with the right type of accessories. You can wear statement jewelry to stand out in the crowd and leave everyone in awe of your look. These fascinating details on the lehenga can capture anyone’s heart.

Girls want to look perfect for one day and do not want anything to go wrong. It may include dress, makeup, arrangement, and more. We all know that weddings are a one-time affair, so it has to be grand. You can choose from a variety of designer lehengas that are embroidered beautifully. A dress that is perfect for a bride’s big day.

Bridal Lehenga Trends

As you are aware, wedding ensembles create their own styles and trends year after year. Some of them remain, others wane away, and a few others have been going on for years and remain strong. 

If anything, it only took a full-on tradition that hinted at a millennial turn. Brides today opt for comfortable, printed lehengas with an embellished lehenga or puffy cancan skirt with equally decorated dupattas.

Printed Lehengas

When choosing between style and comfort, many brides prefer the latter more. They prefer comfort, as reflected in the season’s lehenga trends. 

Bridal lehenga 1

From printed fabrics to comfortable silhouettes taking a conventional route – everything winds down to being relaxed rather than rage. Therefore, the world of printed lehenga is enjoying attention these days. The range is vast, as you can choose from digital prints, hand-block prints, and more. You can pick one depending on the event theme. Remember that it is hard to go wrong with the style and elegance of a printed bridal lehenga set.

Anarkali Silhouette

A few designers have introduced lehengas with asymmetrical hems. Such dresses have a tea length and a sheer covering that typically adds a millennial touch. However, these new, unconventional styles are most popular among bridesmaids, and brides generally stick to the customary anarkali silhouette for the lehenga skirt. 

This design will be reflected in the lehengas added for upcoming wedding seasons. You can enhance the flair with a cancan and umbrella cut. But the general disposition of the anarkali in the lehenga remains the same.

Cape-Style Dupattas

These days the dupatta draping style in town is the cape style dupatta. The best thing about dupattas, is that they add a graceful touch to your lehengas. Moreover, the draping style can change the entire look of the attire. One such trending drape, the cape style can help keep dupatta woes away. At the same time it can lend your outfit a modish vibe.


When designers came out with their wedding collection, the V-necks formed the center stage of the collection, as most of the lehengas were paired with one. Since then, you will find that V-necks have become common in every bridal designer’s collection. 

Given its versatility, you can pair it up with any lehenga skirt for any occasion. It has become a bridal favorite. It is best if you team this blouse with a statement bridal necklace to increase the beauty of both while radiating a stunning styling vibe.

Traditional Supreme Colors

Even you would agree that red in bridal lehenga still reign supreme, so do the custom of wearing a dupatta. Modern brides are experimenting with lehenga trends, but when it comes to planning their special day, they are taking the conventional route.  

You would admire the lehengas with intricately embellished zardozi, embroidery, gota patti, and mirror work when you step out for a wedding shopping. And if you truly want to include playfulness in the look, then you can choose an unconventional colored dupatta or a stylish blouse will do the job.

Pastel is Still a Hit

When some celebrities debut their pastel pink bridal look, the color takes a massive upsurge in the market. Along with pastel pink, mint and blue-green in the pastel shade became a hit. And they are still a hot favorite.  

You can find a lot of pastels during the wedding season. A pastel lehenga would look spectacular for brides planning romantic, chic celebrations. You can coordinate with your groom to wear the matching dress. The shade synchronization would look amazing in pictures, just like a few celebrities have done.

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