jewelry styling of golden bracelets and earrings on pink and white background

A piece of jewelry can enhance the look of your outfit or undermine it. This is why knowing jewelry styling tips are extremely important if you are a fan of wearing accessories.  The small details in your look put it all together and jewelry is a significant detail.  This article […]

high neck dress

Winters are here. This is a time for high neck and full sleeves and to put back any shorts or sleeveless dresses.  Though styling a high neck is tricky.  Whether it is in the form of a sweater or a dress, accessorizing it aptly is an issue.  This neckline is […]

sweetheart neckline

A dress with a sweetheart neckline is one where the silhouette of the neck has a curvature on a a wide V shape.  This almost looks like a heart.  The focus of this neckline is on the décolletage.  It leaves enough space to drive the eye to that point.  This […]

boat neck

A boat neck also known as the bateau neck or Sabrina neckline is a straight neckline that stretches from the collarbones to the shoulders.  It can be a mixture between the crew neck and the off shoulder dress style.  In fact, it is also seen as a rather wider version […]

slip dress

Slip dress is trendy wear that you can adorn at both formal or causal events.  These are usually spaghetti strap dresses that are silky and fitted.  What do you think when you hear of a slip dress? It will most probably be a thigh length sleek and slinky dress.  However, […]

illusion neckline

An illusion neckline uses a skin tone mesh alongside beads, jewels, lace to highlight the details of your dress.  This neckline extends beyond the clothes and uses your natural complexion to accentuate the dress details while also bringing to light your best characteristics.  While it is mostly present on wedding […]

mermaid dress

Looking for a well fitted dress that will accentuate your curves? Go for  a mermaid dress! It fits to your body till the ends of your legs and from there it flares out like a fish tail, hence the name mermaid dress. The cut suggests that all the dresses and […]

evening gown

Off to a formal event in the night? How about trying an evening gowns?  An evening gown is a dress specifically made for nighttime formal events.  Whether you have a formal dinner, a party or a wedding reception to attend, these are your go to gowns.  Moreover, they are available […]

v-neck dress

There are tons of necklines to choose from while buying a dress. While some are specifically compatible with a certain kind of body type, the V-neck dress looks good on almost everyone. It is a universal neckline and everyone looks good in it. All you need to have is confidence […]