Arabic Gown: For All Occasions

Abaya or Arabic gown is the most beautiful dress you might wear, known for its flattering drape, graceful movement, and delicate flowing dress.  

An Abaya or Arabic Gown Is Worn As a Modesty Badge

An abaya is a garment often worn by women around the globe. It is long-sleeved, black in style, and at the same time, floor-long. The abaya is worn above street garments when a woman leaves her home. The dress is designed to be free and flowing. It is perfect for hiding the body’s curves.

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You can also slip the abaya over the chest, but it will usually open at the front. But you can close it with snaps, zippers, or overlap layers. This Arabic gown’s sleeves are made of the same fabric; they are not stitched individually. You can wear the abaya with other clothes, like a scarf covering the hair.

The majority of women prefer to put on modest abaya attire regularly. Moreover, the garment is especially suitable for the region’s high temperatures, religious beliefs, and dusty local weather.

There is a reason why women in the Gulf region are among the world’s best-dressed individuals. They generally have an incredible sense of dress with a well-developed knowledge of unique designs, delicate fabrics, and exquisite embellishments. It is primarily a long flowing black gown with elegant designs that can be simple or decorated.

Arabic Gown As a Style Statement 

Many of you might think that if you wear an abaya, you will not look trendy. That is wrong. Abaya, or Arabic gowns, have undergone a massive evolution of style. Today you will find many brands making elegant and fashionable abayas that you can wear regularly or on any occasion. 

You can find them in simple, stylish cuts, embroidered, printed, and open fronts beautifully embellished. You can pair them up with the same or contrasting scarf that adds another spark to the outfit. At the same time, you can also use it to make a fashion claim, which everyone will adore elegance and at the same time stay modest. 

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Modern women who prefer modest fashion often try the latest style of fancy abaya designs, making them look fashionable and elegant in everyday life. Muslim women usually love to wear abayas in various designs, colors, and patterns that are highly elegant and sophisticated.

Gone are when abaya or Arabic gown meant only a dark black piece of a cloak or garment. But contemporary women know how to wear stylish Arabic gowns in the modern fashion world, keeping in view their modest values.

Traditional Theme

Nowadays, you will find these gowns made with the traditional theme but in the latest sophisticated styles and cuts that create an edgy look. The flares, color, flowing fabric, and elegant cutting and sewing style make them above any other styles. That’s what modern women look forward to.

Abayas appear straightforward and simple at first glance, as there are a variety of designs that actually exist. Modern abayas are simple and unadorned, but you can find them with painted decorations, and custom cutting has become more common in recent years.

Arabic Gown for Women – The Most Adored Islamic Clothing

Abaya is a classy, modest clothing worn in the Middle east. Women who practice Islam, particularly in the Middle East – usually have a special place for Abayas in their hearts. The gown is a long-sleeved, baggy yet comfortable attire, primarily black. The long gown-shaped dress usually has several embellishments or embroidery over it.

Many people think it makes you look less stylish, but it is a wrong misconception. The abaya dress has a particular spot in the fashion industry. It comes with a hair scarf or a net sharara, two additional clothing items that can be accessorized with the abaya to complete the look.

An Overview

The ornamentation in the Arabic dress is often located along the necklines, cuffs, front, or back of the jacket. Designers often add glitter, sequins, beads, painted yarn, ribbon, crystals, lace, etc. Design houses have even made abayas that have unique designs. Black is still the traditional and most commonly used color, but you can also find them in other colors, such as dark blue, green, brown, and purple.

Women today also wear a headscarf called the Shela, which helps cover their hair. This is black and made of very soft, light material. Many modern women opt for designer scarves, which even match their handbags. 

For more traditional women, the Gishwa is a preferred option. This black veil covers the entire face. The thin cloth is enough to see through it, although nobody can see their faces. A third option is the Burqa. The eye is only visible through the dress. Together these women’s garments are known as the Hijab – which means head covering.

In addition, women love their jewelry, making it an essential part of their dress. In the past, women carried all their savings in the form of jewelry because there were no banks in those days. Women wore gold and silver bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, and more.

Traditional to Modern Arabic Gown for Women

The origin of this dress needs to be clarified. However, this robe-like garment has been worn by women for over 4,000 years. According to modern historians, the abaya was first sold in Saudi Arabia by visitors from Iraq and Iran.

Since then, the abaya dress has made tremendous fashion advancements and is regarded in the fashion industry. Several women in Muslim-majority regions, such as North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and even the Middle East – wear a simple, loose over-garment. It is essentially a robe-like dress.

Varieties Of Modern Abaya Dress Styles

In most cases, the gown includes a black cloth with black embroidery, while others are brightly colored. At times they may also feature a variety of artwork. There are various styles:

Aba – often wool or camel hair is used to weave a coarse woolen fabric known as Aba. Aba was used to make the Abaya have colors in vivid hues.

Closed Abayas – If you want an elegant-looking abaya, then a front closed one is the best.

Kaftan Abayas – They are highly baggy robes used to hide body figures by most women. On hot summer days, you can wear these loose-fitting kaftan abayas as they will not make you uncomfortable.

Front Open Abayas – These contain several buttons and can also be opened and worn as a shrug. When you need it, you can close the buttons according to your requirement.

Denim Abayas – The most fashionable and distinctive abaya pattern is often made of denim. Denim abayas are soft and breathable, making them the best choice if you really want to look stylish while wearing them. You can choose denim ones for your special occasion and make everyone turn their heads.

Maxi Abayas – They resemble a maxi, a flowy nightgown worn by women. These maxi Arabian gowns have frills at the bottom that make you look stunning.

Abayas with a Shrug Attached – These are the ideal pieces you should wear to your friend’s house party. It comes with a belt which you can put over the shrug, thus making it quite appealing. Usually, the shrug has a floral motif, whereas the main abaya is solid in color.

The Modern Women 

Many Arab women seeking to dress these days modestly are bypassing the abaya completely. They must wear dresses like a shirt, trousers sets, or a long dress. 

For such women, shopping for clothing has become considerably easier, especially in recent years. The reason is modest wear has become an international trend. Today you can find e-commerce platforms selling curated luxury designs for clients who like to cover up. They are a testament to the breadth of the modest-wear movement.

Although abayas have evolved over the years, only some in the area are content with having to wear them. The story has been in the pipeline, and many women have complained about it. People should be free to choose what they want to wear and what makes them feel comfortable.

But there are two sides to every story. While some women today find the garment cumbersome in the hot climate. In contrast, others have grown accustomed to it and would continue wearing it even if it were no longer obligatory by law. It is an elegant attire and emphasizes the culture and tradition behind it. Many proud wearers view it as a symbol of their heritage. So if you are one of them, choose an Arabic gown from our vast collection.

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