Arabic Dress Female: An Overview

Arabic culture is highly known for its religious values and practices. Likewise, Arabic dress female – their traditional attire reflects the same. At the same time, a dress can make you look distinctive and appealing. You may explore its significance and necessity and know more about their attire on the AlesayiFashion website.

In contrast to men, Arabic women have a considerable diversification in the dresses they wear. You can explore and experiment with them to give a new dimension to your wardrobe. Here we talk more about Arabic dresses and the variety of styling that Arabic women can try day in and day out.

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It is interesting to know more about the modest Abayas and Kaftans and their varying designs. It is the right time to introduce you to the contemporary style of Arabic dresses that can help you add dresses to your collection of dresses.

Modern, Arabic Dresses For Women and Girls

Even you would agree that no dress can battle and win with the maxi dresses when it comes to the outfit’s comfort. It is the crucial reason women and girls are so in love with maxi dresses. The long maxi dresses look appealing when styled in soft fabric with flawless designs. 

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You can also use these Arabic dress female as a casual outfit when you go outside and even as regular wear at home. Such dresses can be loose or fitted to the body per your preference. Many prefer this Arabic female dress, especially during the hot summer months. You can look for different versions of maxi dresses with pockets to help keep your essentials handy. 

Arab Dress Female – Top Arab Fashion Industry 

You would be surprised to know that the Arab fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world today. With billions of dollars in market value, the industry has started picking up, especially after the pandemic. Women from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf countries spend a lot of money on high-end fashion. And dresses being an integral part of fashion, are in high demand. 

Even though most women wear abayas, they are conscious of keeping up with the latest fashion and trends. Although Dubai is the region’s shopping capital, other markets are rapidly growing. Among which is Saudi Arabia taking the lead. 

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You must be aware that the UAE has evolved as a hub of unique fashion design. From streetwear to traditional dresses, you can find these dresses throughout the place. Thanks to the efforts of designers, entrepreneurs, and the business sector as a whole.

Dubai is soon expected to become a regional powerhouse for luxury fashion. It has all the potential and is trying to support the zone’s regional fashion scene. In addition, the govt and public sector are making significant investments in its fashion and luxury portfolio.

Arabic Dress Female – Clothing Style

Regarding dress and clothing for men and women, the Middle East offers a colorful and diverse globe. Local traditions and Western fashion mix in this immensely complex here. While Western fashion has significantly impacted Arab countries in these years, some traditional clothes can still be found. Moreover, age, location, and social class often determine how people dress in the Middle East.

However, the younger generations prefer to dress in Western attire. They save their traditional garments for special occasions such as weddings, religious celebrations, or pilgrimages. 

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In contrast, you will find the older generation is likely to be spotted in conventional clothing. On the other hand, people in cities are more conscious of the current fashion trends. However, men and women in smaller towns still prefer traditional dress. Furthermore, more traditional outfits and conservative attires are more easily accessible in widespread neighborhoods. Whereas Western fashion is trendy among the middle and higher classes.

It is interesting to know that some aspects of Middle Eastern fashion have remained consistent over time. Especially the fact that the Arab style focuses on loosely fitted clothes. They also prefer adornments across the head, colorful pieces of headscarves, and also long, flowy dresses.  

However, with time, Arab fashion designers merged these designs into something more elegant and exclusive. They try to preserve Eastern fashion while creating something distinct that distinguishes Arab style from other forms of fashion.

Arabic Women’s Wear

Arab women’s styles have significantly changed in different countries. The most familiar image that comes to mind of Arab women’s clothing is perhaps the black abaya. It is important to note that the abaya is a modest garment that is worn over daily clothing. 

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It can easily cover the entire body except for the feet, face, and hands, and you can wear it throughout the Islamic world. Abaya is usually made of crepe or cotton fabric, and the modern versions could be lavishly embroidered and quite costly.

Women are often seen to cover their heads in accordance with religious tradition. Shayla, a light scarf covering the hair, and a gishwa, a thin veil that covers the face – are quite common among Arabic women. It allows the user to see through. These are examples of headdresses often known as hijab.  

Arabic women have another option known as the niqab, which completely covers the face with an opening for the eyes. Note that the Shayla veil is a one-piece design.

A long scarf wrapped around the head is generally fastened under the chin. The scarf lays on the shoulders comfortably. Note that it is the most popular type of hijab, especially seen in Gulf countries. But with the exception of Saudi Arabia.

Whereas in some other Arab countries, Western clothing has greatly influenced women’s clothing style. However, you will find that traditional costumes are still seen. You will notice it, especially during special ceremonies and in rural areas. 

Fustan Dress – Impress Everyone

Fustan is a floor-touch garment that lengthens from neck to ankles. Like evening gowns for Americans, Fustans are party wear attire in Arabic countries. 

Do you know how “Fustans” originated?

Did you know that Fustans were initially man’s attire in South East Europe? Fustanella is the primary word behind Fustans, which implies a pleated skirt-like garment. Unlike ancient times, Fustanella’s design is modified to an adorable Fustan, one of the modest dresses for Islamic ladies. It is totally up to you if you want to wear it with the matching hijab or like to keep its modish look intact. 

Though Fustan is an Arabic dress, today you can find so many people wearing Fustans even though they do not belong to the Islamic community. You can even find celebrities wearing Fustan in the party and red-carpet events.

The Dress

Islamic religion requires women to wear modest yet stylish dresses. However, every woman wants to look fashionable and elegant. Considering the religion and the changing fashion norms – the Islamic designing industry started making various clothing outfits that are religious, stylish, and elegant at the same time. The fustan dress is one such creation of Islamic Fashion.

What is a Fustan Dress?

The fustan dress is a long pleated skirt-like dress especially worn by Islamic women, which has a length from the neck to the ankle. Fustan is considered to be one of the most stylish and modest outfits of the Islamic religion. 

You can find Fustans in different styles and patterns per ladies’ necessities and requirements. Whether at social gatherings, family meet-ups, formal gatherings, or religious occasions, you can wear a Fustan anytime. They are available in various fabrics like crepe, georgette, and chiffon dress with different patterns and styles. You can get both sleeveless and Fustan with sleeves these days.

Some women wear Fustans, matching them with hijabs, and others without a hijab. You should note that the Arabic Fustan is viewed as an epitome of Islamic modesty and elegance. Fustans often look like a kaftan dress. The kaftan look adds additional style and allure to its overall look.

If you are looking for an Islamic outfit for formal meetings or family functions, you can get one this season. You can search online for a Fustan dress you desire for. You will find each item is stitched with the best design.


Most Arab women indeed wear the hijab, but it should be considered that this is not a general rule in all Arab countries. Moreover, some Arab women are Jewish or Christian and might not follow the same dress codes. While some Muslim women choose to wear hijab or leave their hair undercovered.

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