Blouson Dress: Style Tips

If you do not know about the blouson dress, then you have landed on the right page.

A blouson dress is just a fancier way of saying a gathered waist dress.

When you go out to buy a dress from the market, or online, choosing one among a number of styles and designs can often be overwhelming.

However, you can opt for a blouson dress which tends to look great on different types of body shapes.

Moreover, this dress style is very feminine and gracefully fits at the waist with the help of a belt, elastic, or drawstring.

The Blouson dress is one of the must-haves in your closet.

You can choose to wear it to a number of events, hence, you can say it is a versatile dress.

Keep on reading as we uncover the basics of the blouson dress and different ways to style it.

Blouson Dress

A blouson dress tends to cinch at your waist and has a slightly pulled-out blousing material.

The bodice of this dress is a bit puffed up, thus making it appropriate for all types of bodies.

It is important to note that this type of dress does not have an exact length and style.

You can find a blouson dress with a slim fitted hem, like a pencil skirt, or a long blouson maxi.

There are also casual blouson dresses you can find, and there are highly formal ones that are fit for a wedding.

blouson dress 1

To put it in a nutshell, the blouson style dress tends to have a lot of variations, differing in lengths, types of necklines, fabrics, silhouette, and level of formality.

Moreover, they can be plain, short, or blouson gowns that you can style with finesse.

However, it is a level up from other dress types as it is a figure-flattering style.

For skinny women, the blouson top tends to give an appearance of a fuller figure.

On the other hand, it tends to enhance the curves of a plus-sized woman.

Thus, you can say that it is a perfect attire to divert attention from a plump midsection.

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History of the Dress

It is important to note that the style of a fitted waist with a billowed blouse material dates back to 1900.

Blouses were first designed with a drawstring in the hemline so that they could be fitted.

After that, the blouse style was adopted for jackets, as you can see the first woman with a bomber jacket made for U.S. fighter pilots had a cinched waistline.

For women, this style became popular in dresses.

You can see celebrities like Audrey Hepburn wearing a blouson dress in her movies.

Fast forward to today, the blouson top dresses are increasingly popular among fashion, conscious women.

They understand how this dress tends to increase their feminine appeal and is a sophisticated garment.

Things to Consider when buying a Blouson Dress

Certain factors to consider when buying a blouson dress are:

Material and Fabric: Do not buy a blouson dress that is made from low-quality and cheap material.

They will simply fall apart and you will not be able to wear them as often as you should otherwise.

Make sure to buy a dress that is within your budget, and consists of high-quality and sustainable fabric.

Construction Quality: Purchase a blouson dress that is of high quality.

Moreover, avoid pieces that tend to rip, pill pit, and lose buttons, or threads.

Well-made garments are made from durable and resistant materials.

Size and Fit: Do not buy a blouson dress that does not fit yours perfectly.

If they are one size too big or too small, do not make an unnecessary purchase.

Moreover, do not put on clothes that do not fit you properly.

Make sure to avoid tops that are too large, wide dresses, and baggy pants that tend to hide your shape and make you appear larger.

The right dress for your body will make your best features look appropriate and make you stand out.

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Hand Feel and Comfort: The clothes you wear are your second skin.

They should help you make feel confident and comfortable at all times.

Therefore, buy only a blouson dress that you like to wear and avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Prints, Patterns, and Color: When you choose the perfect combination of prints, patterns, and colors, they will help you improve your look and dress better.

Moreover, wearing colors that make sure you stand out, are attractive, and are confident is a must-have.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too bold, however, do not shy away from such colors completely.

You can opt for neutral colors that you can mix and match to make your outfit look chic and classy.

It is important to note that neutral colors are versatile and timeless.

Styling a Blouson Dress

Wearing a blouson dress will make you look more charming and attractive.

You can style your dress in a number of ways.

You can simply choose to wear it without pairing it with any other essential.

Or you can style a blouson dress with shrugs, jackets of leather, polyester, fleece, or denim.

Moreover, depending on the level of formality, you can pair your blouson dress with trendy accessories like scarves and belts.

The blouson waist dress is versatile enough that can be paired with any type of footwear like boots, stilettos, pumps, or moccasins.

Keep on reading:

Pairing a Cocktail Blousan dress with Boots: One of the effortless looks you can opt for is to wear a red or pink blouson cocktail dress with knee-high boots.

Or nothing can beat a black blouson dress in a bodycon style with black long boots.

In case you are choosing silk, velvet, or satin fabric, you can wear it to formal parties and to a wedding as well.

Pair it with a Trench Coat: You can try to dress up n the Parisian style by wearing a casual blouson dress with a leather coat or a dark denim jacket.

A casual blouson dress can be a stripped one, or a printed linen dress.

styling tips

You can opt for a trench coat in a bold color and pair it with your dress.

Moreover, a wool beret, ankle boots, and a baguette bag are all you need to finish off your Parisian look.

Red Dress: Nothing makes you look more attractive than a red dress.

Opt for a dark shade of red with polka dots and a plunging neckline to create a look that is chic yet stylish.

Complete your look with a messy hairdo, minimal makeup, and kitten heels.

White Dress: If want to opt for something more simple, you can opt for a white blouson dress.

This dress will signify elegance, and you can easily pull it off without much styling and accessories.

Moreover, white blouson dresses are versatile enough, lending themselves to a number of types of jackets, cardigans, shrugs, and scarves.

Other Style Tips

Some other style tips to wear a blouson dress are:

One-sided shoulder blouson dress: If you want to go for a bold look, you can try a one-shoulder short or long blouson dress.

You can wear this dress in chiffon for a more formal and casual look.

Opt for curls, shimmery eyes, and dull gold t-strap sandals to complete your look.

Pink Blouson dress with a Jacket: Jackets tend to look chic when you pair them with a blouson-style dress.

If you want to create a fascinating look for fall and winter, you can go for winter jackets for women like leather, fleece, wool, or sherpa jackets.

Moreover, a black polyester jacket over a pink lace blouson top dress will make you look fabulous.

Finish off your look with chunky boots and a stylish black crossbody bag.

Yellow Dress with a Slit: If you want to dress up, you can get yourself a yellow blouson dress with a voguish belt and thigh-high slit.

The dress is enticing enough to look great on its own.

styling tips 1

However, you can opt for a shrug or a silk scarf to add a touch of grace to this dress.

Long Blouson Dress: It is important to note that the length of your dress can vary anywhere from your upper thighs to your ankles, and even longer.

These dresses with a long length tend to look great.

You can opt for a blouson dress that is long enough to cover your thigh for formal occasions.

Moreover, you can opt for a dress in deep red color and elevate it with leopard print heels and a shoulder bag.

Or you can opt for a polka dot blouson maxi dress in a light color and pair it with a contrasting bolero jacket.

Long Blouson Maxi dress with Fur Bomber jacket: Create a comforting yet stylish look with a blouson maxi and a fur bomber jacket.

A bomber jacket will fur look dress and adds luxe to your outfit.

When you pair it with a blouson dress, it will give it a ravishing look that is hard to ignore.

Summing it UP

A blouson dress tends to create a flawless silhouette due to the fact that the area just above your waistline is fitted. The blousing material tends to hang, as a result, hides the problem areas while drawing attention to your neckline and hem of the dress. No matter what your body type, you will look gorgeous and class apart when wearing a blouson dress.

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