jersey dress

If you are looking for something this is easy to slip on, comfortable, and feel great you can wear a jersey dress. You may at first feel uncomfortable thinking that the jersey dress may show your problem areas and you will have to suck in your tummy the whole time. […]

pashmina scarf

A pashmina scarf is not just a scarf for those who love wearing it but is the epitome of luxury. As it is one of the world’s most celebrated fabrics, the love of people for pashmina has grown over centuries. With its earliest documented use going back centuries, it still […]

cotton maxi dress

Summer is upon us and that means it is a great time to wear cotton maxi dress. During summer, you will surely want to wear something that is both comfortable, breezy, airy, yet stylish. This will allow you to look great despite the scorching heat. Finding different options that meet […]

cotton midi dress

If you are toying with the idea of wearing a cotton midi dress to the next event, you have landed on the right page. A cotton midi dress is a dress where the hem tends to end about halfway between the knees and ankles. Getting a cotton midi dress to […]

cotton summer dress

When it comes to choosing a dress for summer styles, you cannot imagine anything more perfect than a cotton summer dress. And in most cases, a lot of people are really fond of them. A cotton dress is effortless to wear, be it biking around the city, strolling in the […]

linen dresses

If you are looking for a guide to linen dresses then you have landed on the right page. Linen is a lightweight fabric, breathable, and tends to have a laid-back, relaxed feel. Moreover, it is made from natural fabrics, textile is one of the go-tos, and you will love it […]

slip skirt

You might find it hard to believe, however, there was a time when people used to wear a slip skirt under a sheer dress so that it won’t be see-through. As of today, you cannot imagine hiding away this chic piece under any form of clothing. And while a silk […]

denim dress

Is a denim dress the perfect piece to have right now? Yes! It is. Despite the icy currents of the AC in your office building, if you are back there, you can opt for a denim dress. Moreover, the fun thing about this dress is that you can use them […]

smock dress

If you are working from home, like everyone else, there is a high chance that you are already tired of tracksuits, leggings, and sweatshirts. It is time to learn about the smock dress. A smock dress tends to be unstructured. It is made of lightweight material and is voluminous in […]

strapless dress

Do you know that you have endless options when it comes to wearing a strapless dress? You can find them in a number of colors, styles, and lengths. However, when it comes to wearing a strapless dress, there are certain things you should keep in mind. First, make sure that […]