Bridal Dresses: Top Trends To Know

Did you get your wish list ready? Do you know what new wedding gown styles are coming to the bridal salon this year? Bridal dresses have become an iconic piece of clothing these days.

This season, designers showcased their wedding dress trends -from dramatic ball gowns to colorful wedding gowns, from luxe embellishments like bows, ruffles, and feathers. These are the latest wedding dress trends if you plan a wedding next year or simply dream of your future attire.

Read on to get the details of the hottest wedding gown styles and how to pull them off on your big day.

Colorful Wedding Dresses

The takeaway from this is that bridal designers are taking risks. After a few seasons of all-white collections, today you will find wedding dresses in every hue – that appear in their collections.

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Pastel shades like soft blue and blush are thoughtful choices for many brides. At the same time, bold floral prints and metallics are perfect for more daring brides. You should keep the rest of your accessories simple to pull off a more vibrant wedding look. Only let your statement gown do the talking.

Feather Embellishments

Are you on the hunt for a luxurious and fashionable wedding dress? Then consider one with feather details. Yes, eye-catching plumes can elevate your wedding gown silhouette. In addition, they give a fun and festive touch to the celebratory feel of your day. 

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You may go art deco with a curve-skimming gown with a feathered hemline. Later shake it up at your reception or after-party with a feathered minidress. Are you feeling extra daring? Then consider a bridal suit with feather embellishments, as they are trendy these days. It could be the perfect combination of structure and whimsical texture.


Suppose you do not prefer a veil, no problem. If veils are not your thing, consider a wedding gown with a cape instead. This less-expected wedding day accessory may offer the same photogenic movement as a veil.

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At the same time, it brings the red carpet glamor, and you can also whisk it away after your ceremony – without messing up your hair. You may have noticed some of our fave styles featured embroidered lace,  cascading sequins, constellation-inspired beading, and dramatic ruffles.


If there’s ever a moment to wear a romantic ‘fit, your wedding day is it. And it simply doesn’t get more romantic than ruffle details. Yes, they are softer and slightly more traditional than feather embellishments. 

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Ruffles add the right amount of whimsy to any silhouette. Do you know that opulent ruffled ball gowns were the high point of several collections? While dramatic mermaid gowns with ruffled skirts also made a comeback.

Ball Gowns

Sometimes more is more. Although slip dresses are still on our radar, maximalist ball gowns also took over the runways. What is the reason for this bridal fashion shift? 

Bridal dresses 8

With the return of bigger weddings, these elaborate silhouettes became popular. Ball gowns with over-the-top tiered skirts and decadent fabrics are popular choices. You can find beads appearing in every collection. If you want to go opulent and over the top with your wedding day look, you should indeed consider this voluminous silhouette.

Slip Dresses

Influenced by some iconic wedding styles, ’90s brides were all about the sleek and chic style, especially for their slip dresses. As the name implies, this slinky silhouette often resembles a slip with thin straps and is usually made of delicate lace or silk fabric. 

Do you know that this effortlessly glamorous style is experiencing a bridal fashion revival? These bridal dresses are popular both as a wedding attire and a bridesmaid dress option. This lingerie-inspired look can be paired best with strappy sandals and delicate jewelry. 

Are you looking for a more voluminous wedding gown for your ceremony? Remember that a slip dress is also an attractive option for other wedding-related events – like your rehearsal dinner or after-party.


It is trending these days. Whether fingerless, opera style or wrist-length, bridal gloves are all about old-world romance. Nearly every bridal collection includes gloves, which will lead you to believe that this ultra-polished trend is not going anywhere. Similar to other wedding accessories, such as headbands, veils, and hair bows. Moreover, bridal gloves add a layer of elegance to your wedding day look. 

Moreover, gloves are available in a variety of fabrics. You can also find them in different styles and colors for every wedding occasion.

Scoop Strapless Necklines

As you might be aware, long and puff sleeves were all the rage for several years. In contrast, the strapless silhouette is back with some more inspired flavor. Originally popular in the last decades, corset bodices with a contoured neckline are back in fashion.

Bridal dresses 6

The flattering style of the necklines highlights the décolleté, shoulders, and necks – thus offering more support than a straight across strapless neckline, especially if you have a larger chest. These days the wedding dress trend is a blast from the past – scooped strapless necklines will work pretty much with every wedding gown silhouette: Go classic with heavy satin, modern with form-fitting crepe, or romantic with sheer tulle.

High-Low Hemlines

Do you know that those Y2K trends are back, be it streetwear or bridalwear? Even the high-low hemline. A wedding dress with this unique hemline could be the best of both worlds, as it offers you the formal feel of a more extended gown. At the same time, you can also show off your wedding shoes.

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In addition, if you are on the hunt for two wedding looks in one, you can look for newer designs. Many bridal dresses feature detachable overskirts that you can remove to reveal a minidress underneath.

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