Abaya Dress: A Style Statement

The abaya dress, or abayas as they are called, is the most beautiful dress you might wear, known for its flattering drape, graceful movement, and simple design.  

If you are considering purchasing an Abaya dress from AlesayiFashion, you might be wondering what to look for and how to dress comfortably. Hence we have compiled the basics you need to know about this traditional dress, from where it originated to the latest trends.

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Moreover, it will also help you choose the correct length of the garment so you can stay comfortable the whole day. Remember always to choose a dress that is comfortable to wear and that has the right length up to the ankles.

Abaya Dress – Worn As a Modesty Badge

You need to know that an abaya dress is a garment worn by women around the globe. The dress has a long sleeve, is black in style, and is always floor-length. When a lady leaves her home, they often wear the abaya over street garments because they are designed to be free and flowing. 

The design is such that it hides the body’s curves. The abaya may slip over the chest but usually opens at the front and closes with snaps, zippers, or even layers that overlap. 

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The sleeves of these dresses are made of the same fabric; they are not stitched on individually. You can wear the abaya with other clothes, like a scarf covering the hair.

The majority of ladies today love to put on modest abaya attire regularly. The garment is especially suitable for the region’s high temperatures, dusty local weather, and religious beliefs.

It is one of the reasons why women in the Gulf region are said to be among the world’s best-dressed. They generally have an incredible sense of dressing. In addition, they also have a well-developed knowledge of careful cutting, elegant designs, delicate fabrics, and exquisite embellishment. As you know, it is a long, flowing black gown having elegant designs that can be flat or even decorated.

Abaya As a Style Statement 

Many of you may think that you cannot look trendy if you wear an abaya dress. That is wrong. Abaya dress is not overlooked with such a massive evolution of style. 

Surprisingly, many brands today make these fashionable and elegant abaya dresses that you can regularly wear on any occasion too. Is it plain, having stylish cuts, embroidered, printed, beautifully embellished, open front, and whatnot?  

Pairing it with the contrasting scarf adds another spark to your look and elegance. Moreover, you can use it to stand out as your fashion claim, as everyone adores elegance – holding your game strong while staying modest.

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Most modern women who practice modest fashion often try the latest style of fancy abaya designs. As these designs make them look fashionable and elegant in everyday life. As you might have seen, most Muslim women, especially, love to wear abayas in various designs, colors, and patterns that are highly elegant and sophisticated at the same time. 

Gone are the days when the abaya dress meant only a dark black piece of a cloak a garment. Contemporary women know today how to wear stylish abayas in modern fashion – keeping in view their fair values.

Now you will find that abayas are created with the traditional theme. But they come in the latest and sophisticated styles and are cut to create an edgy look. The flares and flowing fabric and the elegant cutting together with the sewing style make abayas above any other styles, and that’s what modern women must have.

Modern Abaya Dress 

Today the abayas appear simple and straightforward at first glance. You can find them in a variety of designs. Modern abayas are simple and unadorned, but finding them with painted decorations, sticks, and custom cutting has become more common in recent years. 

You will find that the ornamentation is often located along the necklines, cuffs, front, or back of the jacket. You can add flourish and glitter,  sequins, beads, painted yarn, ribbon, lace, crystals, and more. Many of the design houses have incorporated local designers, and Gulf countries have quite a following among young women.  

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Though black is still the traditional and most common base color, you can also find abayas in colors such as dark blue, green, brown, and purple.

Although modesty is the goal, modern women still enjoy accentuating their visible features through makeup. Another way of embellishing your look is through henna – a temporary tattoo applied to the palm of the hand. Henna is made from dried leaves, and the designs created with it are often beautiful.

Women often wear a headscarf called the Shela to cover their hair. Black in color, it is made of very light material. Many modern women opt for designer scarves as they can even be matched to their handbags.  

However, more traditional women have the Gishwa as an option. It is a black veil that covers the entire face. The material is thin enough to see out of, but others cannot see their faces. 

A third option many women use is the Burqa, which only shows the eyes. Together these women’s garments are known as the Hijab – all these are essentially mean head covering.

Women love their jewelry, thus making this an essential part of their dress. In the past, women also carried all their savings in the form of jewelry – in the absence of banks. Women wear everything, including silver and gold bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, and more.

Evolution of Abaya

We all know that the abaya is a traditional Muslim garment that was first worn in the early twentieth century. The shape resembled a long cloak with full sleeves. It came together with a narrower, shoulder-covered Shayla. 

Do you know that the abaya dress was made of different types of fabric and weights? It also featured a variety of styles and embroidery. The fabric varies from heavy to light and is often made of silk, cotton, or chiffon.

The abaya dress has evolved over the years to meet the changing cultural needs in the west. Muslim women, especially in the west were more comfortable with fashion. Hence abayas began to be produced in the West. The result is what you see today. The abaya has become the “new black” and “emerging global” dress. It has also undergone several recent makeovers. You can find changes in their colors and patterns, which are now more flattering than ever.

Having said that, you should know about the original abaya dress, which is still very simple and modest. Moreover, it is no longer limited to black. Today you will find fashionable women in the Arab world wearing abayas in various colors, many of which now feature embellishments. 

Some elegant and modern abayas feature open fronts, authentic fabrics in pastel colors, and athletic-style stripes. You can also find other accessories that can be found on the abaya, including pearl beads and floral embroidery. 

As you know, the evolution of the abaya dress has spanned many years. The traditional style was the same. However, many designers adapted the styles to meet the needs of their customers.

Abayas were no longer covers for dresses. Rather it was considered an investment in women’s self-esteem. Over time they became a cultural icon and a fashionable part of everyday life. In addition, with the advancement of technology, the abaya dress has been improving with every passing day.

Is Wearing Abaya Mandatory In Islam?

Many of you might ask this question. Some Muslims argue that this is not a requirement but only a cultural choice. It is important to note that there is no definite answer to this question. 

However, some women find that an abaya is a comfortable option. Yes, if you wear it in the true sense, it is a flowy garment that is super comfortable, especially in the hot weather. Interestingly, you can also wear jeans or a tank top with it. Nonetheless, a woman should avoid revealing her chest skin when wearing an abaya.

As we know, the abaya is primarily a long, loose-fitting robe which is traditionally most adult women in the Muslim faith wear. Women in Saudi Arabia wear them year-round, and they also wear it in many different colors. Thus making it a versatile option for everyday use. 

As you know, the debate over the abaya is not new. The abaya is only 50 years old. Before this, women in the southern part of the country usually wore the Al-Galal – a cloth covering the head and shoulders. However, after the Islamic awakening, Saudi society began to become stricter regarding clothing for women.

However, the veil issue has become a controversial topic in Muslim countries and the West. Whether or not wearing the abaya dress is mandatory in Islam is the core of an intricate subject that connects several issues and concepts. Many argue on the topic – of the role of the Quran and the challenges of living together in multicultural societies. Whatever the argument, you should wear dresses that make you feel comfortable and confident at the same time.

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