Braided Hairstyles you can Try with Dresses

If you think that you can only make a bun when wearing a gown, then think again. You can opt for stunning braided hairstyles.

Dressing up for an event is a lot of fun, however, if anyone important element is not right, it can ruin your complete look.

Moreover, today is the era where you can wear gowns that comes in a lot of different styles and you can wear them to different occasions and events.

Be it traditional or with a modern contemporary style, you would love to try out different types of garments.

However, you may be wondering about your hairstyle, makeup, and shoes that complement your dress.

Don’t worry. We are here to help you if you are tired of leaving your hair open, ponytails, and updos.

You can opt for braided hairstyles. How?

Keep on reading.

Tips to Look Gorgeous with Braided Hairstyle

Before trying out various hairstyles like updos or braided hairstyles, you should look for the right kind of dress.

Moreover, it is important to note what kind of occasion or event you will be attending and wearing a gown too.

It is important that you should be patient with your hairstyle, if you are not planning to hire a professional then you should practice your style.

Make sure to try at least 4 to 5 times to get ready on the day of the event.

braided hairstyle 2

Do not be afraid of hair accessories. You can experiment with them, go from small-sized accessories to flowers, etc according to your liking.

Though these hair accessories are options, you may want to have them as they complement and complete your hairstyle.

Lastly, there is no guarantee that the hairstyle or braids will stay in place.

Experts often suggest that you should keep some bobby pins to secure the loose ends with may stray.

Braided Hairstyles to Try

Some popular hairstyles you can try are:

Twisting Updo: A braid can give you a contemporary oomph with a traditional updo.

There will be no wastage of any natural volume, and twisting design of the braids as these bring enough character to your dress.

Wrapped Bun: One of the important things to note is long braids do not need to sit all on their own every time.

You can wrap them into a sophisticated top knot with a refreshing twist of multi-braid texture.

Moreover, this will help to elongate your neck if you are wearing a higher-neckline ensemble.

Floral Fishtail Pony: Everyone loves the idea of having a braid to a sleek ponytail that adds visual intrigue.

You can tie your hair in a simple fishtail.

Get an extra dose of bohemian-style face-framing tendrils and floral accessories to complete your hairstyle.

You can choose to wrap flowers around your ponytail or have them on one side.

That’s how you bring in something vintage to a modern-day look.

Waterfall Braid: Water braids tend to feature loose strands that come down from the plait in a waterfall-like effect.

However, if you want to pair them with a dramatic braid you can opt for soft waves and pair them with a braid.

Minimalist Braided Knot: You can create a minimal yet trendy knot by weaving a two-strand braid into hair and then using clips to pins to keep them in place.

Moreover, this will look exquisite look like that on a black canvas, it’s strong and sophisticated on its own.

braided hairstyle 1

However, it tends to look great when you place embellishments on it.

Experts recommend you can add a bit of your personality and make it your own.

Triple Braid: Soft, and edgy, you can try this accented multiple braids if you have long or medium-length hair.

You will need to gather hair into three tiny braids and tie them.

This look will add elegance to your whole style.

Milkmaid Braid: This type of braided hairstyle will have all kinds of rustic, countryside feel.

However, it does not mean you cannot add some oomph.

You can add jeweled handpieces which will make this style dress worthy.

Faux Hawk: If you are someone who likes to experiment with their looks, you can opt for this braided hairstyle.

Faux hawk will make a bold and serious statement.

And you will love how you can pair it with a classic chignon and intricate dress for elegance.

Crown Braid au Natural: If you want to take a fresh take on a classic crown braid, you can opt for this style.

This carefree hairstyle will look fab when you pair it with a fashion-forward hairstyle.

Simple Braided Headband: This one is a simple and sweet headband of braids that you can try at a formal wedding event.

The best part about this style is that it will look composed and also understated.

And you can be the belle of the ball.

Moreover, it also offers adorable options if you are a flower girl at a wedding.

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Other Braided Hairstyles

Some other braided hairstyles are:

Half Up, Half Down Braids: With a Dutch side braid to loose wavy hair, you can have this relaxed hairstyle on any occasion.

However, there are even more options for this look.

You can continue to plait to the back in a true crown formation or let your hair hand loosely for a little boho aesthetic.

Undone Crown Braid Updo: Whether you are attending a beach wedding, destination wedding, or summer afternoon nuptials, you can try this undone braided updo.

This braided hairstyle is versatile yet stunning.

Moreover, it will add lush volume to the wispy strands of your hair.

Braided Chignon: Chignon looks great on anyone.

This classic updo adds elegance to your style and dress.

Keep the look soft and relaxed, you can add braids to give your updo a modern twist.

Moreover, it is a stunning wind-proof option if you are going for a breezy outdoor ceremony.

Braid Accented Waves: This one is a functional hairdo with a beautifully braided chignon that is versatile.

You can let your hair down for a whimsical half-up, half-down alternative at the backyard reception.

However, you can also add beachy waves to the original braid.

side braid

Side Swept Multi-Strand Braid: Though a classic braid that has three plaits is versatile.

It is possible that you can add a little more oomph to your hairstyle.

You can opt for a four-strand plait to add more texture than the traditional counterpart.

It will also add a little bit of majestic flair to your hairstyle.

French Braid Crown: Regal, and timeless, everyone loves a crown braid.

Moreover, this look is simply perfection, and you can add a French braid that you can tuck into the updo underneath the updo.

Side-Swept Twist: If you are more into the laid-back iteration, then you can opt for a loose twist and any event.

In lieu of the tight braid, you can add asymmetric volume and face-framing before wrapping into the side-swept knot.

Moreover, you can pull out a few strands and add an effortless fuller look overall.

Loosely Plaited Straight Braid: These straight braids are here to stay and with stunning simplicity, you can try this style at any event.

Braided Updos Two Ways: For this hairstyle, you can gather two low knots in the back, framed by bangs and some delicate stray wisps.

Other Hairstyles your can Try

Some other hairstyles you can try are:

90s Topknot: 2023 is all about going back to the 90s.

You can see celebrities like Kendall Jenner to Dua Lip trying and recreating topknot from the 90s.

Moreover, this sleep hairstyle is perfect for any type of gown and maxi dress.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it will take only a minute to make this.

Tucked Back Hair: Another effortless hairstyle you can try with both long dresses and gowns.

Bob cuts tend to be versatile and rebellious and they have been in fashion all year long.

You can tuck back your sleek bobs. This hairstyle will look amazing with a pair of stunning jewelry.

Wavy Lob. Though you may be looking for hair inspiration, you would have come across various lobs a number of times.

From celebrities to Instagram influences, everyone obsesses over mid-neck-length lobs.

Moreover, you can wear them with stunning gowns or chic workwear.


Twist and Wave: This hairstyle gives you a dreamy look. Not only will it save time, but also give you a princess look.

Aa you will need to do is twist the front section of your hair and pin it back.

Curl the remaining half of your hair for an effortless yet stunning and chic look.

Low-Wrapped Bun: One of the popular choices of hairstyles with gowns and dresses is a bun.

Even though topknots are trending, low buns are never out of fashion.

Moreover, it is classic yet gorgeous and will give your hair volume and texture.

You can also accessorize it with flowers and hair jewels.

Final Thoughts

Braided hairstyles are not only a popular type of hairstyle you can try at weddings but at other formal occasions and events as well.

These stunning yet chic hairstyles are gorgeous and can help create extra volume and texture in your hair. Moreover, you can accessories your braids with flowers and other headpieces to give an extra oomph to your hairstyle.

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